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Lunchbox & Be taught: Obtain Information Wherever with Scan On Demand

Just because your documents are being stored off-site with Access doesn't mean they're out of reach.

G and immediate access to your documents in our external warehouse with with our scan-on-demand document . Upon your request, we will convert your paper documents into easy-to-save, managed and shared digital files.

Join Randy Sanders and Cameron Bridges for this live demonstration where they will guide you through the ] FileBRIDGE portal.

During this Lunchbox & Learn you will learn how ur fast and efficient processes ] for on- needs scanning and imaging :

  • Providing secure file sharing where and whenever required via an online account
  • Consolidate information across geographic locations and departments
  • Retain deteriorating documents
  • Release valuable real estate for more strategic use.
  • Meeting complex regulatory requirements through classification and digital retrieval
  • Ensuring compliance with storage plans
  • Reduce redundancies and improve your document search and retrieval processes.

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