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How to Add Record Storage-to-your Excisting Facility

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At Storage File Experts our mission is to provide the best business practices, skills, tools, and resources to owners of self storage, shredding, document imaging or related businesses to develop expand in cell records storage and/or records management as a low risk high profit ancillary service. We provide the best business practices, skills, tools, and resources to start or grow your business. We also provide guidance to real estate developers, land owners and entrepreneurs wto start a large-scale commercial record center. CRC record storage can be up to three hundred and twenty percent (320%) more profitable than self storage using. What you already have in self storage you are renting the square foot yet with record storage you now get to charge by the cubic foot and that is three hundred and twenty percent 320%) more profitable! Just in the USA over 1 billion file boxes, yes that’s 1 billion, over 500 million boxes, are not in an organized CRC. Over 100 million boxes unorganized already stored in self storage facilities waiting to be converted government and associations new regulations now require proper official safe storage driving demand and some need to start with hundreds of thousands or even millions of boxes., some start with 20 boxes. We have and we can handle both. Want to add record storage to your existing facility or, build a new Corporate Record Center? We do that. We will show you how. We offer all three levels of consulting. We’ve helped over 500 businesses with record storage we have proven time and time again that the professional tried-and-tested process is the best way. We can do it all for you. If you don’t have the time or the experience of adding record storage to your business. We do it for you or we coach you and help you through the entire process. We will guide you every step of the way. We teach you the skills and experience to grow your business before during and after or teach you how. We offer courses learn from your home or office. You can learn everything from us., all the secrets and tips from all the experts. We have two courses, you can get them from us at Contact us and we will help you choose the best method for you.

Storage File Experts

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