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10 Methods To Meet Your High Promoting Priorities

The Internet has strengthened consumers / customers, and this has changed the way sales professionals run their business. For companies that train sales candidates, this means that these and other changes brought about by digital technology are incorporated into the process.

A new RAIN Group infographic entitled "10 Ways to Achieve Your Top Sales Priorities" examines the priorities that today's sales professionals must set for the future. The top 10 list comes from a survey of 423 sales and activation guides.

As a company specialized in training sales people, the RAIN Group has a scientific perspective on the industry. In terms of training, 83% of companies do not have an effective training system. With so many new developments, implementing these solutions is the key to addressing the needs of salespeople.

What are the top 10 sales priorities?

According to the RAIN Group these are:

  1. Improve the ability to communicate values: 70%
  2. Improving Productivity of Sellers and Sales Teams: 65%
  3. Increase Business with Existing Accounts: 64%
  4. Improve the Tie, Repeat the Business, Renew: 62%
  5. Improve Approach and Opportunity Planning: 61%
  6. Gains More Against Difficult Competitors: 56%
  7. Improve the seller's ability to inspire ideas: 57%
  8. Improve Your Sales Manager's Efficiency: 54%
  9. Create new logos / gain new accounts: 53%
  10. Optimize our sales process: 53%

Based on these priorities, the RAIN Group has some valuable tips that sales professionals and companies can use to implement them.

Tips for Reaching Sales Priorities

Value should be a priority. So, if a sales team or organization wants to add value to their buyers, the RAIN Group is more likely to increase their sales. In the survey, leaders are leaders in adding value to other sales teams.

This includes focusing on increasing the maximum value for the client (81% to 61%), developing sellers to be as valuable as possible to buyers (66% to 39%), and sharing value to new ones and creative way (47% to 21%).

Create a remittance and storage machine with a multi-pronged strategy that includes proactive ways to find new opportunities.

When these opportunities are proactively created, 83% of account managers say that customer satisfaction is significantly better. According to the RAIN Group, this is because customers are looking for ideas and want sellers to contact them.

49% of very satisfied people with a product or service would consider moving to another provider.

The next tip is the need to perfect your value proposition. This is not the product or service you want to sell to the customer. It means value down the line, including the time of the customer. The survey found that 58% of sales briefings are not valuable to buyers.

Informing the buyer of all priorities gives you a better chance of turning him into your next customer.

Make your case why it is important and urgent to move forward and why you are the best choice. This includes why they should believe in you, your offer, your business, and your ability to do so.

For the rest of the tips, see the RAIN Group's full infographic.


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