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Mike Ruge https://mikeruge.ca Business Consultant - Storage File Expert Sun, 31 May 2020 11:39:31 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.4.1 Has your organization obtained a PPP mortgage from the SBA? The way to deal with potential press inquiries https://mikeruge.ca/business-marketing/has-your-organization-obtained-a-ppp-mortgage-from-the-sba-the-way-to-deal-with-potential-press-inquiries/ Sun, 31 May 2020 11:39:30 +0000 https://mikeruge.ca/?p=2509 […]]]>

By Joe Rubin

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has granted millions of small businesses loans in the billions. Most recipients received relatively small loans (average size of $ 80,000 for the second tranche of loans), but there are a significant number of recipients who received $ 1 million or more, and 40,000 companies received $ 2 million or more.

While the program clearly allows companies with up to 500 employees to borrow up to $ 10 million, Congress and administration are rethinking this and promise to review and audit those companies that have more than $ 2 million -Dollars received in PPP loans. In addition to this review, however, the press is actively pursuing companies that have received loans of $ 1 million or more by frequently "naming and shaming" them and pressuring them to return their PPP funds.

Unfortunately, the challenges of answering press inquiries often go "sideways" for many companies that have no reporter experience, with business leaders trying to defend the reasons why they need this money. As a result, many companies have agreed to return their PPP money, even if it is good for the company and its employees.

While business leaders generally have the time and resources to prepare for government scrutiny, dealing with the press poses a number of new and important challenges, including: B. dealing with hostile questions and an unknown audience and the need to respond in real time.

These questions are generally not based on legal requirements, but often on the perception of a reporter of "fairness" towards other recipients, a legitimate "need" and simply the amount of the loan. In addition, these new and novel questions and pressures occur in real time and do not give managers time to prepare in advance for the best response and answer options.

As a result, companies are often forced to answer public questions and reporters without support or training to answer these questions. It is therefore not surprising that many of these companies simply give up and agree to return the PPP money, although this could be an important support for their business.

In other words, company executives who accept larger PPP loans need to think carefully about how to respond to public inquiries about the loans and why they are important to their businesses, employees, and customers.

There are several “Road Rules” that business leaders should keep in mind when responding to reporters:

1. It's all about employees and customers

The aim of the PPP is to ensure that employers can afford to keep and reinstate workers who may have been dismissed due to a drop in sales, closed deals, or other adversity caused by the corona virus. Therefore, when a business leader is asked by a reporter about the need for PPP funds, they should continually return to the benefits that PPP money offers their employees:

"We took PPP money because our employees are very important to us and we wanted to make sure that we had the ability and the resources to continue to issue a paycheck on a regular basis in these challenging times."

It is particularly helpful if an employer can specifically point out the number of dismissed employees, but the company was able to recruit due to the PPP funding.

]]> A Million-Greenback, One-Individual Enterprise Founder’s Suggestions For Peak Productiveness Throughout The Restoration https://mikeruge.ca/business-consultant/a-million-greenback-one-individual-enterprise-founders-suggestions-for-peak-productiveness-throughout-the-restoration/ Sun, 31 May 2020 10:43:17 +0000 https://mikeruge.ca/?p=2506 […]]]>

With more states starting to reopen for business, many small business owners are shifting into recovery mode. A big part of making it through this next phase for all businesses will be stretching whatever cash they have available and making sure they have a cushion for unpredictable emergencies. In one-person businesses and micro businesses, operating at peak efficiency will be the key to doing this.

For actionable ideas on how to do more with less, I spoke with Dan Faggella, 32, the Boston-based entrepreneur who founded a million-dollar, one-person business Science of Skill, an e-commerce site focused on martial arts, after running a martial arts dojo. He sold that site for more than $1 million and is now growing his next business, Emerj, an AI consultancy with three employees that serves customers such as the World Bank and the OECD. 

Dan Faggella, founder and CEO of Emerj, at the United Nations.


Here are some of the strategies he recommends. 

Double down on content marketing. Creating timely and relevant articles or videos that pull in your ideal customers organically can speed the sales cycle—and it often costs less than pay-per-click ads, when you look at the overall investment. You don’t have to draft 2,500-word opuses for this strategy to be effective. Faggella learned this at Science of Skill, where he attracted consumers with short martial arts videos made by leading instructors around the world.

Now that Faggella is focused on B2B customers, he and his team are creating the type of content that is relevant to their industries. For instance, his site offers free articles on topics such as AI and the future of supply chain and logistics, AI in video marketing and “weaponized” artificial intelligence. This is bringing organic traffic and attracting companies interested in one of his new offerings, Emerj Plus, which gives them access to a white paper library, AI use cases and return-on-investment guides for people who use AI. 

Of course, it takes time to create quality content, so it’s important for any content strategy to focus on what will move the needle for the business. “We’re writing the kind of content that is going to rank on business-related terms,” says Faggella.

Put your marketing on steroids. If you’ve haven’t yet set up a customer relationship management (CRM) system, take advantage of any slack in your schedule to do so. Faggella has used this type of marketing automation to build all of his businesses. Using a CRM (popular brands includes Klaviyo, HubSpot and Keap [formerly Infusionsoft]) is a very efficient way for small businesses to send marketing messages to customers who’ve indicated interest in their products or services. “I’ve always leaned on this a lot to do to the heavy lifting in terms of marketing,” he says. 

You don’t need to have a product to sell. Even service businesses can benefit from marketing automation, he says. “You’re not triggering a campaign for someone to buy something,” he explains. “It’s to book an appointment. They have to read about your services and prices and can fill out a form saying they’d like to request a phone call.”

Automate as much of your business as you can. Faggella is a big believer in using dashboards to track the progress he is making in his business. To make this easy, he uses Zapier, a tool that connects apps, to pull together data from sources such as Google Analytics and other software he uses.

He doesn’t stop with what can be automated. He also outsources repetitive tasks that are too complex for technology to do. “Once we get to the limits of what can automatically be done by machines reliably every week, we’ll take the remainder and film videos of the exact set of steps to get them done,” he says. One example is pulling together disparate email metrics automatically. “You might have to pull up three different reports, set it to a particular setting and date range and add different numbers,” he says. 

He farms out this work to 24/7 Easy Support, a virtual assistant service based in India, which, he finds, does the work very cost-effectively. Typically he enlists the assistants for two or three hours a week. “They handle stuff that’s more manual and clunky,” he says. 

While he could do a lot of the work the assistants do himself and save a few bucks, he’d rather focus on the big picture of building his business. That’s one of the big differentiators of founders who break seven figures in very small firms: They don’t sweat the small stuff, so they have time to think about the big stuff. They know when to hire others to help them out, so they can create something bigger than one person or a tiny team typically can.

What does coronavirus imply for Charles Schwab TD Ameritrade merger deal? https://mikeruge.ca/deal-making/what-does-coronavirus-imply-for-charles-schwab-td-ameritrade-merger-deal/ Sun, 31 May 2020 07:55:02 +0000 https://mikeruge.ca/?p=2502 […]]]>

In recent weeks, the IPO market has come to a halt and corporate deal making has stalled. What does that mean for the biggest acquisition of the year in wealth management — Schwab’s all-stock purchase of TD Ameritrade?

The question arises as the coronavirus creates an unprecedented public health crisis and the U.S. economy goes into a tailspin. Markets are experiencing their worst quarter since the financial crisis. There were an unprecedented 6.6 million claims for unemployment in the week ending March 28.

