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In 2020, genuine marketing in business would be the key to your success

If you haven't heard it before, authenticity is the be-all and end-all for online marketers and small business owners. Regardless of whether you have a big company brand name or not, people want to know that you actually care about others and your message before you shop with them.

You probably already know how important brand loyalty and trust are. If you want to win more loyal customers and customers, authentic marketing should be a central aspect of your sales strategy in the coming year. Check out these ways to make your business more authentic in 2020.

Consult customers to see where they are.

The good old traditional customer survey will probably never die. Interviewing your customers is critical as this is the best way to determine what they want and to preview some of the situations they are in.

In addition, many people are still willing to take surveys as long as they get to the point quickly. You can even offer a little incentive like a voucher or giveaway to anyone who submits an honest survey.

In this survey, be sure to ask how users prefer your content to be informed about new products and services. Also ask what types of messages you want to see and why. These answers will give you a good sense of how to market your business more authentically to get the best results.

Mention of errors and setbacks

When marketing a product or service, you should mention failures and setbacks if they apply. Most people only focus on the benefits that are good to know, but not always 100% authentic. If you've improved your product over time, be sure to mention this route.

If you had to learn something the hard way and your hands-on service helps to avoid this for customers, touch that journey so others can connect.

Include incoming case study reports

People love to see reviews and in-depth case studies. Consumers find comfort when they know that someone else has tried and benefited from the product or service.

Make sure your website has honest and thorough reviews, and even add some video testimonials for a more authentic experience.

Addressing influencing factors

The power of influencer marketing is growing steadily. Influencers are people who have found a following and an audience who trust their recommendation. You can get in touch with the right influencer who can test your product or service and express your honest opinion on social media.

You can even partner with the influencer and provide them with a discount code to share with their followers. Influencer marketing is a great way to reach a new audience. In addition, the influencer often sets out a creative method to promote the product to its followers, so you can rely on their expertise in this area.


As you can see, there are some unique ways to market your business more authentically, especially in the New Year. The bottom line is that people want to see and feel the real you, that your intentions are pure. If you demonstrate that you give priority to others and help them solve a problem, you will gain more loyal followers and customers.

Think about this tactic when planning your next marketing strategy and make your own adjustments that reflect your company's tone and mission.

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