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Important Paperwork Safety | Case Research

Most companies have a plan to protect their important documents in case of fire. But what if the same fire protection equipment did a lot of damage?

1.0 The Challenge

One large biopharmaceutical company faced this problem after being audited by one of its business partners. The results of the audit showed that many important documents were completely exposed and did not have adequate protection against sprinklers.

In the past, after the customer provided high-density storage for this company, he came to TAB to see what suggestions he suggested we could offer.

1.1 Land Surveying

TAB examined the eight separate storage areas within the organization where important documents were stored. There were different challenges, and solutions were needed to:

– extend existing high-density systems to include water protection
– replace shelving and storage facilities that offered no protection or safety
– Draft Storage Solutions for Trolleys with Design Drawings

2.0 Selection of TAB

After reviewing our proposal and the suggestions of competing companies, the customer could weigh our solution against more expensive fire-fighting systems. They found that TAB's solution met both their requirements and represented a fraction of the cost of fire-fighting systems.

2.1 Complete Team Performance

Throughout this process, all stakeholders had to develop and implement strategies Implement this project.

– The customer was ready to work with us and allow us to do what we do best and communicate with the rest of the team what they have seen and recommended.
– The TAB Customer Service team delivered a tremendous amount of input and expertise in the design and retrofit of existing systems and the design of new systems.
Our local installers have been invaluable throughout the process. They retrofitted existing systems with new equipment and integrated the new TAB systems.

Next steps:

– Downlo In our case study you will find a complete list of solutions.
– View our entire portfolio of storage solutions.
– Read our previous blog post on protecting important records.
– Do you have a specific issue with storage? Contact a TAB expert

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