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Skilled Tricks to Assist Small Companies Maximize Retail Gross sales In the course of the Holidays

 Christmas Shopping Sales Scene

Black Friday, Cyber -Monday – every sale, really – should be an opportunity to increase sales. Whether you started planning the big Christmas sales over the summer or haven't done anything, there is still time to generate additional income by trading now.

Before you start, think seriously about what you are offering. Poorly designed offers can damage your brand by really annoying your potential buyers.

Always protect your brand first

This is a time when you don't want to copy what the corporate businesses are doing. USAToday, in its recent article, "4 Black Friday Facts Retailers You Shouldn't Know," lists tactics to avoid.

All of this is common in large corporate stores on Black Friday weekend and is definitely a bad idea if you want your customers to love you:

  1. There are only a few doorbuster deals.
  2. Discounts are often inflated.
  3. Price adjustments can be excluded.
  4. The small print is everywhere.

Buyers will likely understand these tricks sooner than later. With Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday near, it might be too late to find your own version of a doorbuster. And you probably won't get 70% discounts.

However, there are examples of small businesses that offer typical discounts and sometimes only regular prices, but still benefit from participating in these big sales days. Even if you're not interested in this, read on as these retail strategies can be implemented year round.

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<p> Contact package delivery companies in countries you ship to and ask to be featured on their websites and in their Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday promotions. You already have a target audience that you want to reach. </p>
<p> For example, if you ship to the UK, develop a relationship with MyUKMailbox and get added to the UK's best 2017 Black Friday deals. Look for "package delivery company" + the country you are interested in more of them. </p>
<p> Also look out for location-specific post titles for sales events. Many websites are willing to add you to existing content if it benefits their readers. </p>
<p> Check out this slide show presentation <strong> "7 Best Black Friday Marketing Ideas" </strong> by <strong> Beeketing. </strong> </p>
<h2> Expand your customer base internationally </h2>
<p> 80% of the small businesses sold worldwide saw an increase in sales in 2016. Companies in smaller countries can increase their target group by expanding into other countries. To keep it simple, use these tips to sell on eBay or Amazon. </p>
<p> Shipping internationally can get complicated quickly. Focus on one country at a time. Or, skip the complexities altogether by educating your customers about methods for international purchasing. </p>
<p> For example, there are companies that provide shipping addresses that buyers from other countries can use to order. They allow shoppers to shop anywhere they ship to a specific country and to bundle their packages and forward them to them. Do your due diligence as there are way too many freight forwarding services out there to mention in this post. </p>
<p> Parcel forwarding is mainly used by non-US buyers who are served by far fewer e-commerce stores. Most small online stores in the US only ship within the country. But they keep expanding so always check their websites for country information first. </p>
<p> Make sure the countries you are shipping to are listed on your shipping information page. If you're only selling in one country, put that aside. The internet is worldwide, and even if they aren't your buyers, making this information obvious and easy to find will save everyone's time. </p>
<h2> Successfully promoting without discounts </h2>
<p> Kurt Elster from the Shopify Podcast explains in the following video how to advertise successfully during the holidays without discounts. You don't have to use Shopify to benefit from its tips. </p>
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[Shopify] Your Money Making Email Marketing Plan For Black Friday

Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday – basically any sale – should be an opportunity to increase sales. Whether you started planning the big Christmas sales over the summer or haven't done anything, there is still time to generate additional income by trading now. Seriously think about what you are offering.

He focuses on email, the first strategy to be implemented. Even people who normally ignore or delete most emails during other times of the year are likely to open email messages when they shop on vacation.

Keep in mind that both organic and paid transport can be harder and more expensive to come by during the holidays. So start with a method you've already set up to reach existing customers. Bring your target products to a custom page and send that page to your customers via email and social media.

When you send an email, suggest that customers follow you on social accounts. When you post to social accounts, encourage them to sign up to receive special offers via email. Note that using an email subscription tab on Facebook for this will work better than sending people from Facebook to your website to subscribe.