And with much of America sheltering in place, Schwab and TD may have to plan their integration with most — if not all — their staff working remotely.

“Regardless of what type of transaction you were contemplating at the beginning of the year — just because of the volatility of the market and the uncertain times — you’re probably going to be rethinking it,” says Kent Schmidt, an attorney who represents publicly traded companies sued by shareholders and clients and who does not have direct knowledge of the deal.

Schwab tells Financial Planning it still expects the transaction to close in the second half of 2020. “We don’t anticipate any impact on the deal as a result of the current environment. We remain fully engaged in planning for the integration,” said Schwab spokesman Glen Mathison. When asked if the company’s assumptions regarding potential risks to the deal had changed in recent weeks, he said: “Not at all.”

A TD Ameritrade spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment.

Wall Street is still bullish on the proposed deal. There are 14 analysts with “buy” or “strong buy” recommendations on Schwab shares, some of whom point to cost synergies from the acquisition and confidence in Schwab’s long-term growth prospects.

Schwab is “best positioned to navigate the volatile and uncertain backdrop given their scale, ability to take share and win new customers in a flight to quality, drive greater expense efficiency and deliver significant earnings accretion from their significant USAA acquisition and [TD Ameritrade] merger,” according to Morgan Stanley analyst Michael Cyprys in the firm’s April 1 eBroker report, which rated Schwab “overweight.”

Schwab and TD have approximately $4 trillion and $1.3 trillion in client assets, respectively.

Yet circumstances have certainly changed since Schwab said in November it would purchase its custodial and retail brokerage competitor, TD Ameritrade.

TD Ameritrade’s market cap has sunk to $18.74 billion on March 30, down 30% from $26.89 billion on the last day of 2019. Schwab’s current market cap has dropped 29% to $43.24 billion, from $61.15 billion on Dec. 31.

“The currency of [this] deal is, of course, the valuation of the companies involved,” says Andrew Stoltmann, investor attorney of the eponymous law firm and former president of PIABA. “You have the valuations of both plummeting substantially, and that poses risk to the deal.”

Stotlmann, who does not have a business relationship with either company or knowledge of the companies’ plans, says he has seen large deals fall through when one of the two companies’ valuation plunges. In this case it’s both firms. “That makes shareholders very, very nervous,” he says.

Of course, there are other factors at play for Schwab. For instance, the Fed cut its short-term benchmark rate by 1% to near zero in mid-March. While fearful clients will likely hold more cash amid the volatility, the rate cut could reduce the returns Schwab makes on its cash.

Broker-dealers including Schwab frequently reinvest brokerage cash into high-yield securities, and BDs are able to pocket the difference between what they receive and what they return to clients. Schwab, for example, derives 61% of its overall annual revenue from net interest. In 2019, Schwab paid clients an average of 0.33% on their bank deposits while earning an average yield of 2.17% on those assets.

In 2018, when the Fed raised the federal funds target interest rate four times, Schwab’s net interest revenue increased 36% to $1.5 billion.

“Direction and level of interest rates are important factors in our earnings,” reads Schwab’s 2019 annual report, which cites its exposure to interest rate changes as a factor that may cause stock volatility. On March 16, the day after the Fed cut rates, Schwab’s stock fell to $30.47 from $33.87 the prior trading day.

Schwab told shareholders at the end of November that TD Ameritrade’s cash sweep vehicle would be a key opportunity for the firm after it renegotiated its cash agreement with TD Bank, and it anticipated spread-based revenue to make up 58% of the combined entity’s net revenue.

Schmidt says Schwab and TD Ameritrade may experience a spike in class action consumer, employee and shareholder cases as it relates to COVID-19. He questions whether that could alter Schwab’s valuation of TD Ameritrade.

He also says other firms have already been accused of being ill-prepared for the crisis, as well as making overly optimistic forward-looking statements and has started publishing a running tally.

At the beginning of February, San Francisco-based Schwab said it anticipated it could save up to $2 billion in expenses after purchasing TD Ameritrade, according to an investor presentation deck.

Greg O’Gara, who researches custodians for Aite Group, emphasized shareholders will recognize the transaction deal as a growth opportunity.

“When the two firms come together there’s going to be material and substantial savings to the combined operation,” he says, noting that it should boost the combined entity’s valuation.

O’Gara says the companies would benefit from cash sweeps if clients move into cash on fears stocks will fall further — even if the interest the firms typically receive has been reduced due to the Fed cut. Alternatively, if markets recover, it bodes well for the transaction.

“If the virus can somehow subside by the summer or end of the summer, I wouldn’t anticipate that anything would change materially for the deal,” he says.

Both custodians have a hefty financial incentive to go through with it. If one terminates the agreement for ”certain circumstances,” according to the S-4, it could be required to pay $950 million to the other. In addition, if either firm does not obtain the required vote of shareholders, it would be required to reimburse the other for expenses, up to an aggregate amount of $50 million.

The acquisition also awaits antitrust approval from the Department of Justice, which has scrutinized the deal and asked questions of RIAs and custodial competitors in recent months.

“We’re not going to comment on or characterize the status of the DoJ’s review,” Mathison said. “We continue to cooperate fully with the DoJ.”

Meanwhile, the Justice Department’s antitrust division appears to have signed off on Morgan Stanley’s takeover of E-Trade, without requiring any changes, according to a Bloomberg News report citing a person familiar with the matter. A Morgan Stanley spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment.

Financial Planning reached out to seven attorneys and law firms, four equity analysts and two M&A consultants who declined to or did not respond to requests for comment.

Small Enterprise Information to Video Advertising and marketing https://mikeruge.ca/business-marketing/small-enterprise-information-to-video-advertising-and-marketing/ Sat, 30 May 2020 11:35:38 +0000 https://mikeruge.ca/?p=2498 […]]]>

The use of video as part of marketing is becoming increasingly important in companies of all sizes. The key to their popularity is their relative ease of contacting prospects and customers across multiple platforms. While demonstrations go, video is simply the best way to make shopping more enjoyable for your customers or prospects.

With increasing access to broadband Internet, companies are looking for videos to involve new and old customers in their decision-making processes. Businesses and probably your competition are joining the bandwagon, looking for videos to add value to their audience. Marketing with video can be both fun and rewarding.

growth of the video

The current global forecast estimates that the average person will watch 100 minutes of online video a day in 2021. A survey of marketers found 88% of them say video marketing gives them a positive return on investment (ROI). In addition, 92% of marketers say video is an important part of a marketing strategy. With 75 million Americans watching online video every day, video marketing offers enticing opportunities for marketers to benefit from the growing popularity of online video.

The good news is that you don't need much to get started. With a good camera or a decent smartphone, you too can create great videos for your business. Your marketing video can be used for your website or social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The sky is literally the limit. One limitation here is that creating a marketing video requires a certain learning curve. First, you need to have the right amount of knowledge and tools to have a significant impact on your video marketing efforts.

If people like or share your video content, it can go viral when it reaches social media platforms. Notes like this can even increase your reach. If the information comes from someone you know, the recipient is much more likely to view, like, or share it. For this reason, more and more companies are adding videos to their marketing mix in addition to email marketing and social media reach in order to achieve the best results. However, creating video content for online consumption can be somewhat technology-intensive. However, it is not difficult to do this once you have learned the basics. This manual breaks down what you need to get started.

What is video marketing?

Marketing is an integral part of the overall success of a company. Marketing includes all steps to customize your products, news, sales, sales, customer service and other business activities to meet the needs of your most important business asset, your customer.

