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Deal-making at Chrysler

1987: Chrysler buys American Motors, primarily from Renault, for $1.5 billion, gaining its profitable Jeep brand, assembly plants and ties to 1,400 dealers.

1988: Chrysler and Mitsubishi begin Diamond-Star Motors, a joint venture factory in Normal, Ill.

1989: Chrysler sells Gulfstream to buyout firm Forstmann Little & Co. for $850 million.

1991: Chrysler sells its half of Diamond-Star to Mitsubishi.

1993: Chrysler sells remaining Mitsubishi stock.

1998: Daimler-Benz acquires Chrysler for $36 billion in largest acquisition of a U.S. company by a foreign buyer at that time.

2000: DaimlerChrysler acquires one-third of Mitsubishi Motors Corp.

2005: DaimlerChrysler sells its remaining Mitsubishi stock.

2007: Daimler sells Chrysler to Cerberus Capital Management for $7.4 billion.

2008: Chrysler and General Motors seek federal assistance to avoid bankruptcy. Congress balks, but the George W. Bush administration provides funding to keep automakers solvent until Barack Obama’s inauguration.

April 2009: Chrysler enters Chapter 11 bankruptcy to reorganize with the U.S. government’s financial backing.

June 2009: Chrysler emerges from bankruptcy, controlled by Fiat, with a UAW-administered Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association as its biggest shareholder.

2014: Fiat acquires Chrysler’s remaining shares, combining companies into FCA.

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