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ARMA InfoCon 2020 – Entry

Information experts gather at ARMA InfoCon 2020 every year to visualize the future of information management .

Although ARMA InfoCon 2020 is virtual this year we still can't wait to reconnect and share the great content and speakers we put up in our sessions.

As your end-to-end provider from a single source to protect, manage and manage your information, Access is excited to offer a platinum to be sponsor of ARMA InfoCon 2020 !

Not yet registered? Visit the ARMA website for more information on joining. 100 0 + of your colleagues at one of the most important events for information professionals.

Visit us October 26-30 to learn from:

Access CEO Rob Alston on his active leadership in responding to the changes 2020 brought us.
John Isaza Esq. FAI, VP of Information Governance at Access, and Susan Cisco Ph.D., CRM, FAI, Information Governance Consultant, about their industry-independent research on how to re-navigate record types related to the current or future pandemics .
Kurt Thies, Vice-President for product evangelization upon access on to establish information governance Steering Committee successful committee acr across different departments.
Joe Halstead Sr. Solution Architect at Access, and Brad Teed Information Governance Consultant, on how to automate retention plans with Virgo in Microsoft 365 .

1 demo. 2 sessions. 1 keynote.

Monday, October 26th – Friday, October 30th

October 29

  • 10:00 am: Keynote address “Industry leaders react to change” – Access CEO Rob Alston
  • 11:10 am – 12:00 pm Meeting: Establishment of a successful IG steering committee – Kurt Theis


  • Session: Responses to pandemic-related records: An Action-Oriented Playbook – John Isaza & Susan Cisco
  • Demo: Microsoft 365 + Virgo: Automation of the management of retention plans – Brendan Reid & Brad Teed
  • Coffee and Connect

Register at ARMA.ORG!

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