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Newbie's Information to Defending Your On-line Enterprise Name

By Keith Kakadia

With the Internet playing such an important role in the current marketing era, protecting your online reputation is more important than ever. Even if you don't have a social presence, it doesn't mean that people don't talk. And when people talk, rest assured, the word spreads.

What is the word about your company and who hears it?

It is time to seriously consider the reputation of your online business and determine the direction in which the conversation about your brand is taking place.

Don't pretend that people don't talk.

Believe me – they are. If you stick your head in the sand, you will have thousands of unhappy customers and this is a good reason to remove your public pages. Ignoring the problem only gives him permission to blow up. And after the explosion, it will be much more difficult for your biggest fans to maintain a good reputation.

Instead of pretending that certain conversations are not taking place, you should react to the negative and positive reviews and do your best to limit the damage. It's easier said than done on social media, but the sooner you take care of the problem, the less it will spread. Remember that.

Rate the reputation of your online business: what's new?

Social listening is an incredibly effective way to find out what is being said about and about your brand. There are tools you can use to support this aspect of the brand reputation process. So don't be discouraged if you're not familiar with the idea of ​​social listening.

Monitoring your own social media is a great way to keep track of both positive and negative conversations about your brand, and is where you can intervene if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints.

If you haven't done this recently, enter your brand name on Google and see what's coming. It is possible that you can spread any negative comments you see. It also gives you an insight into what people see when they google you after the first introductions.

You also want to do this frequently – maybe once or twice a month – to keep up with the ever-changing search results. If the best results are negative feedback about your brand, you have problems and want to act quickly.

The Truth About Bad Advertising

By now we have probably all of P.T. Barnum: "There is no such thing as bad advertising." In truth, however, this is rarely the case – especially when introducing social media into our everyday lives.

Let me introduce the concept of a call bomb. These can be negative reviews, hate websites, and even negative media reports. This type of thing is not easy to handle and can cause major problems as it appears in the Google results due to the more positive information.

And the worst? There is no way to get rid of it. Why? Just read Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Everyone has the right to freedom of speech and expression; this right includes the freedom to express opinions without interference and to seek, receive and pass on information and ideas across all media and regardless of borders. "

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