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To make your business stand out, attempt borrowing business techniques from different industries.

All companies have trade tricks – tips and tactics that help them To attract customers, increase sales and grow their businesses. However, these solutions are known and practiced in certain industries. For example, retail companies have their secrets of success and service companies theirs.

But what if we mix it up? Are there tactics and techniques for retail that service companies can “borrow” to improve their businesses, and vice versa?

Trade Tactics

First, let's examine some of the best practices that retailers use. This blog post on Vend offers 17 tips to increase retail sales. Some are equally relevant for service companies. Let's take a closer look at some of them.

1. Hire and develop people who can provide exceptional customer service

Almost every retail professional advises retailers to employ caution to ensure that all employees are “passionate and knowledgeable” about the product mix, and have been trained to provide excellent customer service.

While service companies are likely to hire professionals who are familiar with their industry, they often overlook the customer service perspective. Regardless of whether you're an accountant or financial advisor, a graphic design company, or a concierge, even if your employees are good at what they do, if they don't work with people equally, your business could get into trouble.


As with retail employees, your employees must be trained to understand what your customers need and want and how best to deliver it to them.

2. Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Being a good corporate citizen should be part of every company's core strategy. However, it is often easier for retail companies to promote their CSR than for service companies. Try these CSR activities to let people know that your service business is serving the community.

Service companies with shop fronts that attract customers all day, such as hairdressing and nail salons, spas and gyms, can donate a portion of a day's sales or profits to charity or other charitable causes. Local schools often organize fundraisers in retail or grocery stores. Perhaps your service business could have one in your facility.

If you own a car repair company or are a consultant, accountant, financial advisor, real estate agent, lawyer, graphic or web designer, tutor, dentist, etc., find out about local events. Many have stands where you can publish free, relevant checklists without giving advice, e.g. For example, general tax tips or how to put your house up for sale, how to go green, or five books every middle school child should read. You have the idea. Make sure your logo and contact information are in the documents, and try to collect names and addresses (ask for permission to email them).

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If necessary, select a reason that makes sense for your business mission and promote it. Contractors, home remodelers and interior designers could work with an organization like Habitat for Humanity, for example.

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