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Self Storage Tips

Self Storage Tips

When the weather turns chilly, rodents are on the look out for a sheltered place to escape the components. They can squeeze through very small openings and also a tight and protected unit could be exposed. In case you have items kept in a self storage device, be sure to take precautions to avoid rodent damage to your property. Following are a few tips that will help keep mice and other rodents out of your unit away out of your things:

  • Inspect your unit – look for tell tale signs of rodents throughout your entire unit. The first and easiest to spot is likely stool. Yep, mouse poo. You know what it looks like and if you do not, just google it. Also be on the lookout for balls of nesting material. This might be more challenging to see as it’ll be tucked away in tight, dark areas.
  • Ensure absolutely no food items are saved in your own unit – This is overriding as even tiny quantities of food are very attractive to rodents and draws them to your unit. Make certain dishes and clothes are cleaned before storing. Vacuum out couches and chairs and if storing your vacuum drain the bag.
  • Bait your apparatus with mouse toxin – If rodents find their way into your unit, this can help keep them at bay. At our centers , we lure all empty units in an effort to keep all of the components rodent free. As a result, our customers experience little to no pest infestation. (Mouse traps can also be utilized, but this would require quite regular observation as you would like to remove any traps that have fleas.) If you shop with us in Beaver Storage or Beaver Lake Storage and want rodent poison to place on your unit, don’t hesitate to speak to our facility manager. We’re happy to supply this for our customers.
  • Destroys your unit again – Yep, you have to keep looking to be certain. You want to check on your items regularly and ensure that you can get into the back of your unit readily to inspect every thing!
    We definitely need to keep mice and other rodents out in the cold and from our stored possessions. Working together, facilities and storage clients can continue to keep all components free from harm!

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