There are many ways to market your business with today's digital platform. Whether email, social media or even video marketing – you have options. Video marketing is a quick and effective way to market your products and services. Unlike video advertising, which is designed to spark interest and increase sales, video marketing content tries to reach your customers at a higher level. Video marketing can help improve your online presence, promote brand awareness, increase engagement, and build trust. Video advertising is a subset of video marketing that companies can use to generate sales for their products or services.

Video formats have naturally proven to be appealing. Engage the viewer and get their attention. Let's face it, we're getting more visual, and good presentations and content can take your brand far. In today's age of social media and mobile devices, a video can easily go viral, which can help increase your brand awareness. If you go viral, it means that your content, in this case the video, will see reactions and be shared frequently.

This level of engagement enables you to build followers on a specific topic, social issue, product, service, or advertising that is important to your business. Subsequent comments, likes and shares help to increase the credibility and support of your online / social followers. Using content that stimulates discussion and feedback is more likely to be shared by a larger audience.

If your customers cannot find the content that makes it easier to use and enjoy your product, they will most likely go elsewhere and look for your competition. This would mean that you missed the opportunity to impress them or, in some cases, even get their attention. This is where a solid strategy for video marketing content comes into play.

Various uses for video in marketing

In addition to e-mail, social media and traditional marketing, video marketing is an aspect of content marketing. Here video content is used as an effective visual storytelling tool. This has three major advantages. With a video you can spread your message, strengthen your brand and have a greater impact on your audience as a medium. Video is continuously dynamic and delighted, continues to entertain and inform. Regardless of the target audience's attention span, be it 6 seconds on a vine or a 15-minute tutorial, they are very effective. In addition, a video can be shared across platforms regardless of whether it is on your website, a social media channel on mobile devices, YouTube on a PC or a laptop.

Help Make Connections Easily

Video content can even be fun, educational, inspiring, motivating, or heartwarming. They can be personal, easily attract attention, and get more audiences than other media. Video can help give a name a face and allows an audience to see the authenticity of your business and offers.

People like to buy from people. Having confidence in you will greatly increase your likelihood of buying from you. Videos are now the most popular consumer content seen by a brand on social media. By 2023, there will be approximately 345 million Internet users and 329 million mobile phone users in North America. Therefore, consumers expect more and more video content. In this age of connectivity, 92% of mobile video consumers share video with others. This is another compelling argument to start your video content strategy for your business.

Facilitates sales

Videos are easy to process and can just as quickly attract people's attention. This makes an excellent contribution to brand awareness. They contain visual and acoustic content to convey messages. In contrast to plain-text visual content, our brains keep the information in a video much easier.

Research shows that video marketing has a lot to gain, including increasing sales and generating leads. 71% of B2B marketers and 66% of B2C marketers use videos for their content marketing. A video with text, music and photos is an ideal medium for conveying convincing content. You involve users on your website for a long time. They are also a great way to increase subscriptions for your email and social media reach.

As a medium that attracts attention, video leads the viewer to an action. Including a call to action or offering a discount can lead to increased customer loyalty or even conversions.

Promote Your Business

With video, you can promote your products or services and increase your conversion rates from potential customers to customers. You can create videos to give potential customers educational background for your business so they can even try your services. You can create a product video to highlight the features of your products and attract and retain customers. The platforms for your videos are diverse. You can use your videos on your website's social media handles, which include YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms on the Internet, including Google.

Increase traffic

Videos from your social media area or email marketing can be used to drive traffic to your website. Product ratings, video ads, or video tutorials from other platforms can direct viewers to your website to increase the number of visitors to your website. In addition, your videos on social media websites can help you reach potential customers who may not know anything about you online.

Good videos come with good news, which is a great way to increase your reach. With video, you can spread your message, strengthen your brand and have a greater impact on your audience. Another obvious reason why marketing video content remains one of the most effective marketing tools is simplicity.

Below are some of the different types of marketing videos you can use to get in touch.

Testimonial video for customers

Customers can be great ambassadors for your brand, product, or service. If you find an existing customer who is ready to record a video, definitely include them in your video. You can make a big impression on other customers who are on the fence to explain the intricacies of your product or service through the lens of a user or customer.

Let customers use their own words for greater success, but ask them to be specific. Potential customers may not be as convinced of your pitch, but if a fellow customer they can identify with recommends your products, their skepticism may subside.


Also known as instructional videos, tutorials, or Do it Yourself (DIY), they allow viewers to find solutions to a specific problem they may have. They are a great way to help viewers go through a process step by step.

Essentially, these videos help viewers answer questions and give instructions on how to do something they don't know how to do. According to Google, a video with instructions deserves the most attention from all content categories on YouTube. more than music clips or games. In fact, more than 7 out of 10 viewers of the 2 billion monthly active YouTube users use YouTube to solve problems. It's also a great way to use your video content to help others.

demo video

A demonstration video is a great way to showcase the properties of your product or service, as it works well for marketing campaigns. To further improve your message, you can also incorporate animations, images and infographics so that the audience gets a better feel for your offer. A demo video is literally an introduction to what you have to offer, much like you would when a customer came to your store or office. Eight out of ten people bought software or an application after watching a branded video.

Product Review Video

A product rating video is designed to give a particular product or service an edge over what the competition offers. By first showing the benefits of your product or service, you can help customers better understand what they're signing up for when they choose you.

Product reviews provide excellent information on product or service highlights. This helps customers take a step closer to making a purchase. A review video is also a great tool for building trust among viewers.

Webinar video

A webinar is an online event in which speakers give presentations, educational series or conferences to an audience. Participants often interact with speakers by asking questions, responding to surveys and other exchanges. It is a different kind of video content to connect with the audience as it offers the opportunity to interact and get feedback from viewers.

A webinar video can also include infographics, slides, videos, and other presentation tools to further enhance the experience. Another benefit of a webinar is that viewers around the world can attend the event. This means more opportunities to see your brand from a new customer base.

Explanatory video

An explanatory video is similar to a demo video, but focuses on how the product or service offers customers solutions. It helps to break down seemingly complicated concepts for a specific offer. The aim is to communicate the unique properties of a particular product in the shortest possible time. Imagine this as a video manual that customers can use to navigate through the intricacies of a product and the associated functions.

It's a great way to connect with customers because this type of video helps fix problems that end-users may encounter while using this particular product.

Podcast video

Podcasts allow people to share their craft, campaign, or simply their passions with a large audience. Spurned by the popularity of YouTube and other social media platforms, podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. Podcasts are available in both audio and video formats. It's like blogging with videos.

The formats are either a specific speaker or in the form of questions and answers and discussions with guests. The content can be streamed live or made available for download at a later date. Regardless of the format, podcast videos are a very popular way to share knowledge in content marketing.

This type of video helps you showcase your company's human capital and best practices by sharing insights that your potential customers may need. As a content marketing tool, it can help increase subscriptions and offer great opportunities to sell advertising.

Promotional video

This is probably the oldest video marketing application. Promotional videos, also called branded videos, are part of an advertising campaign. They should inform the viewer about the functions and advantages of your product or service. These videos can be viewed as ads or on YouTube. You can also promote a video that you created as a professional ad.

The long-term purpose of advertising is to convince consumers to see your company in a good light and continue to buy your products or services. Other uses of promotional videos can be to increase sales. Announcement of special promotions such as discounts; Get a better profile for your company and others.

Interview Video

This type of video illuminates one or two people with whom they answer questions. The respondent can be your CEO, employee, partner, supplier, customer or even an influencer. Often used for blogs or as part of a podcast series, they can also be used for educational purposes.

