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Vegan Enterprise Tribe Launches Advertising and marketing ‘Viploma’ to Assist Small Companies Try In the direction of a Vegan World

Vegan Business Tribe, the online community of over 900 vegan business owners, has today announced the launch of its new ‘Marketing Viploma’ – an online study course to help vegan businesses improve their marketing skills, which will enable them to promote plant-based products and services in the move towards a fully vegan world.

Founded by vegan business experts David Pannell and Lisa Fox, who have over 30 years of combined marketing experience, Vegan Business Tribe launched earlier in 2020 prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout lockdown the platform provided a free support network, including access to a discussion forum and online community, video interviews with successful vegan businesses, articles providing tips and advice, and Zoom networking sessions to help their members thrive during a time of economic uncertainty.

The launch of its Vegan Marketing Viploma is designed as an in-depth and interactive course which incorporates all the information businesses need to know to launch, market, and sell their products, including written content, video resources, worksheets, templates, and exercises. The course structure features 24 modules, covering topics such as understanding plant-based consumers; how to utilise marketing tools including social media; content creation; influencer marketing and PR; and developing and executing a full marketing plan.

Access to the Viploma is included in Vegan Business Tribe’s monthly membership of £12.99 a month, and every word of the course has been written from a vegan point of view to address the specific issues of marketing a vegan business. It can be worked through at each individual’s own pace and level of experience, and will help business owners to understand the different types of vegan customer, as well as how to change their company’s message to fit each target audience. 

A subscription to the course also provides access to Vegan Business Tribe’s dedicated forum, to enable participants to ask questions at every step of the way, alongside online Zoom vegan business clinic sessions with Lisa Fox and David Pannell in which business owners can ask for help and support from experts.

David Pannell, co-founder of Vegan Business Tribe, has advised some of the UK’s largest brands on entering the vegan marketplace and is a former specialist sector ambassador for the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He comments: “Most of us start a vegan business as a way to further the cause, but it is fair to say that most vegans who start a business do so without thinking enough about actually making money!  As vegans, we can often feel guilty about trying to make money out of other vegans.  We might feel that making money is unethical – after all, many people blame growing commercialism for a lot of today’s problems.  But the reality is that we can do more good in the world with a profit than with loss.

“In addition, many start-up vegan businesses are already producing innovative products and services, but don’t always have the experience, or the budget, to engage with consultants to make their business a success. We wanted to find a way to help these brilliant companies grow and succeed, and so Vegan Business Tribe was created to provide affordable vegan-focused business advice and support to everyone with a vegan business, or vegan business idea. 

“It’s our duty as vegan business owners to succeed. Just having a vegan business isn’t enough, you need to create one that truly succeeds in order to help us move towards a vegan world.”

Nearly 1,000 people signed up to Vegan Business Tribe during the initial Covid-19 lockdown period, and David and Lisa hope to reach hundreds more with the launch of their Viploma.

Anyone wishing to sign up for the course, or for more information, should visit

About Vegan Business Tribe:

Vegan Business Tribe was launched by Lisa Fox and David Pannell as part of their mission to help vegan businesses ‘level-up’ through good, solid business advice. Lisa and David have advised some of the UK’s largest high street brands and food manufacturers on entering the vegan marketplace through their vegan business consultancy, Promote Vegan, and are regular speakers at vegan industry events.

Lisa and David are partners in both life and business and turned vegan together in 2018 while they were running a very successful business growth agency.  They sold this agency to work exclusively in the vegan sector as their way to help bring about a vegan world.

Lisa also writes the monthly vegan business column in Vegan Food & Living Magazine in which she features a different member of Vegan Business Tribe each issue.

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