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How lengthy ought to your weblog posts final?

When you write a blog post, you know that you should use a tone that is in line with your brand and provides enough detail to demonstrate its value to your users, but if you've ever written an article that felt too short or feared that you wrote too much, you may have considered the all-important question: how long should my article be blog post?

The question is complicated without a true answer. However, if you understand the purpose of your content, you can determine the optimal length for your posts.

Quality over Quantity

First, you should know that the quality of your content is more important than its length. For example, a high quality 300 word post will provide more total value than a 10,000 word post, which is mostly fuzzy.

Conversely, a well-written post with 10,000 words will always outperform a bad post with 300 words. Covering the right topics and setting content value should be your first priority. Only then should you worry about the length of the content.

What is the goal of your blog?

When deciding on the optimal length of the blog post, we can consider several independent goals:

  • Links and SEO – For some content marketers, the ultimate goal is to earn as many links as possible and look good for search engines. If this is your goal, your content length should provide Google with enough content to crawl and be filled with citable material for other bloggers.
  • Social Parts – For others, social parts are more important; The optimal post length attracts most of the shares on social media and ultimately ensures greater brand awareness.
  • User Intervention – You may also want to consider the length of your user interaction. Here, the optimal length is one that encourages your users to stay on a page as long as possible, or one that promotes more conversions.
  • Brand Awareness – Finally, you can adjust your post length to improve your brand awareness, focusing on user value or journalistic integrity rather than any other goal.

You may have one of these goals as a top priority, or you may seek all four in different roles. Keep your priorities in mind as you read the following information.

Links and SEO

The "optimal" length of content for SEO has changed over the years. The industry-standard advice a few years ago was between 500 and 800 words. This length was considered long enough to help your brand find certain keywords, but short enough to be digestible to the average reader.

Today, however, the general consensus is somewhat longer. A study by Moz and BuzzSumo found that the vast majority of content is less than 1,000 words, but posts with 1,000 words or more tend to attract more links than any other length.

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A recent study by SEMRush showed that the length difference between top 3 posts and rank 20 posts was a whopping 45%. In other words, longer content tends to rank higher.

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