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How can the Klosebuy app assist your native business?

Klosebuy is a digital advertising app that geographically locates your small business so that consumers can find you as soon as they sign in. It doesn't matter whether they're on the Internet or using a mobile app.

It also manages your digital marketing, customer acquisition and customer loyalty. Small Business Trends turned to Frank Fennell IV, President / CEO of Klosebuy, to find out what small local businesses need to know about it.

"A subscription to Klosebuy offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that you could otherwise spend hundreds of dollars a month on," he writes.

Simple and friendly

It is also simple and easy to use because it does not require IT experts for hardware or integration. Fennell says that SMEs can get going quickly.

“A local small business can be up and running on Klosebuy in a matter of minutes. With the marketing materials and materials provided, a small business owner can immediately start engaging and registering their customers. "

After that, it only takes a few days to see the benefits of re-marketing and retargeting ads, loyalty points, digital direct marketing, and more.

The digital marketing aspect works with a customer loyalty angle. By downloading the app, prospective customers receive coupon codes and points that they can exchange for rewards.

Functions of the Klosebuy app

There is a digital advertising, loyalty program and an unlimited customer database, to name just a few of the functions. For small businesses, you can use real-time reports and analytics to make the necessary marketing optimizations. Klosebuy can also schedule emails and send offers and promotions directly to your customers' smartphones.

This app has even got a handle on the age-old problem for small business owners. A company specialist can manage everything for you via Klosebuy's Managed Services platform. These accounts leverage the expertise of marketers from across the country.

Marketing Tools

SMEs should take note of this – it will even help you keep an eye on the performance of your marketing tools.

“Klosebuy connects business owners with everyone they come into contact with. Whether walk-ins in business or in social media. It collects real-time data about your ads / promotions / offers and helps you fine-tune your efforts. "

The Klosebuy app is like many other good ideas that come in handy for small businesses. The concept started great and was filtered out using technology to appeal to a wide audience of companies.

explains Fennell.

“Klosebuy was founded by people with many years of experience in the loyalty industry and similar industries, where products and services were only affordable for large companies. From day one, our goal has been to create a range of services that is affordable for all businesses, especially small businesses. "

They put the work into scaling the product and made it affordable and reliable. It took 5 years and over 13 million lines of code to create Klosebuy.

Who is it for? According to Fennell, the number of companies that can increase their ROI with this app is large.

B2C business

"Klosebuy fits any B2C company interested in increasing sales, creating and expanding a customer database, and repeating the business," he says. “IT offers real benefits for restaurants, retail, entertainment, big tickets, sports, music, groceries, etc. The list can go on and on.

There is a free 30-day trial, as well as a monthly and annual subscription. Small businesses can start with Klosebuy here.


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