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three Issues to Search for at ARMA Infocon

The record and information management profession has changed dramatically, and 2020 has only helped to accelerate the rate of change.

Just look at the schedule of the annual ARMA InfoCon to get a feel for the things information management professionals are concerned with.

The schedule is more full than ever with great keynote speeches and educational sessions that ARMA got in line – including some with our Access team members.

H There are three key issues that we will keep an eye on when we visit and are present this year Conference .

The continued march of digitization

For years the digital transformation has been touted as the correct way forward efficient management of information – but digitization is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It means something different in every organization. Some organizations must consider a large number of large legacy information systems while others Fight for the transition from physical records to a digital-first organization .

The ARMA schedule InfoCon takes the entire spectrum into account. Sessions with a focus on digitization Tization and technology comprise the first steps in a digital transformation Initiative to more advanced topics including machine learning, AI and blockchain ] .

content available l able during InfoCon includes educational topics that are specific for paper, microfilm and media scenarios and manufacturer demos for the automation of storage plans.

Sessions to be searched for:

  • Frictionless R etention S chedules
  • Using IG to Address the Challenges of AI and Ephemeral Messaging
  • Development of an IG strategy in storage and equipment contracts

The COVID -19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to affect almost every aspect of our lives in both personal and business matters ]. For most organizations the first half of 2020 was laser laser focused to maintain the business continuity.

For information managers, this meant that shifted gears very quickly and new business processes and workflows were developed to keep information accessible and yet secure a work by Heimatwelt. A by-product of t h is pandemic ] Answer was the creator Ion of new record Types that identified identified, assessed at risk and must be maintained in accordance with the requirements.

We are pleased to announce that the ARMA InfoCon will be the disclosure of our exciting research initiative: Playbook for responding to pandemic-related recordings, a method of analyzing and recording new types of records .

The Spielbuch highlights the result of research with IG experts in eight industries emerged. Dr. Susan Cisco, CRM, FAI and John Isaza, Esq., FAI ] will discuss the research process, recommend a related storage plan and share the game book results during an educational conference session .

One thing is certain: The pandemic will be a sustained presence in most of the discussions at this year's conference ] not only focused on this in these sessions.

Sessions to be searched for:

  • Answers t o Pandemic-related records: One action Oriented playbook
  • Establishing the basis of a disaster-resistant IG program
  • Lessons from data protection and risk reduction from COVID-19

Navigate C change

The pandemic may have accelerated changes, but no permanent change can take place. na vacuum .

Records Managers must have a cooperative, advisory relationship with all departments ranging from Human Resources . and IT to end users Compliance officers and many others in between. The role has been expanded to that of a trustworthy partner. t to ensure that information in the records is properly handled life cycle.

This begins with aligning the benefits with the core business objectives . For modern information management this approach requires the takeover of technology and strategies that make old-school GARP best practices seamless for the end user .

Access' Matt Hillery and Kurt Thies will present a session on how record managers to company goals Can align for a more successful information program program. T hey will discuss why tech-enabled records management programs fail . enough and how to create a program that increases the role of data set and information management.

Sessions to be searched for:

  • Receiving the digitization investment
  • User-controlled data management: resetting the "people" in "People, Processes and Technology"
  • Sticking to the landing: Implementation of the permanent IG program change

Learn from industry leaders

Access is proud to present our CEO Rob Alston with to have both Galina Datskovsky by Vaporstream Inc . and Graham Sibley from Collabware on Info Keynote Panel moderated by Nick Inglis, ARMA's Executive Director of Content and Programming. ARMA has made all InfoCon Keynote Sessions free of charge. This means that anyone can see this discussion with CEOs of top information companies thinking about how they will react to all the changes 2020 has brought.

Members of the Access team look forward to meeting experts from all over the world during the conference. We hope to see you there!

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