The person should have a message or some unique insights that may be of interest to the viewer. Often an interview video is accompanied by a transcript of the interview so that people can read and watch. YouTube automatically generates a transcript, though sometimes roughly. This type of video is well suited to share your company's values ​​and solidarity with the community or the causes.

Training video

They are also used synonymously as educational videos and help to improve the skills of the user with a specific product. These videos can use footage from real people to connect the trainer to the user. The video can be a step-by-step guide to using or optimizing the purchased item.

If you want to create your own training video, you can record a short screencast, in which you can carry out the activity and explain the process. Tools like Techsmith, Loom and TinyTake from Mango Apps are ideal for this purpose. While it's often used for internal training purposes, you can also use it to show thought leadership to your audience as part of your content marketing.

Animated Video

Animated videos, simply explained, use images that have been manipulated to move to convey a message to your audience. These videos can be a fun way to build your brand or promote your services. You don't have to search for places or worry about your lighting or composition. However, you need good animation maker software to create your animation video first. Your animated videos can be recorded with a synchronized voice to further improve your message. Animation videos can be up to 30 seconds long or longer. The content depends on the message you want your audience to consume.

Top 10 List Video

List videos are very popular on YouTube because they help you rate the videos in the list based on their performance. This is ideal for marketing as it provides viewers with informative and humorous options from a list of likely competitors. BuzzFeed, Watchmojo, and others who like it have used the top ten list videos to create their own niches and gain viewers and a loyal subscriber base.

The format is straightforward. You just have to make a new list of the best in each category that comes to mind of the viewers. Your success depends on your ability to choose the right content or the right topic that draws your audience's attention. You must also look for reliable sources and be able to formulate your own opinions on current trends.

Recipe Video

This type of video is ideal for recipe blogs, food sites, and health sites. Let's face it, we all tried to make this special dish but couldn't get the recipe. Why not dive into this trendy video segment by helping people break down recipes from start to finish in a way that feels easy? You can create these videos with less fanfare and even without sound. You can simply display a recipe that is put together quickly, sometimes with captions, but not always. The Food Network is a treasure trove of easy-to-prepare recipes that anyone can follow. Google, Facebook and other online tools are also excellent resources to find every recipe imaginable.

Videos from photographs

These are simple videos that are more like slide shows. They are accompanied by pictures, text and sound as narrative and do not require a good videographer. They are ideal for productions in a jiffy. You can create these videos with a simple video editor and use video footage or pictures. You can reuse photos and videos to save money and time. Again, Google and Facebook are great sources of images. However, pay attention to the content of the copyright first.

Live Video

If you want to engage your audience in real time, create a live video. This is an effective option for video marketing campaigns for a launch aimed at users. Everything from a trade show, kick-off event, social event, Christmas party in the company office, announcement of prize winners or an event that could be of public interest can be part of a live video that your audience can attend. These videos can help the viewer behind the scenes of your business or anything else that users don't normally experience. You can stream these videos live or with highlights of the key moments of the event.

Personal News Video

These videos show the human aspect of your company. They are great for highlighting your company's team spirit, sense of fun and community. You can use them to send thank you messages, update developments or wish customers a happy holiday.

This type of video should contain information and details that are relevant to your customer. Your personalized business news video must include some or all of the following: awareness; Awaken interests; and initiate desire and action.

Simple personalization can only include a video message that addresses customer interest or pain point. A well-made video with personal messages can help improve sales, build trust, and encourage leads.

1. Determine the video purpose

The most important thing for a successful video is your passion and creativity to tell a story. Before you start filming, ask yourself what the audience should get out of your content. Indeed, best practices recommend that we answer three key questions: What problems does video content solve ?; How will your video content support your company's goals: and what outcomes and outcomes measure success?

Best practices also encourage us to think about your unique selling proposition (USP), which you can use to determine how you as a company stand out from the competition. Simply describe the clear benefit that your users will only get by buying from your company. This is essentially your video marketing strategy. Because of this, your company is able to attract attention, stand out from the competition, attract potential customers and gain customer loyalty. This is the canvas on which you draw all of your messages. When you include the good things, you've heard customers talk about your business to further improve your news.

2. Write a script

A great script will help you get the result you want from your marketing video. Good video production is important, but just as important a good script is a cornerstone of content when you create your video. Writing a good script requires solid research and an understanding of the interest of your viewers. Make it a best practice to write a well-researched, simple, and clear script before recording a video.

The script is meant to help your video grab attention. be memorable; Be persuasive and persuasive enough to get people to think about your suggestion. Are you wondering what I want to convey? In response, don't confuse your audience as to what the video is for and what to do after watching the video. Would you like them to visit your store or to try and use your product?

Is it the goal at the end of the day to visit your website for more information, your Facebook page or your newsletter?

The basis of every video is the script and the storyboard. You can get inspiration by first comparing videos that have impressed you and looking for ways to emulate them to accomplish your purpose. Check out your competitors' news and see if you can tell a better story. Find new ways to create and deliver the information your users want. Think about how you can turn your company's most unusual attributes into unique user benefits. You might be tempted to go overboard with any video production. The key here is to know your goal and stay up to date.

You can include photos, music and animations to improve your production.

3. Identify the tools and equipment required

If you have a camera, webcam, or decent cell phone that can record videos, you're off to a good start. You can use your phone to create a live video on Instagram or Facebook, or even record and edit entire videos.

If you want to go all-in, you need a good DSLR camera, tripods, lenses, audio recorder, and other accessories to get a professional-looking, crisp production. You can start working with your camera slowly and gradually. By reading and researching, you can use advanced features to get a more professional look.

In addition to the hardware, you need good video editing software that can improve your production. Professional equipment and software can be expensive and may not be feasible for small businesses and individuals.

If you have space, you can also set up your own studio where you can record videos and record audio. Your studio doesn't have to be expensive and full of fancy equipment. All you need is a soundproof room with a good background so you can start. You can easily set up a movie room in your office at no cost.

4. Setting up the camera, webcam or video tool

Make sure the subject is centered on the preview screen. Also try not to move too close or too far from the subject so as not to disorient the viewer. If you plan to record sound, make sure you test the sound. It is audible and there is no background noise that could cause interference. Another important point to keep in mind is to make sure your camera is securely positioned on a tripod or other device so your video doesn't get shaky.

5. Adjust the lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of the shoot. Your lighting should not be too bright or dark. If possible, shoot in a location with as much natural light as possible.

Strong light behind the subject can distort your video and transform the subject into a silhouette. Find shadows when filming outdoors in strong sunlight to get the best video lighting. Try shooting with the light source on the back of the camera. You can also use a desk light or other light source if the lighting is too dim.

Inside, make sure the window is generally in front of you when filming. This gives you balanced lighting.

6. Record video

If you don't have the budget to invest in a camera, you can use a smartphone. Today's new smartphones are equipped with amazing cameras and are well suited for on the go. Simply find an elevated place to position the camera or tripod (more on that shortly) and start shooting. A webcam can also be good for creating personal messages and video blogs.

Achten Sie bei Webcams darauf, dass Sie während der Aufnahme auf das Kameraobjektiv schauen. Denken Sie daran, wenn Sie sich auf dem Bildschirm sehen, da Ihre Augen nicht auf die Zuschauer gerichtet sind.

