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Proper begin to the brand new yr: New gross sales concepts for this quarter

Have you made any resolutions for the new year this year? If you haven't, why not consider a few new approaches to your sale instead of finding a solution? Here are a few sales ideas to consider so you can start the year off right.

New sales idea No. 1: Take more credit for your work (especially if you are female)

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal found that "clinical articles in which a male first or last author is involved are more likely to show positive results in titles and abstracts than articles in which both the first and last the last author were women. "As a result, the studies written by men received about 10% more citations than the studies written by women.

Did you know that quotes are used for hiring and promotion decisions? Women scientists do not promote themselves like men and suffer from it.

I would imagine that business and sales are no different from the medical arena, where men also make more general demands on their work and women do it less frequently.

However, there is a very obvious area in which I notice a discrepancy between men and women who take credit: when they receive compliments. I've observed that women tend to minimize the compliments they get. They will say "it is nothing" or "no problem".

Ladies: You work as hard as men. Please confirm compliments with a "Thank you for noticing" or "It was a pleasure". By kindly accepting the compliment, you strengthen the compliment by acknowledging that you have done something special. Declining a compliment hurts because you deny what the speaker says. Do not do that!

New sales idea # 2: Be less negative

I think it is much easier to criticize than to be complementary. Isn't it easier to see what's going wrong than seeing everything that's going right? Part of what you sell is your attitude. Who would prefer to buy from a plaintive, negative know-it-all? Think about how others perceive you, even if this is an extreme description. Are you known for your positive attitude? Or are you known for your Debbie Downer personality?

Why not hold your tongue instead of complaining this year? Remember that criticism is a complaint, whether you perceive it or not. Catch yourself when you just have to contribute something negative. And even when you start criticizing, it's not too late to retreat. You can stop with "Oh, don't care".

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I'm not saying to ignore all mistakes. I say you have to think about changing your mindset when all of your comments are about small, insignificant things that only you have noticed that need improvement.

New Sales Idea # 3: Help Your Customers Understand Why

I will never forget a sales call I made to a newly hired salesperson. The customer was involved in the sales pitch and I thought the seller did a good job answering questions. But there were a few questions from the customer that made me curious about why he was asking them. At this point my colleague should have asked non-dangerously why the customer asked these specific questions, but he did not. However, this was not his biggest mistake.

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