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Suggestions for Making a Emblem for an Agricultural Firm

A logo is one of the most important elements of a company's trademark. And no more than with an agricultural company.

Certain colors and images denote agriculture. By incorporating such recognizable features into a logo, it becomes immediately recognizable to the public as an agricultural business.

LogoDesign, professional logo maker, provides tips on how to create agricultural logo designs. The infographic shows the best types of logos for an agricultural company. Some of the best types of logos for agricultural businesses are:

Monogram logos

These logos combine the initials of a brand with the design of the logo.

Word mark logos

Another font logo that combines the brand name with a distinctive font.

Iconic Logos

Iconic Logos use real objects that can easily be recognized as agricultural objects, e.g. a farm or a field.

Abstract logos

These graphically guided logos represent a concept that is embodied in agriculture.

Mascot logos

These logos use a mascot, animal or person – real or fictional – to represent the brand.

Combination characters

Combination brand logos are a combination of words and images that use both a monogram and a word mark to represent a farming business.

Choosing the right font

Different fonts indicate different messages. The selection of the font for a logo is important in creating the right image and message for any business, including a farming company.

For example, if a farming company is trying to use a serious, formal tone to build trust and authority, they want it Serifs are a traditional, classic typeface that conveys an authoritative and formal brand message.

In contrast, sans-serif is inf ormeller and creates a modern, fun and creative feel that might be more suitable for newer businesses.

Think of the color

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To be one with nature, Agriculture is an inherently colorful industry. Therefore, logo color choice is important and important. Green is one obvious choice for a logo for an agricultural company that denotes the environment and an aura of vitality.

Brown is another “safe” agricultural color that is recognizable as “one” with nature. Psychologically, brown gives also reliability and authenticity.

Logos for organic farms

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Organic is a catchphrase in agriculture. For agricultural businesses that pride themselves on being organic, they might want to receive this message Organicity can be achieved by making green the dominant color of the logo. The logo could show a connection to nature through the choice of imagery. The logo could also include company achievements or certifications to prove that it offers organic farming.

Perhaps you want to “think outside the box” and create a logo that doesn't correspond to traditional viticulture branding. In either case, your logo should reflect the brand, personality, message and mission of your agricultural company.


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