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10 nice methods to draw new clients to your business

Was one of your resolutions this year to grow your customers Here are 10 proven tips to help you attract more customers.

1. Offer discounts and special offers to new customers.

Consumers are still looking for value and offers today. Lure them into your store by offering introductory discounts, or make special offers like buying 2 to 1 at half price or free gift packaging for the first three purchases. Such bargains can attract new customers who have considered doing business with you but need an incentive to actually change their shopping habits. Then keep track of what they're buying and what offers they've redeemed so you can better engage them with future marketing messages that will cement their loyalty.

2. Ask for recommendations

When you achieve customer loyalty, you can do so for them by asking them for recommendations. Existing customers are one of the best sources for new customers. However, you cannot be passive and wait for your colleagues, friends and family members to be involved in your company. Instead, take control and develop a systematic approach to actively seek recommendations from your satisfied customers.

Generate recommendations for the sales process. Send follow-up emails to make sure customers are happy with their purchases, and then send another email asking for recommendations. Consider offering incentives if the selling price justifies it. This approach works for real estate agents, for example.

3. Contact old customers again

Return to your expired customer contact list and market it to former customers who have not done business with you for some time. To do this, create a regular schedule, such as quarterly, and select customers you haven't seen in the past six months. Reach them via email, direct mail, SMS or phone with a "We miss you" message and offer some kind of offer or promotion when they come back.

4th network

There is no better way to raise brand awareness than to meet new people and tell them who you are and what you do. Join your professional association, your local chamber and network organizations. Attend Meetup events. If you own a local company, attending PTA meetings can be a good opportunity for networking. Networking with the attitude "How can I help you?", Instead of thinking: "What does it bring me?"

5. Update your website

Online search is the primary way that both consumers and B2B buyers find new businesses. That means your website has a lot to do so customers can find you. Check the tactics and techniques of your search engine marketing and search engine optimization, including whether your website is suitable for cell phones.

The design of your website also makes a difference. Too many graphics can slow down your website's loading speed. If you don't have the required expertise, you can hire a website design company and / or an SEO expert.

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6th partner in general partner companies

If you partner with companies that have a similar customer base but are not directly competitive, and then build a strategy for marketing their customers to do new business, you can intelligently attract new customers without one To spend fortune. For example, if you sell baby items, working with a company that sells maternity clothes would be a great partnership.

7. Expand your expertise

You can generate interest and even cause a stir by attracting new customers and getting more business out of your existing customer base by demonstrating your industry knowledge. Talking voluntarily in industry panels, holding a webinar or workshop, talking at industry events or holding training sessions that include your target customers are just a few ways to impress potential new customers and customers. This technology is particularly suitable for B2B entrepreneurs.

8. Take advantage of websites for online ratings and reviews

B2B and B2C consumers often access online ratings and review sites before doing business with a company they are unfamiliar with. So make sure you monitor these websites and respond to complaints. Make the most of positive reviews by linking to them on your website. Place the signage in your store, office, restaurant, or other location and ask customers to bring in their perspectives. Social proof is powerful and new customers are more likely to give your company a try when they see others praising it.

9. Participation in community events

Surveys show that most people like to support local, independent companies. Raise your profile in your community by participating in charity events and organizations. Sponsor a local fun run, organize a vacation trip with “toys for children” or equip a Little League team in your city with equipment. All of this increases your profile and helps to win new customers.

10. Bring a friend with you

This idea is similar to recommendations, but requires customer participation. Offer 2-to-1 offers to give your loyal customers the opportunity to introduce their friends and colleagues to your company. For example, a restaurant could offer the special “buy a main course, get a second one for free” to attract more customers.

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