Find a creative way to get stocks and interest and put it on your Facebook page. Threads asking others to share their own stories can improve interaction. Asking followers to post photos or videos works even better. People are more likely to share what they have contributed, which can help spread your offerings.

What can you see after the season?

Check out your store to see what sold well around this time last year and throughout the holiday season. Sort by the highest dollar value and then by quantities sold. These are the products or services that you want to advertise. So put them out in a list. (Get in the habit of doing this year round for impressive sales increases.)

Check your inventory or contact your supplier to make sure there are products available that you want to offer. They may even ask for a special price on featured items based on the amount you could sell. Make a business model for increasing sales volume by offering a better discount (if possible).

See the picture below about what sells well for impulse buyers:

 Statista Black Friday Impulse buys "width =" 700 "height =" 499  Statista Black Friday Impulse buys "width =" 700 "height =" 499 "data - /> Source: https: //[19459003weiblNundayou havedecided about the pricing of the products, although strong discounts are advertised, this doesn’t mean that reduced-price items will be sold.Concentrate on you, you will most likely choose to buy5 more products, you will be able to concentrate on the 9th you will buy5 again, if you have chosen to make it up to you19.

<h2> Bargain CPC PPC (cost-per-click) ads in the week before Thanksgiving </h2>
<p> According to HYFN's Holiday CPC Research, “The week before Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday had the second lowest CPC of any observed week. This could be because advertisers withhold their ads for up to a day or two before the actual shopping break, resulting in a dead week as advertisers save their spending for the big days. "</p>
<p> While many small businesses are unable to compete with the high cost-per-click of ads that run on Thanksgiving and after, they may have the opportunity to get some new customers this week if they act now . Make sure you optimize your website to get their email address and encourage them to connect with you on Facebook and elsewhere. </p>
<h2> Find free opportunities to be introduced </h2>
<p> Everyone and their brother will post Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deal pages, emails, and social posts. Do your research to find the ones that are highly visible or ranked when searched that is particularly relevant to your offer. </p>
<p> Contact relevant sales publishers and ask to be added to their lists and pages. (Do the same for other holidays and seasonal occasions.) </p>
<h2> On-site optimization to increase conversions </h2>
<p> There are many ways to increase conversions on your website. Here is a list of tips from this video: </p>
<li> Use a promo or hello bar at the top and change the messages regularly. </li>
<li> Create collections of gift ideas under a certain dollar amount. Your ecommerce platform may have a smart collection option that can automate sorting by price range, stock levels, and best sellers. </li>
<li> Create or create banners with gift guides to link to your collections of gift ideas. </li>
<li> Add more payment methods, especially mobile-friendly methods: ApplePay, PayPal, Amazon. </li>
<li> Optimize speed, including uninstalling services that may not handle increased traffic and image compression. </li>
<p> <strong> RELATED: Do Customers Secretly Hate Your Ecommerce Website? </strong> </p>
<p> It is important to know where you are shipping to and what it costs. In almost every survey, shipping costs are the main complaint from online shoppers. If possible, offer free shipping for a minimum purchase of 50, 75, or a number that makes financial sense for you. (You can exclude particularly heavy products, but make sure that this is stated on the product page.) </p>
<p> Including icons for the payment methods you accept increases sales and is appreciated by buyers who don't use credit cards (or just don't have them on hand). You don't want to force a customer to go through the entire ordering process only to find out that you don't accept PayPal or the form of payment they are using. </p>
<p><img decoding=  Statista Thanksgiving Weekend Ecommerce Summary "width =" 700 "height =" 499 " data - /> Source:[19459005weiblMachenSieIhreBuererAngry?</h2>
<p> Listen for feedback on your discounts and specials. Creating a sense of urgency is a common way to increase conversions. However, keeping the purchase window short enough for interested customers to miss it will not have the desired effect. </p>