Halten Sie Ihre Kamera am besten im Querformat, nicht im Hochformat, um eine gute Aufnahme zu machen. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie einen schönen Hintergrund haben und dieser nicht ablenkt. Viele Videos sind von Dingen geplagt, die im Hintergrund auftauchen, und wenn es nicht das Richtige ist, wird es wiederum von der Nachricht und Ihrem Gesamtinhalt ablenken.

Schöne Hintergründe können die Szene und den Ton für Ihre Videos festlegen. Wenn es sich um eine persönliche Nachricht handelt, kann es sich um ein Bücherregal handeln, und Auszeichnungen können ihm das professionelle Ambiente verleihen. Wenn jedoch alles fehlschlägt, kann ein einfacher Hintergrund dazu beitragen, Unordnung für professionellere Videos zu vermeiden.

Wenn Sie kein Mikrofon haben, können Sie anstelle eines neuen Mikrofons Untertitel verwenden, um Ihre Geschichte zu erzählen, während Sie im Hintergrund Musik spielen.

7. Bearbeiten Sie das Video

Beim Bearbeiten fügen Sie Ihren Produktionen etwas Flair hinzu. Es mag zunächst entmutigend sein, aber Sie können Freeware-Bearbeitungssoftware wie iMovie oder Windows Movie Maker verwenden, um loszulegen. Wenn Sie professionelle Funktionen wünschen, können Sie Adobe Premiere Pro oder Apple Final Cut Pro verwenden.

Sie können auch nach Programmen suchen, mit denen Sie grundlegende Bearbeitungen vornehmen können. Videos können viel Speicherplatz beanspruchen. Investieren Sie also in eine externe Festplatte oder speichern Sie sie in der Cloud. Sie können auf Google Drive, Dropbox oder Microsoft OneDrive schauen.

8. Laden Sie Ihr Video hoch

Nach dem Aufnehmen und Bearbeiten müssen Sie entscheiden, wie Sie Ihr Publikum erreichen möchten. Wie Sie teilen und welche Plattformen Sie auswählen, hängt weitgehend von Ihrer Zielgruppe und Ihren Videomarketingzielen ab. Wenn Sie beispielsweise ein Video mit Anleitungen erstellen, ist es am besten, es auf YouTube hochzuladen. Wenn Sie sich an jüngere Zielgruppen richten, können Sie sich für Snapchat oder Instagram entscheiden. Es ist immer am besten, zuerst mit einem Kanal zu beginnen und das Video dann für andere Kanäle in der Zukunft neu zu verwenden.

9. Optimieren Sie die Videoseite

Der Schlüssel zu Ihrer Videostrategie besteht darin, Ansichten zu erhalten. Dazu müssen Ihre Videos indiziert und für Suchmaschinen-Ergebnisseiten eingestuft werden. Zunächst müssen Sie die richtige Video-Hosting-Plattform auswählen. Wenn Sie sich auf die allgemeine Markenbekanntheit konzentrieren, können Sie Plattformen wie YouTube und Vimeo verwenden. Dies erhöht Ihre Chancen, eine große Zuschauerzahl für Ihre Videos zu erreichen. Dies kann sich jedoch auf den Verkehr auf Ihrer Website auswirken, da Sie durch das Posten auf diesen Plattformen den Verkehr auf Ihre Website leiten. Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach Traffic sind, können Sie ihn auf Ihre Website leiten, indem Sie einen Aufruf zum Handeln einfügen, in dem die Zuschauer aufgefordert werden, Ihre Website zu besuchen.

Auch hier kommt die Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO) ins Spiel. SEO beinhaltet bestimmte Optimierungen an Ihrem Website-Design und -Inhalt, die den Inhalt für Suchmaschinen attraktiver machen. Mithilfe von SEO können Sie sicherstellen, dass Ihre Inhalte in den Suchmaschinen einen hohen Stellenwert haben. Auf diese Weise können sowohl neue als auch alte Benutzer problemlos auf Ihre Inhalte zugreifen.


Durch das erstmalige Einfügen eines Video-Transkripts kann dies bei der Suchmaschinenoptimierung hilfreich sein. Auf diese Weise können Such-Bots mehr von Ihrem Inhalt entfernen, da Sie einen indexierbaren Text zu Ihrem Video haben, was die Wahrscheinlichkeit erhöht, dass Sie den Suchindex erhöhen. In ähnlicher Weise können Ihr Titel und Ihre Beschreibung des Videos Ihre SEO-Bemühungen fördern, indem Sie Ihre Chancen erhöhen, angesehen zu werden.

Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie ein attraktives Miniaturbild haben. Video-Miniaturansichten werden von Suchenden angezeigt, wenn Ihr Video indiziert wird. Durch die Verwendung visuell interessanter Miniaturansichten für Ihre Videoinhalte können Sie mehr Zuschauer anziehen und die Wiedergabezeit für Ihre Videos verlängern. Dadurch wird festgelegt, ob sie auf Ihr Video klicken oder nicht. Sie sollten sich Ihr Miniaturbild als Cover Ihres Videos vorstellen. Es sollte verlockend genug sein, um einen Klick zu rechtfertigen.

Creating great video content is important, equally important is to make sure your video resonates with the target audience. In this regard, SEO is an effective way of boosting your discoverability and get you on the first page of Google.

In addition to SEO tweaking, you should also do your bit in terms of directing people to find and see your videos. Call on your social media followers and e-mail subscribers to let them know and see your video. You can also work with influencers to get people to know more about your video.

10. Measure Results

If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. The key to your marketing videos is seeing some form of positive action(s) coming from your audience.

Your investments in the production can only be measured based on the positive responses you garner from viewers. If you spent a lot of money on a high-end production only to garner just a handful of views you might not be making the connections or have failed to really reach out to people. Your website’s analytics and metrics are important tools for assessing what impact your videos are having in terms of visitors and conversions to your website. Google Analytics can provide data on search inquiries and traf?c and behavior.

There are other online tools to measure and quantify the level of visitors for blogs, posts, social media conversations, and Tweets. Most social media platforms including Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube come with their own analytics to track the performance of your videos and video marketing campaign.

If you want to independently track the impact of your videos there are essentially five ways of measuring your video marketing endeavor. They are view count, play rate, watch rate, click-through rate and conversion rate.

  • View count is the number of times your video has been viewed
  • Play rate is the comparison of the number of people who watched your video compared to the number of people who had the opportunity to watch it
  • Watch rate measures how much of your video people actually watch. Are people hitting play, only to hit pause before they reach the meat of your content?
  • Click-through rate is the percentage of viewers who click on your video’s call to action and visit another page
  • Conversion rate measures what percentage of video viewers become your customers

Video Marketing FAQs

The following frequently asked questions may provide additional answers:

What is a video marketing strategy?

Simply put it is the blueprint that outlines what you want to achieve with marketing with videos; who you are targeting and how you will measure your success. This requires you to set goals for your video; identify target audiences; what you want to tell them; be both entertaining and engaging enough, and of course have a realistic budget.

How Much Does Video Marketing Cost?

Video marketing does not necessarily have to cost a lot. It depends on what you want to produce; the level of expertise and equipment you have in-house, and the quality of production you want. Costs can go as low as a few hundred dollars to upwards of thousands of dollars.  For example, to create a live stream Facebook video or a personal message may cost you nothing. All you need is a decent smartphone or webcam to make one.

If you are a business with a shoestring budget perhaps outsourcing some of the production work might be to your advantage. New high-end cameras, lighting equipment and other tools are often expensive to buy. You can opt to either rent or better yet hire a professional cameraperson to do the shooting and provide you with the raw footage. You can then edit your video using freeware found online or use the services of a friend or family that has editing skills.

