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Enhance Your Christmas Gross sales With eight Ideas From Yahoo E-Commerce Ninja

Online sales is not easy, it's hard work. However, thousands of businesses are finding success online every day. One of the market leaders that supports companies in selling online is Yahoo Small Business, and I just had a fierce discussion with Maria Melo of Yahoo Small Business about increasing Christmas sales this Christmas season.

Listen to our interview or read your short success tips for the Christmas sale below.

Keep the content fresh.

Use the power of social media to add vibrancy and engagement to your brand. People do not want to see your website or social media and see that the last update happened a year ago. When you go on a holiday sales, you want to feel confident about being able to trust your brand. Make things look fresh. You can plan social posts and prepare great content for sharing with your community. When using social media, think about frequency, relevance, engagement and analysis. FREA.

Email Marketing Works

The power of email marketing is getting people in their inboxes that many still rely on regularly. The key to email marketing is to segment your list and send the right message to the right person at the right time. You should increase your emails to a segmented list to increase your Christmas sales.

Demolition of the shopping cart

For some reason, contact customers who have left your cart. Maybe they got distracted. Maybe her computer crashed. If you have customers who have products in your shopping cart but have not yet purchased them, start them to complete the purchase. Maybe you give them a discount, free shipping or some other incentive.

Website Popups

Website pop-ups can grab people's attention before they leave your site. It's like one last time "Hey, before you go …"

Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo Small Business offers a domain name, an ecommerce platform, a local directory listing, and more for businesses.

Request help

It's hard to grow your business yourself. Get help. This help could be provided by a service such as Yahoo Small Business, hiring a freelancer, or otherwise.


Online advertising is so important. However, it has some complexities. Let experts help you set up your campaigns, measure your analytics, and more.

Trends vs. Market gaps

While so many of us focus on market trends, which is good, look at the market gaps. What are the things your customers are asking for, that you are not providing them with?

Yes, in the "Christmas Shopping Season", there are a lot of things here and there that you can do to increase your business's revenue and take it to the next level.

  • Focus on your customers.
  • Ask for customer recommendations.
  • Make your customers aware of social media.
  • Use Email Marketing to reach and connect with customers and potential customers.
  • Amazing customer service and a great customer experience.

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