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The brand new profit makes automation simpler for small companies

Are you looking for a CRM business automation that you can set up from a mobile device? Then Easy Automations, the new updated tool from Keap, might be for you. The ready-made and customized templates can be activated simply by pressing a button.

Small Business Trends recently spoke to Ernest Saco, Senior Product Manager and People Leader at Keap, about the new updates.

"These are easy-to-use automations that can save you time by automating repetitive tasks in just minutes," he said.

The updates cover a lot of areas that the average, time consuming business owner needs to know about. In addition, they are fast. Automation of things like scheduling takes less than three minutes.

Keap Easy Automations

These updates are also used to move leads through the sales funnel quickly with easy-to-use drop-down menus.

According to Saco, many companies understand the benefits of automation but come across a familiar roadblock.

"Most of the tools on the market today require a high level of marketing and technical know-how," said Saco.

He also said that the different jargon among competitors in space frustrates business owners.

Enter Easy Automations. They are the brainchild of Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) 's nearly 20 years of experience in automation. These updates are the result of some tweaks the company made to improve an earlier automation tool called Campaign Builder.

The updates focused on a simple automation process and metric that used to be successful.

Easy Automations Features

"We finally got to a point where we got a consistent release rate of 70%," said Saco. “This was in contrast to the 11% we got in Campaign Builder. We got people to post in half a time or a third of the time. “

Easy Automations has other big features that digitally lubricate small business workflow?

  • The updates send personalized follow-ups that can be used to acquire and purchase new leads.
  • You can also automatically generate tasks for fulfillment and sales to keep your process seamless and efficient.
  • The updates also let you request recommendations and reviews because word of mouth is still important.
  • Elevated meetings and sales are easy with automated appointment invitations. You can use these to plan and track prospects and customers.

Simple language is another advantage. There is a noticeable lack of jargon in the prompts and templates that make the process clear and easy to understand.

“We started with normal everyday language. When this happens, it happens because that's all automation really is, ”Saco said.

For example, one of the general prompts says: "If this happens (e.g. an appointment is scheduled), another follows that says" Then this will be automated. " This will bring up ready-made or customized templates from which you can choose how to send the notification.

Ultimately, these new tools are both simple and fast.

"In the past, automation was too time-consuming for small business owners," said Rajesh Bhatia, Keap's chief technology officer, in a company publication. “Easy Automations democratizes automation for the masses by removing much of the complexity. Now, more entrepreneurs have the freedom and time to focus on growing and delighting customers. This is the future of small business automation. “

The majority of the customers for these Easy Automations are service providers. Almost every company that people shop at can use this product.


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