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The best way to Flip Your Native Advertising from Blah right into a Unbelievable

Marketing is a big, vague word that either turns your head or gives you heart emoji eyes. Every company has a different relationship with marketing – and that's perfectly fine! Regardless of whether you enjoy working on and delegating marketing tasks, you should consider using your local marketing channels. Local marketing creates a strong foundation so that your local prospects can easily find you. Local marketing is fun too! In this way you can connect to your neighboring communities and get to know other local companies and potential new customers.

Local Marketing – Online

Even though the internet is a huge, big place, local marketing still has its own little corner! A good starting point is to create a Google My Business Profile (GMB) for your company. This profile is free (whoot!) And allows you to enter all of your business data – for example name, address, telephone number, opening hours, website, business description – and pictures. Your customers can also leave reviews. This is an excellent way to convince potential customers that you like!

Imagine your digital presence anew. –

Geo-targeting, also known as local targeting, is an online tool that you can use to target specific people based on their online location. If you want to find potential customers in a specific location (i.e. near you), you can add this tool to your social media plan!

When using Facebook or Twitter, organic posts and paid ads can be targeted to your target group by:

  • IP address
  • Recorded address

You can also increase the level of detail by adding more details, such as: B.:

  • Country
  • State / Province
  • City
  • Post code

The best thing about geo-targeting is that it's very easy to implement and you don't have to be an expert to use this tool.

Another online marketing tool for local businesses is directory listings. Companies can post local news on websites like Yelp, YP, Yahoo Local, and Bing. By providing information that is specific to a local search, companies can target the right audience.

In the lower area of ​​the funnel, listings with extensive local content such as images, offers or biographies cause more than three times the data traffic than those that contain only the mere geodata. –

Local Marketing – Community Events / Outlets

One of the best ways to find your local audience is through community events where companies can have a table. Many communities have countless options throughout the year, including:

  • Street fairs
  • Health / wellness / fitness events
  • Business Local Days
  • Charity Events

You can also donate items or services to contribute to an event so that attendees get a free look at your business!

A really good way to combine your online and offline efforts are local influencers and magazines. These outlets are targeted at specific local communities. Online and offline content is available in many magazines, and influencers regularly work with companies to promote goods and services that they trust and enjoy.

Local Marketing – Bring A Friend With You

It's always better together! Give your customers a reason to bring a friend with them on their next visit. You can offer discounts, e.g. B. "buy-1-get-1". Many companies offer their customers incentives to target more people by offering discounts on products or services for which they are already spending. It's also fun to bring a friend with you! People love to share their favorite places and get offers and discounts.

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