However, you will first need to be prudent and set a budget before jumping into production. Doing so forces you to be realistic with your production and stick to your storyboard. By doing this, you also save an enormous amount of time because you don’t have to continue to grapple with second thoughts and expand the production into a huge production that is outside your budget range.

Ask if you can afford a professional videographer or editor? Do you have the money set aside for new equipment? Or are you planning to shoot the video with your smartphone? Is it the right time to do video production? Do I have to designate staff for the project?

Why is Video so Important in Marketing?

Video is a great medium for marketing because it has three great advantages. With videos, you can broadcast your message, boost your brand, increase sales and have a larger impact on your audience as a medium. The secret to videos is that it is easy to get the attention of your audience. Online marketing videos are the new word of mouth as they amplify your reach and the ability to share, like and re-post them.

Today businesses use viral marketing, marketing that is infectious to the extent that viewers will want to pass it along to their friends. Because customers pass the message or promotion along to others, viral marketing can be very inexpensive and highly impactful. The secret here is the endorsement power since the information comes from someone they know.


According to surveys 70% of marketers, video produces more conversions than any other type of content. This pays off nicely for e-commerce sellers who have found using product videos can increase sales on an online store by 144%.

Even if you don’t have an online store, including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80% and after watching a video, 64% of users are likely to buy an item online.

In regards to your online presence, video content can help provide high rankings for your website by most search engines. By some estimate’s videos are 53% times more likely to appear on the front page of a Google search than a text document. They also increase engagement as many viewers stay two more minutes longer on websites with video than those without videos. The appeal is clear, videos enable businesses to communicate their story in a way that is engaging and personal. Videos give companies a platform to talk about their business, product, or service in a way that makes the customer feel at ease.

Application wise videos can help better promote the business; showcase testimonials, and add flair to your press releases and other messaging.

Can I Still do Video Marketing if I am not a Good Photographer?

Yes, one can do video marketing as a novice and get better at it through time. However, you must be willing to learn the craft. To start with lookup tutorials for f-stop (and depth of field), ISO, shutter speed, and white balance. You can start on a project that might not require perfect photography skills to create your video. With relative ease, you can start on your path to video marketing by trying out easier projects such as live stream videos, webinars, or make videos from photographs. You will, however, need the bare minimum of a camera recorder, a video editor, and internet service to upload your videos.

Image: Depositphotos.com

Marketing campaign podcast: new-business exercise selecting up and ‘Zoom pitches’ right here to remain https://mikeruge.ca/business-consultant/marketing-campaign-podcast-new-business-exercise-selecting-up-and-zoom-pitches-right-here-to-remain/ Sat, 30 May 2020 10:38:18 +0000 https://mikeruge.ca/?p=2494 […]]]>

New-business activity is poised to pick up in the advertising industry in the coming weeks, two of the UK’s leading pitch consultants have signalled, as the country eases social-distancing requirements. 

Speaking on this week’s episode of the Campaign podcast, AAR chief executive Victoria Fox said the number of enquiries from brands had increased in “the last couple of weeks”.

Fox explained: “That is coinciding with a change in the crisis mode into a more ‘ongoing’ mode for clients and agencies… Partly because the first few weeks was ‘crisis management’ and trying to flip to working remotely and deliver products in a different way.”

After a lull over the Easter period, Fox has seen in recent weeks that “this isn’t going to be a quick flip back to whatever normality was, so you [brands] need to plan in this new sort of normal”.

Duncan Wood, managing partner at Ingenuity London, said the consultancy had seen a “healthy” number of briefs coming through during the pandemic period because it specialises in digital, social media and performance marketing briefs.

Both Fox and Wood believe that online pitch meetings are here to stay, even when the industry returns to “normal”, however, because video-based presentations are adding efficiencies and unexpected benefits into the process that should be retained.

“This is a moment in time to shake up hard costs that are sunk in pitches,” Fox said. “We’ve been talking to a number of agencies that have said: ‘When you’re not focused on having to print all this material, your’re saving trees, saving money and spending the time on the most important thing, which is thinking and answering new business challenges for clients.'” 

Wood agreed: “There’s an opportunity here to speed up certain processes… more interaction, more new-business relationships, new perspectives for clients and easier access for clients to speak to new agencies.”

One of those efficiencies is shorter pitch meetings. The average online pitch meeting is between 45 minutes and an hour, but Fox admitted that online pitches had been “exhausting” because they require more energy despite people sitting at home. 

She explained: “We’re missing that sense of feeling when you can read the room and feel things, so we have to overcompensate by leaning in and giving a lot of energy to the session and really listening harder than ever. It is exhausting, which is why shorter sessions are important.”

Zoom has been the preferred video chat option for clients to run pitch meetings, particularly because the platform’s “breakout room” option allows for more varied styles of meeting and for more people to take part. Ingenuity had previously suggested that no more than three or four people should take part in a pitch, but it now recommends as many as six if the meetings are organised well. 

Wood suggested online meetings may also encourage greater inclusivity by enabling people with more introverted personalities to shine. He said: “I’ve noticed that where agencies’ teams previously may have been nervous, or potentially individuals may have been drowned out by some more dominant figures, the video format has allowed some of these people to come into their own a little bit.” 

Other tips from the consultants for running pitch meetings over video chat:

  • Wood: “You can’t look someone in the eye over Zoom, so referring to people by name is a really good way of maintaining attention.”

  • Fox: “Use less on the charts and use less charts overall.”

This episode was recorded by No.8 and edited by Ben Londesbrough at Campaign.

Running order

2.07: How are advertising companies planning to ask staff to return to offices?
6.00: What’s in store for agency start-up New Commercial Arts 
12.45: Agencies standing up to “bullying” clients 
15.40: Fox and Wood discuss how brands are running online pitch meetings
38.09: Ads featuring the BBC, HSBC, KFC and TikTok

four issues which will form deal-making in post-COVID-19 world https://mikeruge.ca/deal-making/four-issues-which-will-form-deal-making-in-post-covid-19-world/ Sat, 30 May 2020 07:51:48 +0000 https://mikeruge.ca/?p=2490 […]]]>

It may sound churlish to discuss the outlook for mergers and acquisitions (M&As) in the post-Covid-19 world at a time when a million and counting lives and many more livelihoods are at stake as the pandemic spares no part of life, including the M&A markets leaving little room for nuance in decision-making.

But just as it is, one day, the virus threat will recede and the world has to get back to work, and life has to move on. But what the new normal will look like in the post-pandemic world is anybody’s guess.

Having said this, being an M&A professional, one thing I could say with conviction is that life is not going to be the same again in the deal street as is the case elsewhere in the post virus ravaged world as M&A professionals may no longer able to follow their tested tenets as the microbe induced disruption will change the rules of the game lock, stock, and barrel.

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For one, though historic numbers no longer hold any water in these abnormal times, it may be in order here to say that equity valuations are trending at multi-year lows with Nifty 50 tanking 29.3% and Sensex cracking 28.57% in January-March, recording the worst ever quarter since 1992.

Though the specter of a post-Covid-19 world still looks hazy, the pandemic will surely change the rule book for the M&A professionals. And these changes will depend on the answer to a question that is capital – do we see an alternative to a globalised world based on the allocative efficiency of markets mirroring the marginal cost of assets?

In my view, in the near to medium term, rising protectionism in recent times will nudge businesses to build regional sufficiency. However, in the long-term, the pivot will revert to its most optimal globalised scale and structure-guided by the opportunity cost of capital.

