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New device searches buyer evaluations for phrases that assist shoppers attain your model on-line

Revuze has introduced a new tool that companies can use to map and analyze customer testimonials to strengthen their brand image. The tool uses artificial intelligence (AI), which automates semantic text analysis. It segments the data by relevance to better inform business decisions about products and brands.

Revuze Customer Insights

This tool enables companies to optimize their news on their websites and digital publicity campaigns by aligning content with the language and perception of customers. The solution works across industries and helps companies gain valuable insights into the user experience and customer satisfaction.

At the base level, these insights help you identify effective marketing content, increase sales and earnings, and improve brand loyalty. At a higher level, it helps you make product improvements. Identify customer pain points; improve your search engine rankings; and overall improve your return on investments (ROI) through a better customer experience.

Previously, marketers used keyword research tools that were not entirely reliable and led to suspicions. With AI, marketers can intuitively localize customer insights and optimize their content for better impact. The technology offers users deep insight into the comfort of their desks. Data analysts or IT experts do not have to understand the complex data. The crushed data comes from a large number of reports that contain a breakdown of the cause and effect analysis.

A good digital experience is crucial for a successful e-commerce business. This helps ensure that customers who visit your website feel comfortable with the products they want. This is also an important milestone on the way of the customer when he researches or wants to make a purchase. Because it helps narrow down your options when you're ready to buy. For companies operating in the field of e-commerce, this will help to increase both brand awareness and user recommendations.

A closer look at the solution

Instead of offering you a broad market perspective, the Revuze solution offers companies specific insights into your brand and your products. This will help you focus on issues that matter to your business by including the context of your marketing efforts.

It offers up to 80 metrics for each of your products. By collecting data from a number of sources, including surveys, emails, call center transcripts, social media, and others. You'll also get the best positive and negative reviews to pinpoint customer awards and pain for your product. The solution also offers accuracy and automation in every language and region. This comes with a timeline feature that lets you map fluctuations in mood and customer satisfaction to find out what factors affect them over time.

The brand dashboard contains key performance indicators and a sentiment analysis that examine your brand, products, and features. It also monitors your competition at the product level. This way you can see how your product is doing against those of your competitions. Not only that, but it also offers a comparison of you and your competitors over 40 metrics.

Revuze's solution includes an individual annual subscription model that is tailored to the business needs of each customer.

The Influence of AI on Small Business Workflow

Artificial intelligence provides innovations in business processes. Through machine learning and automation, it helps even the smallest companies with tools to improve their processes and competitiveness. AI enables this further process through research, marketing, production, customer service and customer service.

Although a small percentage of small and medium-sized businesses (SBM) use AI, those who use this technology experience the benefits. You can now delegate certain tasks to the AI ​​and use its workforce to focus on high-priority creative tasks.

For example, the introduction of a technology-based accounting or back office solution makes it possible to dispense with CFOs. Studies show that 58% of SMEs use these technical accounting solutions, while a whopping 76% don't have a full-time or part-time CFO. Not only that, they also have no plans to hire one.

Simply put, AI has two main advantages: speed and accuracy. AI offers you several solutions for a number of business processes. Small businesses have the opportunity to use the technology and burden or catch up with the market with this valuable tool.


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