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5 Methods To Increase Your Non-Retail Enterprise On Trip

If you own a retail store, chances are you'll enjoy more than are ready for the holidays. There is no lack of competent advice that leads you to success. From hiring seasonal workers to optimizing websites, Google search retailers are no longer able to provide answers to all their seasonal sales.

What happens if you are not a retailer? Service companies such as law firms, landscapers and plumbers offer their clients year-round offers. However, unlike their retail counterparts, they are less likely to offer door opener deals and encourage visitors to set up around their building.

As a service company owner, I can tell you that even non-retailers can attend the holidays. Here are some areas where your business can shine and contribute to a seasonal, exceptional customer experience:

1. Create Holiday Discount

This is the perfect season to offer a discount on your services. Create a special holiday discount for a percentage of the next customer's purchase. Distribute news about the discount through your social media accounts, e-newsletters, websites and any print mailer or in-store signage.

Encourage existing customers to spread the news and encourage other interested customers to subscribe to your e-newsletter. This is a win-win situation for both e-mail marketing and customer loyalty, providing future updates for your business.

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2. Provide a Creative Showcase Experience

You may not sell a traditional physical product. However, your business still has a stationary location, and customers go in and out of that area when they schedule appointments with you all year round. Become smart during the holiday season by offering these additional services:

  • Hold an open house. Maybe you're new to the neighborhood or would like to meet other small businesses in the area. Hold an Open House event on the theme of holidays with music and snacks and find out who you are. Keep people up to date on your plans and encourage them to talk to visitors and answer questions.
  • Set up a makeshift "Santa's Workshop". You've heard of the cheeky and nice list, right? Let your customers know you're here to make the holidays a little less stressful for them by deleting an item from their to-do list. This can range from gift wrapping to a free 15-minute consultation.
  • Decorate your storefront. Your pedestrian traffic is more likely to increase when you advertise your vacation.

3. Give Back

Does your business support a specific charity? Donate part of the proceeds to a charity and donate to a cause that you believe in. You may also consider physically giving something back. Meet with your team to discuss ways to help in the community. Your team may choose to volunteer in a soup kitchen, spend some time in retirement homes, or assist families with Christmas gifts.

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4. Increase morale of employees

Employees, from interns to managers, are a major driver of successful vacation shopping. They work incredibly hard for the rest of the year as well. The season may be busy, but it's important to show your team how much you value their hard work through creative, fun initiatives.

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