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eBook – Gartner Report: Workforce Resilience within the Eye of the Pandemic

A common problem that many organizations are currently facing is the impracticability of paper-based workflows in remote work situations.

These companies may have just started digitizing but have had to speed up their efforts due to COVID-19. Others may have been on the path of transformation, but are now wondering what alternatives should be considered next in order to cross the target line of digitization.

If you read this report, believe that you will learn:

Steps to Integrate Paper-Based Processes into a Remote or Work-from-Anywhere Situation
The Most Important Step to Acquire, Deploy, and Repair Hardware and Office Equipment
The importance of collaboration tools instead of Real-Time Face-to-Face Meetings and Interactions
Why Training on Best Practices for Work at Home Is Most Important
Methods for Offloading IT with “Technology Champion” Programs
Whether your organization works remotely, We assume this Gartner report takes a hybrid approach or is viewed as a material frontline company. It provides you with the insightful guidance you need to efficiently maintain business continuity throughout the pandemic and well into the future.

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