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30 ideas for actual property marketing

The real estate industry is highly saturated in almost all of the country's markets. Therefore, it can be difficult for new or emerging small businesses to really stand out from others. A unique marketing strategy is a must for anyone trying to build sustainable success. But what does it look like?

First, you need some basic local and online marketing tactics to be visible to your business. Then you need some creative ideas to make your real estate business stand out from the competition. After all, you need to use your insider knowledge to gain a foothold and build valuable partnerships within the industry.

Try these 30 real estate marketing tips so your real estate business can break the noise and succeed in a saturated market.

Tips for Real Estate Marketing

Whether you're marketing real estate ads, selling potential customers for your services, or building partnerships within your community that can help you build long-term success, you need a wide range of real estate marketing ideas. Although traditional marketing strategies can help you build your customer base and cause a stir, you also have to think outside the box and only consider insider tricks for real estate when marketing. Ideally, you should choose a mix of strategies, from email marketing and social media to open houses and networking events. Check out a full list of options below, then choose the ones that best suit your specific market and target customers.

Traditional Real Estate Marketing

Most marketing plans are based on the basics. Before you can start thinking about whether you stand out or become specific with the tools available in your industry, you need to increase visibility and ensure that people in your community know how to get in touch with you. Many of these strategies also apply to other types of companies. But they also form the basis for a successful real estate company. Consider these traditional marketing ideas as the first step in creating your overall marketing strategy.

1. Hire a real estate photographer

The photos of your offers can help you make a good first impression with potential home buyers and customers. Real estate photography is a skill best left to professionals. Search online for nearby photographers who take amazing indoor shots or view photo credits on other real estate websites. You can then take along photographers who will go to your home when they are ready to stage and list. This way you can take pictures of each of the rooms, as well as the outside and the surroundings, before the open house day.

2. Create a website

Real estate agents, like other companies, need high-quality websites. The website must make it easy for potential customers to learn about the benefits of working with you and to contact them when they are ready to buy or sell. Add entries, contact information including email address and a short biography that will help people in the region get to know you virtually. A blog, social media buttons, and links to your posts on other platforms can also help people get in touch with you elsewhere and give them the information they need to make a decision.

3. Make it easy to share

Real estate marketing can be greatly simplified if others in your area can do some of the work for you. It is not uncommon for people to share posts directly with their friends or family members via email, text, or social media. So add approval buttons to your listings and the different pages of your website so others can get involved with a quick click.

4. Distribute business cards

As a real estate agent, your marketing efforts don't always have to be extensive. Sometimes, simply networking with individuals in your community can be an effective lead generation strategy as part of your marketing efforts. Hand out business cards to people you meet and other entrepreneurs in the city. You can even leave extras with certain companies such as moving companies or home improvement.

5. Create valuable content

People often research online before buying or selling a house. So if you can provide helpful information about the process, they may be more likely to contact you when they're ready. For example, you could publish blogs about the best neighborhoods for families in your city or different types of home loans for first-time buyers.

6. Add a lead magnet

You can also create value-added content that targets lead generation in your marketing. For example, offer a free, downloadable eBook that guides people through the entire home buying process. Potential customers who want the resource can simply enter their email address to receive a copy. Then you can add them to your email marketing lists and maintain those leads, e.g. B. invite them to an open house.

7. Make videos

Pretty much every real estate ad has photos. Video passages that make people feel like they're actually there can help you show off yours even better. This is not just a great way to present your entries. It also shows people who are interested in selling how you go the extra mile for your customers.

8. Buy local search adds

A quick Google search is often the first step that potential customers take when looking for real estate agents near them. By buying local search ads, you can get to the top of these searches and face more people who are ready to take this step.

9. Use social profiles

Social media is a great way to share helpful information and connect with customers and people in your community on a more personal level. Select some platforms where you can post regularly. You can start by sharing property photos, providing helpful tips for buyers and sellers, and providing information about your community.

