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10 Locations to Promote Your Enterprise and Broaden Your Attain for Free

If you want to expand your reach, increase your engagement, and increase your sales, promoting your business is critical.

The use of social media is an important aspect of the business. It is the most popular method of online communication among your customers, and people want to have different communication channels with companies.

Advertising your company may sound daunting, but it's actually quite simple.

Here are 10 different online platforms where you can advertise your business for free.

1. A Facebook business page

Creating a Facebook page for your company is the first step in promoting your company.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the United States. It has over 2 billion monthly users.

The other plus of a Facebook page for your business is that you can use that page to promote your other Facebook pages. For example, your company may have acquired multiple departments or other companies. You can use your Facebook business page to promote the Facebook pages of all related people, brands or companies.

This increases brand awareness and helps people recognize your brand more easily.

2. Join Facebook groups as a page

Like-minded people come together in Facebook groups to get interested in certain things. Similar to other internet forums, people use Facebook groups to learn, express opinions or network.

Joining Facebook groups related to your company's industry, service, or product is an incredibly useful way to promote your company. You will know that you are promoting your company to people who are interested in it because they have chosen to participate in a group that focuses on the topic.

However, make sure you comply with all Facebook group rules, as some of them do not allow personal advertising or advertising.

3. Stream from your page on Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a little used feature of Facebook, but a great way to promote your business to current and future fans.

All Facebook Live needs is navigating to the status editor on your Facebook page and clicking the "Live" button. This will open a camera that you can point at yourself or something else. As soon as you go live, your Facebook followers and fans will be notified.

The best thing about the Facebook Live feature is that the live videos can be shared like any other Facebook post. If you use Live creatively and create a compelling live video, it's likely to be shared, which will drive more visitors to your Facebook page.

4. Use Facebook Messenger chatbots connected to the page

Facebook Messenger chatbots are one of the best ways to promote your business because they are easy, quick, and efficient.

Messenger chatbots are a great way to increase the engagement of Facebook users, including those who are not yet fans or followers of your site.

A chatbot is software that is programmed with dialogs to guide a user through a marketing or sales funnel. They can also be used for other purposes such as entertainment, functionality (weather, planning, etc.) etc.

Chatbots for Facebook Messenger can help promote your business by interacting with users in a humanizing way. The best part is that those who may not be familiar with your page can access them through click-to-messenger ads. These are Facebook ads that use a chatbot to direct a user to a messenger window instead of your website.

Messenger chatbots can also be used on your personal or business website, your WordPress website, or advertised on your Instagram business account.

5. Post stories on Facebook

The "stories" feature started on Snapchat and has gone from a social platform to a social platform. Now Facebook has its own "story" function, with which you can keep your followers, fans and friends up to date with photos, videos and texts from your day.

Facebook Stories is a great way to promote your business.

When you post a story, all your friends, fans, and followers are notified, and it appears at the top of their Facebook news feed.

With these stories, you can promote promotions, share information about corporate culture, talk about business activities, and more. This is a great way to promote your business to people who might come across history while surfing.

6. Take advantage of Facebook Messenger Stories

Facebook Messenger Stories are the same as the two previous Facebook Story features, but can be posted directly through a Messenger window. This makes it easy to promote your business while you are busy with Messenger.

Since Messenger is optimized for mobile devices by default, you can use this function to easily advertise your company on the go.

7. Create Facebook events as a page

Facebook events are great for promoting your company because they are created on a specific Facebook page.

For example, use your Facebook business page to create a Facebook event for webinars, corporate events, and more.

Promote your Facebook events in groups that allow it and have common interests. If your company is running a marketing webinar, this is a great opportunity to promote your company to create a Facebook event for the webinar and share it with marketing groups.

8. Get on Pinterest

Pinterest is an underestimated social platform, especially for companies.

Known as the home of all aesthetic things like fashion, interior design, and beauty, it is also a great place to promote your business.

Pinterest also provides educational materials to help you learn how to get the most out of the platform for marketing and promoting your business and your business.

Check out the most popular Pinterest categories and decide how you can use them for your business. Then create pins that promote the content of your company page.

The best part is that Pinterest accounts for business also include analytics so you can monitor and measure what's working and what's not.

9th pin on Pinterest boards

By pinning content to Pinterest group boards, you can increase your reach, increase traffic to your website, promote your business, and rank higher on Pinterest.

Pinterest group boards are exactly what they sound like – multiple Pinterest users stick to the same boards and it will be a collaborative effort.

As a rule, these group councils reflect common interests of the users. You can find Pinterest group boards by searching the boards of the users you are following, or by searching Facebook groups to see if anyone is promoting group boards.

If you find a Pinterest group board that matches the content of your Facebook page, joining the group board is a great way to promote your business.

10. Try tail wind logs

Tailwind is a planning and analysis tool for Pinterest, but also an excellent way to promote your company website.

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Tailwind Tribes is a feature of Tailwind that allows groups of like-minded content creators to come together to share each other's content. What better way to promote your business than having other respectful content creators to help you expand your reach?

With the Tailwind extension, which has a practical function for adding to tribes, you can easily assign a PIN to tribes. However, keep in mind that Tailwind Tribes is meant to be a collaborative effort. In order to promote your company or business, it is important that you do your part to share the content of other users.

Advertising for your company pays off

Promoting your business is not as difficult as it seems.

There are a number of tools available on the Facebook platform.

However, if you're ready to explore and expand, you may find even more tools to promote your business, and maybe even some nice networking opportunities along the way!

Advertising is a great way to expand your reach, attract more customers, and grow your business. So why not use some of these tactics and promote your business today?

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