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Don't threat your gross sales profession at a Christmas social gathering

During the year, you may think of things other than sales. Vacation parties come to my mind. Some of you may fear them, while others expect you to enjoy free food and alcohol. Whether you are excited or not, you should better pay attention to what happens at a Christmas party, especially if you value your sales career.

What did you think?

Company holidays can lead to unexpected events. A management consultant informed me that one of her corporate customers told her on average that he had fired three people after each Christmas party. Why? They drink too much, act inappropriately or say something stupid. In today's work environment, you don't get a warning when you do such things – you get fired. Do you still think the company holiday party has nothing to do with work?

Parties are serious business; you have to behave if you think you can't hold your schnapps, you should have a soft drink in your hand. Actually, I think it's a much better plan not to drink alcohol at the party, even if you can hold your schnapps. Why? You could meet some important people at the party. Do you think you would make a better impression if you are a bit lively or completely sober? When you think of the former, I suggest that you drink bottled water with a slice of lime.

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What should I do?

Then there's the question of what to do at the party. You shouldn't be a potted plant stuck in one place. Your job is to mix; spend a little time with different people. Why not use the party to meet people in other departments when there is more than one department in your party? Linking names and faces is a great way to simplify future collaboration with colleagues.

You may be wondering what to talk to people you don't know very well. Keep the conversation light and festive. In the recent elections, the Christmas party is not the right time to talk about politics. It is the wrong place to start a conversation with your point of view on your choice and your opinion on it.

A Christmas party is also not the time to do serious business. If you don't get a specific business question from a manager, your job is to ask some personal questions. You might be wondering if someone is planning to stay in town on vacation. You may be asked if the purchase is complete. Or ask if they bought unusual gifts this year. You can talk to anyone if you have general questions.

You will be judged by the company you keep

Your job is to be social, but there are people you want to avoid. Keep away from complainants and other toxic people. I knew a man who wanted to complain to my boss's wife at a Christmas party. This was a fearless woman who didn't mess around. She immediately raised her hand and said, "Stop it. I am not accepting any complaints today. "I tried to avoid being with this toxic guy because I didn't want to hear his complaints either. Stay away from such people. Avoid intoxicated people too. You will be judged by the people you make contacts with.

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