10. Communicate with your email list

Email marketing is not just about collecting email addresses and improving your services. Use email as another way to build relationships and add value to customers. It is most effective for you to segment your email list and send customized content. For example, those who signed up for a guide for first-time buyers can get information directed at those who are currently looking for a purchase. While those who have already bought a home from you can get information about community events and general tips for homeowners. This keeps them busy so they can call you again or send an email the next time they move.

Out-of-the-box real estate marketing

Once you've covered the basics, it's time to engage in unconventional thinking. These real estate marketing ideas are likely to go beyond what many other professionals in your area are already doing. They can help you reduce noise and promote your business so that it actually stands out from the crowd of other real estate companies in your market.

11. Provision of a free moving van

After your customers have finished buying and / or selling a home, they will almost certainly need help moving. Providing a moving truck with your services streamlines the process for them and highlights your value proposition. Work with a local moving company or trucking company to determine if you can get a bulk or recurring discount. Then advertise your offer on your website and in local ads.

12. Hire a writer

Many real estate agents already understand the value of high quality images, but even a powerful copy can have a big impact. If you don't have the time to create unique stories about each of your objects, work with a writer who can paint a picture of what it would be like to live in each object. This can help potential buyers to imagine living near you or in a particular property.

13. Partner with local companies

There are tons of other companies that are more geared towards people who may be in the new home market, such as home improvement, moving, and mortgage brokers. Work with these companies to make recommendations to each other or bundle your services so customers can easily find the support they need. You can also share the cost of local or online advertising campaigns. Even if you don't form official partnerships, communicating with these companies and promoting them on social media or on your website can improve your own visibility in the community.

14. Try remarketing

It is common for people to search online for the local property market before they are actually ready to move. With remarketing, you can address people who have visited your listing or website in the past. This gives you a better chance of getting their attention later when they're actually ready to get started. Many online platforms, including Google and Facebook, offer this as an option.

15th host of an event

Most brokers know the importance of holding an open house. However, if you want to involve even more people, go beyond this idea and host local events where people can participate, even if they are not interested in a particular property. You may have a happy hour or a simple networking meeting where you can introduce yourself to potential buyers and sellers in a casual atmosphere. Give them a card or share your unique value proposition so they can easily contact you when they are ready for your services.

16. Answer questions on your website

Apart from the company page on your website, an FAQ section can help you quickly get qualified leads from online searches. For example, people who say "How do I get an occupancy certificate in [city]?" Search. are probably ready to sell their house. If your answer appears on the main search page, they can visit you easily and get in touch with you straight away. At the beginning of the process, pay attention to the questions customers ask you so that you know what to include.

17. Create lifestyle videos

Aside from the videos you create for individual properties, you can do video marketing that sells a lifestyle. Promoting the general feeling that people can get by buying a home near you can inspire people to buy and help you position your brand in a positive light. Highlight fun local attractions, the architectural beauty of houses at your location, or other selling points for moving to the region.

18. Design infographics

Infographics are simple images that share statistics and interesting facts. As a realtor, you can use them to promote cool features for nearby houses or details of specific neighborhoods. Then share them on social media and other residents can stick to them and help them go viral. Add your branding and links to your website and social profiles so people who find the graphics online can easily find you.

19. Take a fun quiz about your region

Another fun online activity that residents love is quiz questions. Create a "How well do you know [city]?" Quiz on your website or on social channels and get people to share their results with friends. Add a short blurb or link to your email or website at the end of the quiz so that those in the property services market can easily find you.

Set up 20th furnishing program

Recommendations are crucial for successful real estate business. But not many have programs designed to actively promote word-of-mouth marketing among customers. Find an incentive or reward that you can offer to previous customers who recommend you to friends and family.

