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The highest 7 video marketing errors to be careful for

by Sandeep Rathore

Consumers are turning to the video today to get their information. In fact, in The State of Video Marketing 2020, Wyzowl reports that 66% of people would prefer to watch a short video to learn more about a product or service, and only 18% would prefer a text-based article, website, or website would read post.

However, you shouldn't get into video marketing just because it's trendy and brings a huge return on investment. First you have to prepare. Here are seven common video marketing mistakes that your small business needs to avoid:

Mistake # 1: Your video is too long.

When you make a video, you may have an urge to pack as much punch as possible. But too much information is not good for business videos.

In today's hurried world, the shorter the video, the better the performance of the video. A video that runs for 60 to 90 seconds works best. a little longer, and people may not even see it to the end. Make sure you deliver your main message within the first 20 seconds. Cut off all irrelevant parts and get down to business quickly.

Mistake # 2: Your video ignores customer needs.

Publishing a video just to make a video is another mistake many small businesses make. Before you write the script for your video, you need to consider why you are creating the video. Research your audience, find what they're looking for, and provide that information through your video.

If the purpose of your video is to let people know about your product or service, your video should be educational and informative. If you want to get users to buy, offer them relevant comparisons and benefits. And make sure your videos are filled with testimonials and tutorials to drive the customer’s decision making process.

Mistake # 3: You ignore SEO

You can't just make a video and post it on YouTube, your website, or your social media handles and consider your work done. As an emerging small business, you need a lot of people to discover your video when they are looking for a solution that you can offer. That's why your videos should be searchable.

Do you have an SEO strategy – yes, you also need SEO for videos. Find out what the keywords are – a mix of competitive keywords and long-tail keywords – and weave them into titles, metadata, video descriptions, and everywhere else. Another SEO technique is to use interesting thumbnails to people to entice you to check out your video. The video’s ranking will improve as more people watch and like it.

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Mistake # 4: Your video is promotional – not informative.

Videos are a very effective way to connect with potential customers. However, keep in mind that people don't like to be sold to them. Instead of over-advertising, the video should guide your prospect of making an informed decision. Try to get their attention by adding value or solving a problem they face. Share a testimony, tell a story, touch on their weaknesses and let them see how beneficial your product would be for them. People will not only like your videos but will also share them with others.

Mistake # 5: Your video lacks a strong call to action.

If you don't have a powerful call-to-action (CTA), your prospects and customers wonder what to do next, and your marketing efforts will ultimately lead to nothing. If someone is curious about your product and determines that they need it, a convincing CTA can be all it takes to make a purchase decision.

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