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Cheat Sheet for Mastering Google My Enterprise

According to a study by Go-Globe, 18 percent of local search queries result in a sale within one day. And what is normally wanted? That's right – Google. So, if you want people to find your local business to search for, you need to make sure your business is really easy to find on Google.

Google My Business is the search engine's local industry platform. You can create a profile that appears directly on the search page so that users do not even have to visit your website to get the information they need for your visit, including your address, phone number, and opening hours.

Google My Business Crib Sheet

If you want to use this very important tool for your local business, read the Google My Business Crib Sheet below.

Request Your Google My Business Listing

First visit the Google My Business website and sign in with a Google Account. There you can create a profile from scratch or select a company that is already on the list and that you want to claim. Google guides you through the process of updating your page and all relevant information from there. You also need to verify your business. Google will send a code to your business address that you can add to your account.

Include all important information

Google asks you to select a category, name, address, and all essential information during the sign up process. Do not gloss over this process. There are more than 2,000 different categories to choose from. The option you choose affects how you can edit the rest of your entry. For example, if you have a restaurant, you can link or upload a PDF menu. You can refine the listing by adding a description with some relevant keywords and attributes that will help attract people to your business.

Uploading high quality images

People want to know what your company is like before they visit it. Adding images of your storefront, menu items, or team can help you build relationships and get people to actually visit. Just make sure these pictures are of high quality and show your company in a positive light.

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing adds: "It's a good confidence-building and content-based element, especially on mobile devices, so upload 8 or 10 photos of your products, your business, and your employees – it does not matter what it does is, but make sure you upload some pretty good representative pictures. "

Attract visitors to your site

Garner Positive Reviews

A study by the Local SEO Guide found that Google My Business Ratings, which included a relevant keyword, had the second largest impact on local search ranking. So reviews are not just about showing potential customers that you have a great experience – they also affect your SEO.

To get more positive reviews, it is obvious to ensure and deliver outstanding customer service. However, you can also include signage in your store, add a link to verify your business in your email signature, or even post positive reviews on your social media pages. These can serve as a simple reminder to people who have already had great experiences with you, so they are more likely to actually share their thoughts.

Respond to All Ratings

It's also a good idea to keep responding to reviews in your Google My Business listing. You'll see people who find your page appealing, and you'll be able to respond to concerns publicly. If you give a satisfactory answer, some customers may even consider giving a cheaper rating than originally.

Publish Content Continuously

In 2017, Google introduced Google Posts, a way for businesses to share content on their pages on an ongoing basis. Use this feature to keep your listing up to date. You can add blog entries, promotions, events and even photos and videos.

Just log in to your Google My Business account and find the "Create Post" button. You'll then see options for adding different types of posts, including photos, videos, events, quotes, and text. For example, a local restaurant might post information about a live music event hosted by it. When people search for local restaurants and see that, they might be tempted to visit that particular evening.


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