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What You Ought to Not Do When Sending Enterprise Playing cards

Holiday greeting cards for business customers, partners, and anyone else who has supported your business year-round can help you show your appreciation and make your business stand out in people's minds. However, many companies tend to make mistakes that can ruin the positive effects of their holiday greetings.

Make sure that exchanging Christmas cards works for your business, not against it. Here are some tips for sending business cards.

Sending business cards

Do not wait until the last minute

Delayed sending of Christmas cards can make your business look a bit unprofessional. Avoid delays when buying or sending your holiday greetings. Plan in advance. Create a schedule with all the holiday tasks you need to do to keep you from falling behind. You may also get a better deal if you buy your business vacation cards when you do so at the beginning of the year.

Do not Misspell Names

Anything that can effect a heartfelt holiday message will be canceled if you can not even spell the recipient's name properly. Avoid major missteps by checking the names and otherwise using the spell checker.

Do not send her to the wrong place

For partners and B2B customers to whom you send holiday cards, it is usually best to send them to their business address, not to their home. Check these addresses again and ask if you do not have them or are not sure. You do not want someone to be missed because you had the wrong information.

Do not forget support staff

Many of the customers to whom you send business travel cards are likely to have assistants or receptionists. If there's one of those people you interact with on a regular basis, send him a card as well. You'll probably deal with the card you send to your boss so they do not feel left out.

Do not specify sales pitch

The holidays are no time for exaggerated sales. A simple welcome and heartfelt message is enough to let customers know how much they mean to your business, and to keep you up to date on the next request for your product or service. Do not confuse the message by trying to sell something in your Christmas cards for business customers.

Do not use impersonal holiday greetings.

It's okay to keep your business holiday cards relatively common. However, you should not feel very general and impersonal. Add a message that is relevant to everyone on your list, make sure the name and business of the person are included, and check all the details to make sure nothing is completely irrelevant in the card.

Do not miss the value of a handwritten card

A handwritten message can look much more personal and special than something printed. You may not be able to post each message by hand. But you should at least try to sign them so that the recipients know that you have really taken the time to personalize each message.

Do not send generic greeting cards

Your Christmas cards give your business the opportunity to really stand out in the minds of your customers. You will not achieve the desired goal if your cards look like everyone else's. Instead, use custom business holiday cards or something that's eye-catching and specific to your business. This helps the recipients to actually remember that you have sent them a Christmas card. And maybe they even put it out in their office.

Make no assumptions

If your list of cards does not contain a very small and accurate list of customers, you probably do not know exactly how everyone celebrates the season or not. It is best not to use overt religious symbols or messages that may make people uncomfortable, and instead use general and inclusive Christmas cards for business customers.

I do not feel like you can only send cards at Christmas.

Holiday business cards are not the only way to share greetings with customers. If you do not want to guess how people are celebrating the holidays, you should send New Year's greetings instead. You can also choose a different holiday throughout the year so that your greetings are not as competitive.


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