Global companies with operations across multiple countries will need to think local and adapt to a new world order i.e. global ownership with a local outlook.

Undoubtedly, M&A professionals will feel a wide array of modifications that business strategists and policymakers will roll out expressly in the post-virus hit world along the following parameters. They are:

(i) Nature of new measures including technologies and protocols that border control authorities to bring modifications in scale and nature for disaster response

(ii) Modifications in supply chain

(iii) Shift in types and cost of insurance; and finally

(iv) Modification of business contracts (as force majeure clause is widely evoked by businesses in the wake of disruptions triggered by the virus outbreak)

In what follows, I illustrate the upshot of these evolving scenarios through a simple example using infrastructure business as a base case.

Under normal circumstances, contractual turnkey infrastructure Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) operators are obligated for liquidated and ascertained damages.

However, a scenario similar to COVID-19 has not been foreseen, and when an unforeseen event plays out the budget of turnkey EPC operator shoots up by 5% or more of the overall cost towards contingencies.

However, post-COVID-19 these estimates will no longer hold ground. Neither will the existing contractual structures serve the purpose, nor will the existing insurance products cover the business requirements considering the idle cost hit that firms have to take.

Therefore, M&A practitioners will need to re-tool themselves to understand the changes in their functional templates in the post-COVID-19 world. They will also have to take cognizance of how these changes impact their costs, de-risk operations, enhance sustainability, and eventually how these factors could be priced in the valuation matrix.

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Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) frameworks will come under enhanced scrutiny and are expected to be integrated into core functioning. M&A professionals should be mindful of these measures and price in it appropriately in the post-Covid-19 scenario.

Investors and buyers in the near-term will be cautious and evaluate opportunities on a wider scale. It is difficult to ascertain the advantages for the investing community or for the selling community since the economic impact of the virus is yet to be gauged.

However, the pressure on pricing on an immediate basis may be experienced since investors would prefer to contain liquidity and delay decision making creating pricing pressures in the short term.

Investors may also have to wait for new policy formulations once COVID-19 is contained which will further impact pricing adversely in the short term. The long term impact on pricing and advantages will depend on the changes that current businesses will make in the post-pandemic period.

Businesses that will be able to identify and implement changes and address new risks in the post-COVID-19 world would have advantages and can expect value appreciation.

As practitioners, wider engagement with businesses is required so as to develop an understanding of how these strategic structural changes should be priced in going forward.

On balance, the shape of the post-Covid-19 economy is anybody’s guess. Beneath the multi-year underperformance despite decent business show will lead to immense value creation in several pockets, if not across the broader market.

Therefore, dealmakers should have to keep their ear to the ground to hear the resonance reverberating across sectors and segments to do deal-making differently in the post-pandemic world.

It is possible to do an over the curve performance if only they do things differently from others. That superior performance based on better risk assessment and management will separate men from the boys among the M&A practitioners as and when the post-pandemic world shapes up.

(The author is Founder & MD, Singhi Advisors)

To make your business stand out, attempt borrowing business techniques from different industries. https://mikeruge.ca/business-marketing/to-make-your-business-stand-out-attempt-borrowing-business-techniques-from-different-industries/ Fri, 29 May 2020 11:33:49 +0000 https://mikeruge.ca/?p=2486 […]]]>

All companies have trade tricks – tips and tactics that help them To attract customers, increase sales and grow their businesses. However, these solutions are known and practiced in certain industries. For example, retail companies have their secrets of success and service companies theirs.

But what if we mix it up? Are there tactics and techniques for retail that service companies can “borrow” to improve their businesses, and vice versa?

Trade Tactics

First, let's examine some of the best practices that retailers use. This blog post on Vend offers 17 tips to increase retail sales. Some are equally relevant for service companies. Let's take a closer look at some of them.

1. Hire and develop people who can provide exceptional customer service

Almost every retail professional advises retailers to employ caution to ensure that all employees are “passionate and knowledgeable” about the product mix, and have been trained to provide excellent customer service.

While service companies are likely to hire professionals who are familiar with their industry, they often overlook the customer service perspective. Regardless of whether you're an accountant or financial advisor, a graphic design company, or a concierge, even if your employees are good at what they do, if they don't work with people equally, your business could get into trouble.


As with retail employees, your employees must be trained to understand what your customers need and want and how best to deliver it to them.

2. Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Being a good corporate citizen should be part of every company's core strategy. However, it is often easier for retail companies to promote their CSR than for service companies. Try these CSR activities to let people know that your service business is serving the community.

Service companies with shop fronts that attract customers all day, such as hairdressing and nail salons, spas and gyms, can donate a portion of a day's sales or profits to charity or other charitable causes. Local schools often organize fundraisers in retail or grocery stores. Perhaps your service business could have one in your facility.

If you own a car repair company or are a consultant, accountant, financial advisor, real estate agent, lawyer, graphic or web designer, tutor, dentist, etc., find out about local events. Many have stands where you can publish free, relevant checklists without giving advice, e.g. For example, general tax tips or how to put your house up for sale, how to go green, or five books every middle school child should read. You have the idea. Make sure your logo and contact information are in the documents, and try to collect names and addresses (ask for permission to email them).

Other items from AllBusiness.com: [19454510]

If necessary, select a reason that makes sense for your business mission and promote it. Contractors, home remodelers and interior designers could work with an organization like Habitat for Humanity, for example.

]]> World Pipette Ideas Market COVID-19 Affect Evaluation And Predictive Enterprise Technique By Prime Firms (2020-2029) – 3w Market Information Reviews https://mikeruge.ca/business-consultant/world-pipette-ideas-market-covid-19-affect-evaluation-and-predictive-enterprise-technique-by-prime-firms-2020-2029-3w-market-information-reviews/ Fri, 29 May 2020 10:37:05 +0000 https://mikeruge.ca/?p=2484 […]]]>

Pipette Tips

A Prominent firm Market.us, in its recent market research report, suggests that the demographic data to its repository titled, ‘Global Pipette Tips Market Incredible Possibilities, Growth Analysis and Forecast To 2029′ prime study for a strong and effective industry outlook and business growth. Pipette Tips Market presents substantial inputs about the market size, regional trends, market share, and profit projection of this business sphere. The report also enlightens users regarding the foremost challenges and existing growth tactics implemented by the leading organizations that constitute the dynamic competitive gamut of this industry.

The Pipette Tips market study provides historical growth, analysis, development status, opportunities and major market segments that helps interested audience to understand the industry and make the strategies for their business growth accordingly. The global rising importance for Pipette Tips Market 2020 research provides a basic overview of the industry including dynamics, technological innovation and emerging trends, opportunities, drivers, growth challenges and influence factors shared in this latest report.

For More Info about New Market Channel For Pipette Tips, Get Sample Report At: https://medicalmarketreport.com/report/global-pipette-tips-market/#requestForSample

Pipette Tips Market Thriving Worldwide with Topmost Key Vendors like – Eppendorf, Mettler Toledo, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Sartorius, Biotix, Tecan, Corning, Sorensen, Sarstedt, Hamilton, Brand, Gilson, Nichiryo, Labcon, DLAB, Socorex.

Key Audience of Pipette Tips Market Report: Executives in marketing, strategic pipette tips planning, and new product development will find such discussions in our reports relevant and useful. Management advisors, investment financiers, merchants, suppliers, and governing authorities are amongst our regular clients served.

