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A fast information to digital marketing for newbies

With the madness that is currently in the world about COVID-19 every company wants to get into digital marketing, many of you are far behind the curve, while some of you haven't had a digital footprint before.

Where do you start? There is a lot of advice, good and bad, and a lot of people who promise you big returns for big sums of money that you probably don't have right now.

Now that you are here, you are probably looking for free advice on how to do it alone. is one of the first websites on which I learned the basics of marketing. Now that I'm writing for it, I thought I'd put together some free advice to get you started (or hopefully at least motivate you).

The state of digital marketing

Marketing in the digital age has taken a decidedly new form than the marketing tactics of the past. A competent and effective online marketing strategy is a key success factor for many companies today. It's also true that you may have put less energy into these digital strategies because your business has made good progress. However, coronavirus and the advent of bulk orders that keep you at home could make you rethink your internet marketing plans.

Of course, the importance of online marketing in the age of the corona virus cannot be overstated. Many of us have relocated to the home office and tried to do business in an unusual way. We can no longer rely on the traditional marketing tactic that got us where we are.

You may also simply want to develop a new skill so that you can expand your network and attract more customers. The strategies for digital marketing are the same regardless of the existence of a global pandemic. So if you're just getting started, let's take a look at some fundamentals of digital marketing to create a solid framework.

Find out what your customers like and who they are.

If you run a moderately successful business, you have to do something right. There is a reason why you can win new customers and keep existing customers even if you don't have a large web presence.

A great place to start your digital marketing journey is to find out exactly what makes these customers come back to you. Is it your products and services? Your location? Your customer service? Or a combination of all of this and more?

It is more important that you try to understand exactly how your company meets your customers' needs. What do they look for when they call you or enter your storefront? If you know who your customers are and what they expect from your company, you can create a profile of a “target customer”.

Once you know who your target customer is, you want to focus on this demographic group with your digital marketing strategy. If you simply choose to do online marketing, your investment is less likely to pay off.

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