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How you can create an unforgettable unboxing expertise to your clients

If you search for "Unboxing" on YouTube, you will get around 90 million results. Unboxing is one thing, and this in turn has made packaging your second product. Consumers now see an unforgettable unboxing experience as valuable.

Would you like to offer your products a great unboxing experience? A new 2Flow infographic entitled "How to Create an Unboxing Experience Unforgettable" tries to answer how you can do this.

For small businesses with online trading, this is a great way to really differentiate your brand from the drab brown boxes of some huge online retailers. This is because the box you send to your customers is the first point of contact. And if you do it right, it can be a strong selling point for regular customers. Until then, don't forget to be creative with your packaging.

What is an unboxing experience?

A new product is being recorded on social media that is currently being opened. One of the reasons why millions of people watch YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook videos is because they are learning about the product. If the packaging is exceptional, it is always mentioned by the influencers who unpack the product.

You are largely responsible for making this trend very popular.

Beyond social media, the infographic states that the purpose of branded packaging is to "add value to your customers and your business by creating an unforgettable and shared experience."

As an online retailer, you must make the first point of contact with your customers an unforgettable point.

E-Commerce and Unboxing

Consumer expectations are higher than ever. The more people watch unboxing videos, the more they appreciate the value of high-quality packaging. This does not mean that the drab brown box has no place in e-commerce. After all, Amazon has made a name for itself with these boxes. And customers don't expect much from this experience.

For brands that want to differentiate themselves, the unboxing experience is of great importance. And it makes a return on investment long after opening the package. In general, customers will not throw away the boxes and depending on where they are, they will continue to market your brand.

Quality brand packaging

The quality of packaging says a lot about a brand. First of all, it gives a good first impression. And this feeling increases the impression of the product that is contained in the packaging. Hopefully it's as good or better.

Good packaging is also a great marketing tool. You add value to your customers by giving them something they didn't expect. The infographic also states that 52% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases if they receive premium packaging from an online retailer. And this good experience leads to increased recommendations.

These customers recommend their experiences to their friends and family, usually through social media. And since 4 out of 10 consumers share the picture of a delivery, this makes a significant contribution to increasing the visibility of the brand.

If you want to offer this great experience, start with branded boxes, unique packaging, and a thoughtful product presentation. You can complete with free samples of your other products. If it is not possible to offer a sample, you can offer a discount for the next purchase or a generic item that may go well with the product. In addition, you can convey an individual feeling to your customer.

All of this together will make up a story that your customers will remember. And creating a story or telling your story through your packaging is a sure way to make it more memorable.

Creating a story

What exactly do you do by offering an experience that your customer will remember when the Unbox delivers its delivery? You create a story. The quote from Jonathan Ive, Apple's chief designing officer, says it all in the infographic.

I continued: “Steve (Jobs) and I spend a lot of time packing… I love unpacking something. They design an unpacking ritual so that the product feels special. Packaging can be theater; it can create a story. "

For more information, see the infographic below.

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