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The key of the selection of freebies that your prospects and prospects will admire

By Hannah Redmond and Ariel Redmond

Throughout his life, the average American has nine branded tote bags hidden somewhere under the sink, four cups or logo-embossed thermoses on the back of his closets, two hideous coasters with logos lost under their couches , and threw away about six key chains they received, but never asked (or wanted).

Okay, we totally invented that. But can you tell something? And if you do not believe us, the data speaks for itself.

According to the Alyce Corporate Gifting Survey, satisfaction with corporate gifts is quite low. In fact, 88% of respondents said they would exchange a giveaway for something better suited to their interests.

While not surprising, 90.5% of people do not want to receive typical loot as a gift, and 24% of people who receive brand loot also throw it straight into the bin.

But giveaways are indeed important. And when it comes to giveaways for customers or customers, 70% of respondents said that uniquely selected gifts would encourage them to continue doing business. So it's important to get it right.

Do not worry, we're here to help you. Instead of wasting your company's money by distributing another mass-produced "logoed" piece of plastic, here are some ways to pin down your giveaways this season.

Everyone loves a good topic

Gifts with unique themes are coherent and have a particularly thoughtful look. You are sure that you are talking to the recipient – just make sure the topic is relevant to your company or company.

If your company or brand is naturally suitable for a topic, then take part! Do not reinvent the wheel.

But if you can not imagine a good subject, one that is very popular and works regardless of the business and season is relaxation or a focus on "resting and recharging" because who does not want some relaxing treats and items, promoting self-care? (After all, a well-cared employee or customer is happy!)

A "cheers" theme is perfect for a festive occasion, perhaps for employees who have achieved their sales goals or are celebrating a major milestone. Celebrate with unique items such as confetti poppers and champagne-flavored sweets instead of a standard (and cheap) bottle of sparkling wine.

Greening is also an important trend right now – how can your company better show that it's environmentally conscious to give away reusable straws or beverage cups in eco-friendly packaging?

And everyone loves local objects. A "Shop Local" theme shows that you are supporting local businesses or artists in your community, and provides an excellent way to help smaller entrepreneurs find unique items that are meaningful at the same time.

Take care of your budget

It's easy to break your budget, and it's also easy to be a little too "cheap". It's important to consult an expert (or your accountant) about what your target budget should look like and then stay in it! Do not save, but do not treat yourself. Sometimes even just a beautiful gift item with a thoughtful note and a brand packaging looks fancier than a whole gift basket. Think of Goldilocks!

Add the element of surprise

By sending gifts directly to the recipient's office or home, your gift becomes even more of a pleasant and unexpected surprise that can beautify the day. At a time when we have become accustomed to instant gratification, surprises are hard to come by. Plus, everyone loves receiving snail mail and parcels, especially when it's overflowing with great, high-quality gifts!

People love personalization

If you have the opportunity to personalize the gift – possibly with a monogram, custom printed tags, or a thoughtful handwritten note – do it! It is these types of actions that impress and retain the recipient long after the gift has been given, alluding to your cherished personal relationships.

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