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12 Methods to Promote Your Enterprise in Native Markets

One of the best ways to build relationships with local communities and potential customers is to develop a strategy to attract attention in your region's markets. Promoting your name in nearby business circles can make an important contribution to building relationships and new opportunities. However, not all strategies are the same, especially when it comes to smaller markets. For this reason we asked entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC):

"What is the best way to perceive your business in a small local market?"

Local Marketing Ideas

Here's what they had to say:

1. Be online everywhere

“Create, claim, and update all local business listings and profiles. In addition to your website, make sure you have an updated and active Google business listing, Facebook page, and any other website with local profiles for your industry. When a user searches for "My City" + "Your Service", make sure they see you everywhere. This creates trust and authenticity. "~ Shawn Schulze,

2. Give the company a face

“In a small local market, your company can stand out from other companies or products. It is easier for people to trust a company if they know who is behind the curtain. The more they trust you, the sooner they will buy. This is how you ensure that you come out in the community, introduce yourself and interact with others. If you run local business ads, you should also add a photo of yourself. "~ John Turner, SeedProd LLC

3. Give Away Samples

"In a small local market, I find that giving away free samples of your product (if possible) can work wonders. There is a local chocolate manufacturer we worked with who has effectively used this strategy. They presented two students at minimum wages to distribute chocolate samples along with a brochure at rush hour at some of the busiest intersections in the city. Flush and repeat. ”~ Amine Rahal, Little Dragon Media

4. Long-distance volunteers

“The best way to be noticed in a small church is to be a great church member. Be present, support important concerns and work in the long term. It is one thing to sponsor jerseys for a softball team, another to spend time every week helping a local organization. If you make a difference, people will notice you and learn more about your business. "~ Aaron Schwartz, Passport

5. Encourage customers to review

"What steps are you taking to get feedback from your existing audience? If you don't use it as part of your solution, you're missing the opportunity to be seen and heard in your community. People love looking for reviews before trying new products, services, or businesses. If you don't have a lot of reviews about your name, you should encourage them more now. "~ Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights

6. Focus on voice search SEO

“Voice search SEO is important when it comes to attracting your small, local business. Think about what kind of inquiries your customers may make when they search for your product or service using their smart home device or smartphone, and change your SEO strategy to focus on these new keywords. It's also important to add your business to places like Google My Business and Yelp. "~ Blair Williams, MemberPress

7. Send newsletter

"The best way I found here in my local market is to publish it in a newsletter that is available to consumers in restaurants, sellers, cafes, etc. Markt. Julian Montoya, JM11 Investments

8. Use direct mail

“Millennials love direct mail and work at the local level to address these specific customers and prospects. This is done in a way that covers a significant area for relatively little money and high return. "~ Peter Daisyme, Hostt

9. Participation in local events

“Local events such as conferences, fairs and markets are a good way for small businesses to draw attention to themselves in their community. You can interact personally with locals and build trust. "~ John Hall,

10. Distribute flyers and buy local advertising space

“It is a good idea to make yourself known to the community. By using traditional marketing materials, you can accelerate the growth of your business and promote local traffic. These advertising spaces are often easy to edit and give you a good boost. You can also use Google ads to cover the search intent traffic that is already looking for you. "~ Nicole Munoz, Nicole Munoz Consulting, Inc.

11. Create helpful videos

“Facebook ads make it easy to target people in a local community. Instead of creating a traditional ad that tries to make a sale, you should create helpful videos for your community that help you position yourself as someone of value. At the end of the video, tell them what you are doing and where to find them. If you post these videos weekly and spend $ 1 to $ 5 a day on advertising, you're a local celebrity. "~ Greg Rollett, Ambitious Media Group

12. Embrace branding

“In many cases, small local businesses tend to loosen up and focus less on brand identity. If you want to stand out from everyone else, you need to identify your brand identity and stick with it as your business evolves. Once you are known locally, it is only a matter of time before you have a recognizable brand in your hands. "~ Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner


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