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12 web sites for the distribution of press releases

Advertising is an integral part of any business marketing company. Simply put, marketing has two main goals: to help your company make sales and make your business successful. As such, a company can deal with press releases, among other things. Press releases and other PR activities can help draw attention to your product or service.

With the help of public relations and especially press releases, you can create your news without the risk of misinterpretation. In addition, the reach of your message can be relatively low in cost compared to advertising. With a press release, you can quickly and easily gain awareness, build trust and increase traffic to your website or business. However, not all press releases may deliver the correct amount of exposure.

The more people see your message, the more likely they are to try your offer. The key to any messaging is that it should be noticeable and, in this case, timely. Make sure that the news in the press release is structured so that the announcement is dear to the readers' hearts. Second, the message should also be relevant to your target group.

Why distribute press releases?

Information about unique products or services must reach the public, both current and prospective customers. Press releases can optimize your news by sending it to journalists, news agencies, and online / print media, which in turn reach thousands.

In addition to the number of people, your product or brand can also reach geographic goals that you could not achieve with other promotions. If it is well drafted, your press release can get the right attention. It can even get google messages in a few minutes.

The key to getting Google News through your publication is simple. Use clear and understandable language. Headings should not be longer than 110 characters. Use short paragraphs (at least 80 words per paragraph). And last but not least: Always remember to carefully process your press release before sending it out.

A bad press release is rarely published because it indicates negligence. Your press release is also a point of contact for your customers. Therefore, you need to create a unified brand and deliver messages that are easy to digest and appealing.

Best websites for distributing press releases

Once you have written your press release, you must make it available to the world. Here is a list of 10 press release distribution sites and tips to choose from. is a cloud-based platform for distributing press releases to small businesses. Features include real-time news content, free news widget and RSS feed.

Prices range from $ 19 per publication (one-way mail) to $ 389 (mass media visibility pack). The latter includes offers to send your press release to more than 4,500 websites, an option to upload videos to YouTube, take up to five pictures or documents, and others.

A Presswire

EIN Presswire's distribution services include SEO and RSS feeds. However, with each version, you are limited to five sales channels. The basic starter pack costs $ 49.95 and continues to offer solid offerings like Pro, Pro +, and Corporate.


eReleases provides journalists, global news sites, websites, news services and other providers with targeted distribution services for press releases. It advertises as a traditional press release distributor that focuses primarily on sending press releases to journalists. Prices range from $ 299 (Buzz Builder Package) to $ 499 (PR Pro Package), depending on the services you choose.


NewswireJet distributes press releases to over 350 media companies. Pricing starts at $ 59 per release. The starter package contains a PDF report of all links, access, target groups and the engagement of over 250 standard media pages.

The $ 149 Buzz Maker Plus package offers more than 400 guaranteed distribution locations, up to 6 months of use, and more.

Online PR media

Online PR Media offers its customers multimedia press releases. The free online press release offers a 90-day term and SEO support. However, this free package only allows one submission per day.

The social media press release is priced at $ 22, which includes instant content sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and an ad-free press release. The Video PR Premium Visibility Package is set at $ 549 and includes a video press release that is distributed to 1,800 websites and other syndicated websites. is a mixture of PR and advertising companies and offers a wide range of services. From a directory of companies, products and services, a distribution service for press releases, a website for job searches and the online publication of articles, reviews and interviews with celebrities. ships with a free limited package and also offers a wide range of more robust services for those who want to pay.

PR Buzz

PR Buzz not only distributes press releases, but also creates SEO results in search engines and on news sites. The unlimited distribution of press releases for a company is $ 299 per year. This comes with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits for your press releases and website.


PRLog offers free services for the distribution of press releases. However, there is a limit of two free press releases a day on PRLog, but all press releases submitted are approved immediately. It also includes HTML links in the press release that are distributed across various news sites.

PR Newswire

PR Newswire is a provider of multimedia platforms and media releases. The site is expected to reach nearly 3,000 newsrooms worldwide and has its own media monitoring service.

The company's website contains current press releases distributed by PR Newswire, including multimedia press releases, investor relations and disclosure, and corporate news. Pricing is based on annual membership fees, which amount to approximately $ 195 per year. Users have the option to pay for each press release by geographic location.


PRWeb's solutions include online reporting, search visibility, and PR services. Pricing plans range from $ 99 to $ 389 per press release. The premium option includes distributing your press release to industry-curated Twitter feeds and influential blogger networks to increase website traffic by distributing your press release across hundreds of media partner websites and other websites.


Send2Press offers press release distribution, social media marketing and press release writing. Send2Press enables companies to compile and distribute press releases for $ 89 per post.

The Open Press

The Open Press offers distribution of press releases for unformatted publications and charges for HTML-encoded publications. This distributor's prices start at the low price of $ 10 per release and increase depending on the package requested.

Tips on Choosing a Website for Press Releases

The most important thing when choosing websites for the distribution of press releases is to check whether they are suitable for your target group. Conduct your due diligence by reviewing distributors' ratings, what their online visibility looks like, what their brand engagement is, and others. Also look for additional services that can increase your impact. This includes typing services as well as analysis of reach and engagement.

It is just as important to read the general terms and conditions carefully. Free quotes can be useful, but make sure they are suitable for your needs. A common danger is hidden costs, which they may offer for free, but they can incur additional costs for the services to get what you really need.

Remember that a press release strategy is not a one-time action. You need to set a publication calendar to meet your advertising needs. Some may be expensive, but a reliable distributor who delivers on promises brings more value. Your sales partner should not be rigid, but should offer you services to strengthen your brand. Negotiate intensively about allowing links to your website, using logos and other points of interest.

Media collection

Remember that your goal is to create a ripple effect on your message. This is where media collection comes into play. Media pickup means that media choose to be executed with your press release. The media, which in this case is a third party, strengthen and authenticate your brand. Your press release distributor should have proven media success and a long history of valuable news and information.

Then comes the online visibility. The distributor should enable your brand to reach the websites that are most important to your company. Make sure that the package specifically reaches your preferred audience. This in turn increases the visibility of your search.

Research has shown that a large number of customers search online before making a bulk purchase. The sales service you choose should have high search engine privileges to improve the ability to reach your target audience organically.

A word about SEO and press releases

It may not look like it, but press releases are still relevant to SEO as they are a good first step to reach customers. Via print media as well as online such as Google and Yahoo, you can at least contribute to increasing the awareness of your brand. Readers become customers when they understand the story behind your business.

The key is telling a good story about your company or brand. Stories remain in people's memories, while announcements are overlooked or forgotten. Try not to turn your company's history into a spam press release by not thinking creatively.

Identify what is unique about your company and your story and share it with others. You can use keywords to reach the target group. So give words that your customers would search online for your particular product or service. The content you create is as important as the website you use to distribute press releases.

The aim of the promotion is to win, convert and retain customers. A press release can be an ideal gateway to customers. To really benefit from it, you should have a compelling story and use the right words to draw attention to your brand or products. Your press release is a channel for your customers and should be considered as much as that of a walk-in customer. All the more so since you are dealing with thousands of potential customers.

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