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Taking Big Items When Moving

Taking Big Items When Moving

People who intend to proceed to or from Franklin Lakes, NJ are always searching for better and easier ways to streamline the procedure. Moving is not a simple thing to do, especially in the event that you’ve got big appliances and furniture to carry with you. Breaking furniture down saves space and makes it a lot easier to move everything, but not everybody does it. Access Self Storage is here with a few tips to keep in mind when breaking down and moving big items into storage.

Measures for Breaking Down Furniture

1. Plan everything beforehand.

Perhaps your sofa or kitchen table won’t fit through the doorway. Perhaps it would be best to remove a glass coffee table and wrap it before transferring it on the truck. Quantify the doorways and the furniture beforehand. You’ll know beforehand that furniture to disassemble and then items must be left alone.

2. Do the disassembling

When you’re eliminating screws or nuts and bolts, place them in a sealed bag. Label the bag using a marker, and tape to the furniture when possible. Disassemble table legs, chairs, and other bulky things to make it easy on yourself when transferring them into your free lease truck.

3. Cover and protect the products.

Guard your cloth or leather upholstery with furniture covers before moving them out of your home. It’s also advisable to cover metal tables and wooden furniture to prevent scratches and scuffs as you transfer them onto the truck and to the storage components.

Transferring Your Furniture Into Self Storage

Breaking down your items makes it effortless to move them out of your house and into storage components at Access Self Storage. Wherever you are moving to in Franklin Lakes, NJ, it is worth it to have a storage device nearby for your belongings. Every unit has a free lock and an individual alarm to go with the surveillance cameras around the facility, letting you rest easy till you are prepared to move the items into your new home.

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