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Warwick-based business introduces ‘planning provision’ for younger individuals

“/>Left to right - Nigel Maull (Burgis and Bullock), Kate Bowers (PTI Worldwide)
and Luke Hall (PTI Worldwide). Photo suppliedLeft to right – Nigel Maull (Burgis and Bullock), Kate Bowers (PTI Worldwide)
and Luke Hall (PTI Worldwide). Photo supplied

A Warwick-based international leadership development consultancy is seeking to pass its expertise onto young people to support planning in an uncertain future.

PTI Worldwide, which is based at Tournament Court, is launching a series of webinars for young people to gain clarity, build confidence and create a map for their futures.

The firm is led by directors Luke Hall and Kate Bowers, who have worked for the company for more than 15 years and bought out the previous owner in March.

Since making the move from employees to directorship, the duo have transformed the company’s flagship programme, directed a rebrand and overseen a transition to virtual delivery as a result of Covid-19.

Luke and Kate have worked closely with accountancy firm Burgis and Bullock, which has offices in Leamington, Nuneaton, Rugby and Stratford, since taking over PTI Worldwide with advice ranging from business planning to cash management.

Last month the company delivered to more than 700 leaders across eight countries, including FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 firms, developing leaders and managers in all sectors on a global scale virtually.

PTI Worldwide is now seeking to reach out to young people through its new free programme.

Kate Bowers, people and performance director at PTI Worldwide, said: “It’s been a challenging but exciting few months since we took over the business and now seems like the right time to begin our outreach to young people.

“Our business model is working really well and now we’re hoping to pass on some of the tips we give to our clients to the younger generation.

“The sessions are being led by our experts and aim to give more confidence to young people in this difficult period.

“The step-up from employees to directors has been quite natural for us and it has allowed us to take PTI Worldwide in the direction we wanted to.

“Our biggest change has been the move to virtual delivery from our traditional face-to-face classroom settings.

“We’ve worked with Burgis and Bullock since taking over – they were paramount in our decision to buy the business and have become a true partner since then.

“We’re set up now to really kick on. We’ve got a strong ethos and we’re working with some big partners to deliver global training programmes.

“That success has enabled us to launch the new programme for young people.”

Trevor Day, head of client services at Burgis and Bullock, added: “We have a fantastic working relationship with Kate and Luke, and they have driven the business forward over the last seven months.

“The new service for young people comes at the right time, with so much uncertainty around the future, in particular for those in education.

“We look forward to working alongside Kate and Luke as they build this programme and continue to expand the business.”

The firm is looking to engage with colleges, schools and businesses regarding delivery of the programme over the coming months.

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