Insider Real Estate Marketing

The real estate industry is full of unique platforms and concepts that you can use to connect with relevant people – as long as you know how to use them correctly. These insider tips for real estate marketing can help you get the most out of these industry-specific articles. With these marketing ideas, you can not only record customer contacts, but also market them to other agents. No matter whether you want to make your entries more visible to buyers or if you want to expand your team.

21. Reverse Prospect on MLS

On many online listing platforms, real estate agents can search for other brokers whose clients are looking for homes in a particular area. You can use this reverse prospect feature for the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to find agents with customers who are looking for offers similar to those you offer. Then contact these agents to let them know about your new listing so they can easily share this information with their interested customers to drive a potential sale.

22. Try Virtual Staging

Staging a house can help customers imagine what it could be like to live in a house. Personal staging can be beneficial, but the choice of decoration may not appeal to every single person who gets through. Use virtual staging software to easily and inexpensively create different room layouts with different furniture and decorative items. This can help you address different styles or even help certain customers to fit their personal style into a home.

23rd Host Webinars

You can use webinars to share helpful information with prospective home buyers or sellers near you – or even to reach out to other brokers. Pick a topic that gives your target audience special value, and even consider having a co-host to increase your reach. Then, at the end, you can offer a quick sales pitch to attract new customers, expand your team, or simply create goodwill with other brokers in your area with whom you may want to work in the future.

24. Complete your profile on real estate sites

Real estate sites like Zillow and Trulia are popular with people who want to search for houses themselves. However, each listing also contains broker information with which they can contact you if you are interested. Instead of just providing your base name and contact information, fill out your entire profile and use it to share your unique value proposition with potential customers. By viewing your company website as a marketing opportunity and not just as a formality, you can make your entries stand out from others on these platforms.

Submit 25 articles to local publications

Many communities have their own newspapers, magazines, and websites that are popular with local homeowners and potential buyers or sellers. If you share your expertise with guest articles or blog posts, you can gain credibility and awareness on site. Remember to submit articles related to things like financing a property or staging your house for sale. Everything that is relevant for people thinking about moving. Even if everyone who reads is not currently ready to buy or sell a house, they may remember your name more when it comes time to unite their favorite local readings over the years Offer added value.

26. Partner with agents in other communities

For agents working in areas where second home purchases are popular, network with agents from other states or areas to make recommendations. These partnerships can help them add value to their customers and help them gain visibility in these markets. Connect with people at conferences or online to build these lasting relationships.

27. Join local organizations

Your local Chamber of Commerce and other business groups can help you get more visibility in your community. Especially when it comes to other brokers. Even if you're technically vying for the same customers, building positive working relationships can be critical to marketing your offerings and closing sales quickly. This type of networking can also help you work with other companies that buyers and sellers trust. This includes home improvement, interior designers, contractors and others in the region.

28. Share content from other local businesses

Any content you share on your blog or social media platforms doesn't just have to come from you. Find valuable blog posts and insights from other brokers, moving companies and financial institutions in your area so you can share them with your online audience. Not only does this provide a quick and easy way to add value, but the people whose content you share will likely appreciate the reputation. This in turn can help you to further increase your reach in the future.

28. Take part in a virtual chat

Many local business groups and industry organizations host online events such as zoom conferences and Twitter chats where members can share resources and networks. Find chats that match your market or real estate expertise, then share insights, ask questions, and make real connections with other professionals. This can help you build valuable partnerships within the real estate industry or even expand your team.

30. Advertising on Zillow

When marketing real estate offerings, it helps to go where most potential customers are already spending time. Zillow receives 36 million monthly visits, making it by far the most popular platform for apartment seekers. If you want to invest in real estate advertising, advertising your offerings on this platform is a great way to sell houses faster, attract customers and ultimately run a more successful business that customers recommend to others.


A successful real estate marketing plan requires several facets. You start with the basics, add some unexpected twists to highlight, and then bring in some inside secrets to appeal to both customers and other professionals who can help you build a successful business. The real estate marketing ideas listed above include a variety of ways you can start building your local and online marketing strategy right away.


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