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URA boss Akol ideas ladies on how they will reach business

Uganda Revenue Authority Commissioner General Doris Akol has advised women to venture into mobile businesses and child-oriented businesses arguing that they are the most trending and lucrative businesses that can easily benefit women without too much hassle.

Akol, who was addressing the Annual Women Conference 2020 at Hotel Africana this morning under the theme  “An equal world is an enabled world.” Celebrating 25 years of constitutionalism scores in gender equality and women empowerment, said women must take their businesses from in-house to on-wheels and start travelling to their customers.

“There are several benefits associated with running a mobile business and conducting services from anywhere. Not only does it increase your opportunity to earn revenue from different places, but it also enables you to work on your own terms.

“With an increase in online ordering and service delivery, becoming a “business on wheels” will enable you to better serve your current and potential customers. Profitable mobile businesses include food delivery, Ice cream trucks, repair services,” Akol advised women in their annual conference.

She said with a fertility rate of 5.54, Uganda has a 49% proportion of the population comprising children under 15 years arguing that child-oriented businesses are guaranteed to see a profit.

“These include; postnatal mother care, childminders, childcare organizations and entertainment services for kids. Depending on your skillset and business goals, you can start a childminding home, Kids Park, or new mothers nursing home to earn money,” said Akol before adding that “A positive attitude enables you to face every challenge with passion. Secondly, do not allow yourself to get contented with yesterday’s success, comfort and growth should not co-exist. So throw away that blanket and step into the new day with new energies, purpose and passion.”

Akol also mentioned bottlenecks to women’s success and solutions as cultural hurdles, competition against each other vs. networking, doubting Thomases, male-dominated careers among others.

“Most of our cultures look down on women and up to the men perceiving women as perpetually dependent on men. These create unconscious bias.

“The inhibitions that societies preach to us are manmade, God made us all in his image. We are far much stronger than what we have been perceived to be.

“So let us jump above such hurdles and pursue our dreams. The power is in forming close and meaningful connections with one another. The baganda say “agaali awamu…geegaluma enyama”, said Akol.

She said there is sometimes a negative voice distracting women from moving forward, which makes them think less of themselves and often times creates fear.

“The best way to deal with the doubts is by equipping yourself with knowledge. Read and research widely, once you become knowledgeable, trust that knowledge and confidently express yourself when challenged. “You need to work through the moments of self-doubt and not wait for perfection before starting a business or taking on a big promotion.

“Be mindful of the fact that the road to success is paved with losses, mishaps and mistakes, but it still can lead to where you want to go. Take that step, however small, move forward and don’t give up. Believe in your strengths and be very optimistic.”

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