Pipette Tips Market: Regional Segment Analysis

 * North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico)

Europe (Russia, France, Germany, UK, and Italy)

Asia-Pacific (China Korea, India, Japan, and Southeast Asia)

South America (Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, etc)

The Middle East and Africa (Nigeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and South Africa)

Pipette Tips Market registered another year of positive growth in 2020, with the most targeted emerging consumer trends with innovation and a diversification of their products and application ranges.

Pipette Tips Market Segmentation Analysis:

Segmentation by Product Type:

Non-Filtered Pipette Tips
Filtered Pipette Tips

Segmentation by Application:

Research Institutions

The Pipette Tips Market intelligence research focuses on the market structure and various factors (positive and negative) affecting the growth of the market. The study encloses a precise evaluation of the pipette tips market, including growth rate, current scenario, and volume inflation prospects, on the basis of SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces analysis. In addition, the pipette tips market study provides reliable and authentic projections regarding technical jargon.

The Pipette Tips market report summarizes the most recent macro and micro-economic trends within the global and regional markets based on critical elements including supplies, technology, profit, capacity, price, production, and competition. The pipette tips report further provides a detailed analysis of the key business leaders and their current business environment and expected future developments within the pipette tips market.

Want a Detailed Report? Enquire Here: https://medicalmarketreport.com/report/global-pipette-tips-market/#inquiry

The Pipette Tips market study answers critical questions including:

1) What tactics are being utilized by the pipette tips market players to expand their production footprint in the region?

2) What are the threats faced by players in the global pipette tips market mutually?

3) Why the region holds the majority of share in the global pipette tips market?

4) Why segment has the largest consumption in the region?

5) Which industries remain the leading consumers of the pipette tips market across the globe?

 What our report offers:

1. Market share assessments for the regional and country-level segments

2. Market share analysis of the top industry players

3. Strategic recommendations for the new entrants

4. Market forecasts for a minimum of 9 years of all the mentioned segments, sub-segments, and the regional markets

5. Market Trends (Drivers, Constraints, Opportunities, Threats, Challenges, Investment Opportunities, and recommendations)

6. Strategic recommendations in key business segments based on the market estimations

7. Competitive landscaping mapping the key common trends

8. Company profiling with detailed strategies, financials, and recent developments

9. Supply chain trends mapping the latest technological advancements

To Download TOC Data of Pipette Tips Market @ https://medicalmarketreport.com/report/global-pipette-tips-market/#toc

Thanks for reading pipette tips article; we can also provide individual chapter wise or region wise section report version like North America, Europe or Asia, Latin America Middle East & Africa according to your requirement.

Why Go For Market.us Research? 

Market.US specializes in in-depth market research and analysis and has been proving its mettle as a consulting and customized market research company, apart from being a much sought-after syndicated market research report providing firm. Market.US provides customization to suit any specific or unique requirement and tailor-makes reports as per request. We go beyond boundaries to take analytics, analysis, study, and outlook to newer heights and broader horizons. We offer tactical and strategic support, which enables our esteemed clients to make well-informed business decisions and chart out future plans and attain success every single time. Besides analysis and scenarios, we provide insights into global, regional, and country-level information and data, to ensure nothing remains hidden in any target market. Our team of tried and tested individuals continue to break barriers in the field of market research as we forge forward with a new and ever-expanding focus on emerging markets.

Get in Touch with Us : 

Mr. Benni Johnson

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Address: 420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 300 New York City, NY 10170, United States

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URA boss Akol ideas ladies on how they will reach business https://mikeruge.ca/deal-making/ura-boss-akol-ideas-ladies-on-how-they-will-reach-business/ Fri, 29 May 2020 07:50:57 +0000 https://mikeruge.ca/?p=2480 […]]]>

Uganda Revenue Authority Commissioner General Doris Akol has advised women to venture into mobile businesses and child-oriented businesses arguing that they are the most trending and lucrative businesses that can easily benefit women without too much hassle.

Akol, who was addressing the Annual Women Conference 2020 at Hotel Africana this morning under the theme  “An equal world is an enabled world.” Celebrating 25 years of constitutionalism scores in gender equality and women empowerment, said women must take their businesses from in-house to on-wheels and start travelling to their customers.

“There are several benefits associated with running a mobile business and conducting services from anywhere. Not only does it increase your opportunity to earn revenue from different places, but it also enables you to work on your own terms.

“With an increase in online ordering and service delivery, becoming a “business on wheels” will enable you to better serve your current and potential customers. Profitable mobile businesses include food delivery, Ice cream trucks, repair services,” Akol advised women in their annual conference.

She said with a fertility rate of 5.54, Uganda has a 49% proportion of the population comprising children under 15 years arguing that child-oriented businesses are guaranteed to see a profit.

“These include; postnatal mother care, childminders, childcare organizations and entertainment services for kids. Depending on your skillset and business goals, you can start a childminding home, Kids Park, or new mothers nursing home to earn money,” said Akol before adding that “A positive attitude enables you to face every challenge with passion. Secondly, do not allow yourself to get contented with yesterday’s success, comfort and growth should not co-exist. So throw away that blanket and step into the new day with new energies, purpose and passion.”

Akol also mentioned bottlenecks to women’s success and solutions as cultural hurdles, competition against each other vs. networking, doubting Thomases, male-dominated careers among others.

“Most of our cultures look down on women and up to the men perceiving women as perpetually dependent on men. These create unconscious bias.

“The inhibitions that societies preach to us are manmade, God made us all in his image. We are far much stronger than what we have been perceived to be.

“So let us jump above such hurdles and pursue our dreams. The power is in forming close and meaningful connections with one another. The baganda say “agaali awamu…geegaluma enyama”, said Akol.

She said there is sometimes a negative voice distracting women from moving forward, which makes them think less of themselves and often times creates fear.

“The best way to deal with the doubts is by equipping yourself with knowledge. Read and research widely, once you become knowledgeable, trust that knowledge and confidently express yourself when challenged. “You need to work through the moments of self-doubt and not wait for perfection before starting a business or taking on a big promotion.

“Be mindful of the fact that the road to success is paved with losses, mishaps and mistakes, but it still can lead to where you want to go. Take that step, however small, move forward and don’t give up. Believe in your strengths and be very optimistic.”

Hemp-Centered Joint Enterprise Types – HAPPI https://mikeruge.ca/joint-venture/hemp-centered-joint-enterprise-types-happi/ Thu, 28 May 2020 17:09:22 +0000 https://mikeruge.ca/?p=2476 […]]]> Robertet and Klersun, strategic global partners in hemp oil extraction, formulating and sales, have agreed to a joint venture with Alponics, a Swiss based CBD/hemp production company, to expand cultivation and processing of hemp oil extracts for the Swiss market.
The venture combines Alponics’ infrastructure, Klersun’s capability in hemp cultivation, extraction and science and Robertet’s natural ingredients and market expertise.
“By vertically integrating in Switzerland with Robertet and Klersun, we will be able to provide the highest level of traceability and transparency to the Swiss customers of food & beverage, nutrition, supplement, cosmetics and pharma, who want to use CBD and hemp extract solutions in consumer products,” said Alan James Chaytor, Alponics.
Hemp extracts, in particular CBD, have emerged quickly on the global market as a beneficial functional ingredient to general health and wellness. A diverse range of products, from topicals, food, beverages and supplements have been launched in recent years.
“While there is much more research that needs to take place in order for the hard science to catch up with the consumer enthusiasm and demand, we are excited to lead in both this research and providing our customers with the safest and most effective hemp extracts to use in their products,” commented Olivier Maubert, Robertet.