<p> You want to make sales without pissing off your buyers enough to voice their complaints online. Frustrate them enough and they may even stop buying from you. Think about how offers will affect people's opinion of your brand. </p>
<p> I find eBay specials extremely frustrating. You send messages way too often and by the time I see the offers they have expired. If you send messages too often, these messages will be ignored or left for a later, infrequent message. </p>
<p> One online pet store I visit has a large 30% discount banner on their home page. But this deal never goes to pet food which is why I visit their website. After hours of trying to find the perfect dog food, the discount won't apply until you've checked it out. This is what makes a website memorable – in a negative way. Vary your offers to keep buyers interested. </p>
<h2> Be careful, your business does not torpedo your profits. </h2>
<p> I recently bought a shirt on eBay. The seller carefully included a $ 10 coupon for my next purchase. This is a great way to increase repeat sales. However, they didn't limit the coupon to just the price of the product and not shipping, nor did they require a minimum purchase. </p>
<p> For the bottom line, this means that they not only give away products for free, but also pay for shipping out of their profits. Perhaps this is a strategy that works for them because they either want to generate loyalty or buyers rarely spend exactly $ 10 on their second order. </p>
<p> In my case, when I received a free product with free shipping, it also came with another $ 10 coupon. Hopefully you can see where I'm going with this. Your customers could just keep getting free products as long as they keep sending out $ 10 coupons. </p>
<p> The only way this could make sense would be if customers were so excited about getting totally free products that they decided to place larger orders as soon as they knew the products would arrive immediately as described. </p>
<p> Require a minimum purchase to use coupons and other special offers to avoid this problem and increase your average sales. It is more typical that no vouchers apply to shipping costs. </p>
<h2> Avoidance of legal problems in connection with deal offers </h2>
<p> Do you remember the small print mentioned at the beginning? It's there to protect sellers. Sales banners and advertisements are often limited in space, so it is important that restrictions and fine print are available where buyers can find them. </p>
<p> Put an asterisk next to the offer and explain the restrictions somewhere on the same page. Otherwise, you risk more than just pissing off your customers. They could even sue you. Never make a public offer without information about the protection of yourself. For example, think of "while supplies last". </p>
<p> This advice also applies to oral commitments. Make sure to train everyone who marshals your chat or answers your phones not to make promises about what you can't deliver. Contrary to popular belief, "a contract doesn't have to be in writing to be enforceable," explains lawyer John Artimez. Also, if you choose to expand globally, make sure that all of your legal bases are covered. </p>
<p> <strong> RELATED: 10 Steps to Successfully Expanding Your Business Overseas </strong> </p>
<h2> Advance planning for future vacation periods </h2>
<p> Now that you have some strategies for increasing your income from seasonal sales, plan ahead. Build more connections with your customers over the course of the year. Start your Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday in midsummer. </p>
<p><img decoding=  Forget Black Friday - most holiday shopping takes place in DECEMBER! "Width =" 700 "height =" 499 "data - /> Source: https: / /[19459003femaleYou can even think about one or two of your own doorbuster products for the next yearYou could stop with a direct mail order company for the last season of 9 months when you have been working for a short period of time for the last season5.One day you can do it for a short time.

<h2> Stop procrastinating – take action now to increase income </h2>
<p> No matter how busy you are, there is no time to lose. Send your email subscribers at least one offer. Not sure what to send? Read HubSpot's "What Are Your Email Marketing Plans For The Holidays?" </p>
<p> So many companies see 10, 20, or even 30% + growths with every email they send, but don't use their mailing lists consistently. If nothing else, at least do this. Better still, download the 10 Marketing Must-Dos Before Cyber ​​Monday guide and checklist. </p>
<p><img decoding=  10 Must be before Cyber ​​Monday Hubspot checklist "width =" 700 "height =" 534 " -Data - /> Source:[19459003[19459011‹RELATED:The12DaysofChristmasRetail</strong> </p>
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