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10 Very Efficient Upselling Methods You Ought to Attempt Instantly

Upselling is about the same customer buying something different after an initial purchase. Here's why you need to know how it works. Research shows that you have a 60-70% better chance of making a second sale to an existing customer.

Upselling Techniques

Here are 10 proven upselling techniques that you can use right away.

Offer Discount Subscriptions

Nick Bennett, founder of Growmeo Marketing, refers to subscriptions to e-commerce companies.

"A common strategy is to offer a 10% discount if someone chooses to buy a product repeatedly," he writes. "If someone chooses this option, the product will automatically be delivered to them each month with a 10% discount."

Give annual subscriptions

This is a good option if your customers are currently paying monthly. Bennett suggests offering anyone who chooses this route a free month.

Suggest article

This technique works well with front personnel. When customers buy a computer, ask employees to ask if they need suitable software and / or a suitcase.

Use emails

The placement is important for this technique to be successful. Gina Woods is an e-commerce mentor and coach. She suggests using the thank you page / order confirmation.

"The order confirmation by email has an opening rate of 95%," she writes.

Personalize the Offer

“When upselling, always try to personalize the offers that you show the customer. Choosing the right upsell can make a big contribution to the customer clicking the "Buy" button, "wrote Joe Flanagan, lead app developer at GetSongbpm.

It can be as easy as offering a hoodie to someone who just bought a t-shirt. Works well in e-commerce.

Compare plans

When you sell a service, compare the free version with the paid version. The visual representation is good here and the effective ones use bullets with check marks.

Limited time offer

Creating urgency helps people make a decision. Create a time limit for an offer. Or you can limit the amounts for the same results.

Learn the rule of 25

Jake Rheude is Vice President Marketing at Red Stag Fulfillment. He explains:

"An important tip is the rule of 25," he writes. “Stop your offers from increasing total order costs by more than 25%. It encourages people to accept the offer without feeling overwhelmed or canceling the entire purchase. "

Rheude provides some good examples.

“Consider the cost of adding french fries to a Big Mac or upgrading a Tesla Model 3 to a long-range package. It's about 25%. Is it worth it for your customers to pay this additional 25%? With the right value proposition, enough will be convinced – so the answer is yes. "

Use an animal system.

Another suggestion is to divide your goods or services into different levels. You need to specialize further in each category.

“It is very important to provide what the customer needs at exactly the right time. Build up these levels with more specific and special products based on the proven original products. "- Andrew James Syrett, sales manager at

Offering a bundle

Finally you bundle your goods and service plants. As an additional incentive, you can offer the package free shipping.


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