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Questions You Must Ask Earlier than Shopping for a Shelving System

Buying a new shelf system for file folders and other media is no easy task. There are so many options and they all have different functions and advantages. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong shelving system can have a significant impact on business – it can reduce employee efficiency, increase operating costs, and compromise safety and regulatory compliance.

So that you can make the best possible decision when purchasing a new shelving system, the team at TAB has developed a shelving system requirement assessment . If you answer these seven questions, you can not only determine which solution is suitable for your current and future requirements, but you can also ensure that you do not forget anything in your evaluation.

  • What do we save and what not? To ensure that your new system meets all requirements, it is important to take stock and review the media that you will save now and in the future.
  • How much growth do we expect in our storage needs? If the potential growth is unplanned, you may need to invest in another new system sooner than necessary. Planning for growth also affects free space and can affect filing practices and system organization.
  • How much storage space do we have to work with? Storage space is a critical factor in the type of system that will meet your current and future storage needs. For example, if space is limited and significant growth is expected, you will most likely want to use a high density mobile shelving system.
  • What are the requirements for the workflow and accessibility? The way your employees handle the files is a critical factor in purchasing a shelving system. Are they accessed frequently? How many people access it regularly and do multiple people access files at a time?
  • Which compliance requirements apply to us? Your new shelving system must be safe and comply with the building regulations and weight restrictions. It must also accommodate all employees with physical disabilities.
  • What are our security requirements? Do your documents contain valuable or sensitive information that needs to be secured? Will some people have restricted access while others will have full access? All different workflow and user scenarios should be documented and taken into account in the planning and selection process for your new shelving system.
  • How important is aesthetics? Is your storage space in the sight of customers or customers? Is it important that the shelf matches the office furnishings?

By answering the seven questions above, you ensure that you are informed about the purchase process and that you are aware of your requirements. This also reduces the likelihood of encountering an inefficient or dangerous system that would require additional investment to correct. An experienced provider like TAB can review your answers and guide you towards the best solution.

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