Kevin Barker
Founding Editor, The BarkerLetter, The IT Investor

Michael is a deal oriented entrepreneur whose ideas are great and whose track record of success is even greater!


Laura Fee
Experienced Store Manager

Michael is one of the most results oriented individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He is focused yet fun, and knows how to ‘cut to the chase’. He sees business opportunities where most would only see hard work and problems. If you need a direct solution to a challenge, Michael is your man!


Robert Vespa
Vice President & General Manager at Paramount Transportation Systems

Michael Ruge is a dedicated and diligent multi-talented professional. I worked with Michael while serving together on the Mobile Self Storage Association Board. While on the board; Michael demonstrated patience, teamwork, detail-orientation, and above all cross-functional leadership and influencing skills. Michael rose to the occasion everytime with precision and poise, while never missing a beat in identifying risks and opportunities for the MSSA fellow board members and association members. Michael is also one of those extremely unique individuals you encounter in the corporate world who is so talented, tactful and skilled in his area of excellence; while being well-liked and respected by everyone. A strategic thinker who can always be relied on to accomplish the mission.


Eric Augustine
Estimator At High Plains Roofing

Even though we were over a thousand miles apart and living in different time zones, Michael and I always made time to visit on the phone or on skype. Michael is a very passionate person, spending numerous hours of his time making sure he knew and understood every little detail. Any person that has the opportunity to work with Michael can feel confident that they will be told truth and not a sales pitch.


Brian Geddes
Management Consultant–1300+

Michael is the consummate professional. He is focused on win-win relationships and works hard to ensure all participants are successful in any business situation. He is personable and professional and is a motivating force ensuring desired outcomes are obtained.


Warren Whitlock
Influencer Social Media Content Marketing Business Hacker Growth Advocate

Working with Michael Ruge is always a ton of fun and great learning experience. His quote book was a gem, and his creative approach to business refreshing. Hang out with Michael if you want to have a great time making a lot of things happen fast.