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5 Causes You Ought to Ship Handwritten Notes to Prospects

Two things – email and direct mail – are often deleted or discarded without opening. Indeed, statistics back it up. The average open rate for these is barely above 20%.

Rick Elmore was in a college marketing class listening to a professor tell these facts. He always remembered what the professor said.

“You know what really works is a handwritten note,” said the professor. "But who has time?"

Flash forward a few years. Elmore is CEO of Simply Noted, a company he founded.

Simply Noted is an automated handwritten letter company. The company's advanced technology makes it easy for anyone to create simple, scalable, powerful, and meaningful communication using real pen.

Simply Noted combines technology with a personal touch and brings real pen and ink to paper. Create beautifully designed products for every occasion.

5 reasons to write handwritten notes to customers

You should send a handwritten note as it is more likely to be opened and read. Remember 20% email or direct mail is open? Compare that to the handwritten note that was 99% open. That's right, 99%!

"It's a tool to connect with customers and to stand out from customers, partners and employees," said Elmore. "There is an even greater need for it in the Covid era."

"This is especially true for relationship-oriented companies such as insurance, real estate, nonprofits, and others," he added.

Elmore said handwritten letters are a way to differentiate yourself from the competition and personalize your communications and customer service. Many adults have reverted to handwritten letters as a means of keeping in touch with friends and loved ones during the pandemic, and the same practice can be applied to businesses.

If you own a business, Elmore gave 5 reasons for using handwritten communications:

Letters sent will be opened

Compared to the average email marketing open rate of Handwritten letters have an opening rate of 99% in 22.7%. You can assume that the recipient of the letter will open a handwritten letter that was delivered to them.

Handwritten letters are rare

According to the US Postal Regulatory Commission, the average American only received 10 pieces of handwritten mail.

Handwritten letters stand out

Customers recognize that e-mails are extremely economical and easy to generate. Likewise, mass-printed direct mail items only need to be designed once and can then be printed in thousands. Compared to the junk mail the average person receives, a handwritten note stands out and gets noticed.

Cards and letters are often kept

People keep handwritten letters because they are not just a letter. You are a gift. The longer this note sits on your client's desk, the more likely they are to remember you and think positively about you.

Handwritten notes are inherently personal

E-mails are impersonal. Text is worth about as much as the time it takes to generate it. Handwritten letters, on the other hand, show that you care. When trying to build a positive relationship, there is no substitute for the power of the pen.

How does it just work?

Anyone who knows their way around a computer can play around with fonts and typefaces. Look at different print styles. Simply Noted is much more complicated, in fact the technology is very advanced.

Not to mention, really cool.

"It took us a long time to perfect the technology," said Elmore. "We have adopted the unique properties of handwriting."

Simply Noted has 21 handwriting samples on their website, but that's just a small presentation of what's available. There are roughly 900 versions of writing styles.

There will be a style that looks exactly like your handwriting. Or there will be a style that really appeals to you and that you want to use.

"Everyone uses it (simply noted) so differently," said Elmore. "One of the most popular uses was announcements to draw attention to an event or change of location."

"Customers can use us for a basic thank you letter or include a come back note and add a promotional code," he said. "Nonprofits like it because it adds a personal touch."

"The possibilities are endless," he said. "All of our customers are either repeat customers or referrals."

Elmore said handwritten notes can also be effective for reaching a brand new prospect or sending a thank you to a long-time customer.

"Especially as we continue to delve into the business and social implications of the coronavirus pandemic, the added personal touch of a handwritten letter can go a long way," Elmore said.

About Simply Noted

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