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Tricks to Hold Your Enterprise Operating On-line –

2020 is the year to take your business online. The corona virus pandemic, despite the negative impact globally, also came with a silver lining. The internet has cushioned many businesses and allowed even more to continue offering their services even as stay at home orders and lockdowns have been put in place.

If you have not taken your business online, this is the right time to do it. Many clients are becoming accustomed to shopping online and sourcing for all their needs on the internet to keep themselves and their families safe.

Here are a few ways you can keep your clients happy

Online sales

Shop owners selling all kinds of products can sell their items online. Toys, Clothes, Beauty products and now fresh groceries can be sold online and delivered at a fee. Malls and other commercial buildings are not as highly populated as they were. The curfew time also gives you a shorter sales window than you probably need to reach your daily target.

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Open an online shop on social media and launch products, sales and promotions for your products. You can also become a vendor on one of the more established eCommerce websites such as Jumia. The more you interact with users, the wider your client base grows. Ensure that you have great photos to market your products and stay away from downloaded images. Be authentic.

Online Bookings

The beauty and Salon industry is one of the most profitable offline. However, with social distancing rules in place, salons in Nairobi are reporting slower businesses from their favoured clientele. Barbershops too have experienced less walk-in customers regarding in lower revenue at the end of the day.

To keep your business running, you can still market your services online and encourage clients to make online bookings with a clear schedule. You can then visit your clients’ homes and make their hair, make up or nails at their comfort and convenience. Ensure that you sanitize and it might be a good idea to carry clean protective gear to every client’s house.

You will keep your business running and your clients will know they can rely on you to make them look good at any time.

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Cloud parties

Some DJs have been doing this since the outbreak of the Corona Virus. The hospitality industry has been one of the worst hit by the Corona virus pandemic. The club scene is disadvantaged by social distancing, curfews and lockdowns. It is probably one of the places with the most exposure to Corona Virus. However, people still need entertainment and if you have the skills, you can keep the party going. Popular vlogger XtianDela has been hosting cloud parties raising lots of money on weekend nights. That should be an indicator of how even people staying at home are willing to pay for good entertainment. (Although you do not have to go the Adult way) Set up a time and ensure you have a great mix to keep your audience entertained.

Advertising/Influencer activities

Sales and Marketing online can translate to influencing opinions online. Companies like to engage individuals with huge following and vibrant personalities online to endorse their products. With all the corporate companies seeking a share of the online market, the opportunities are many. You can be a model for your friend’s online boutique and get a cut from every sale they make through you. You can also get paid for direct advertising or posting about the products on social media. Many people who have made it online have put their social media pages to use. Find your niche and go for it.

Online consultancy

Lawyers, HR, Admins, Accounts, IT and Business consultants can still offer their services online. Several individuals have set up websites or Social media pages, detailing their specialty and even going ahead to introduce consultancy rates for their clients.

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Many users go online searching for information on how to do many things. With the KRA deadline for filing income tax just around the corner, there are already many users offering the service at a small fee. This is just one of the ways you can put your skills to use.

Gym and Health

Many people do not have access to the gym due to the restrictions in place. However, as an instructor, it is still possible to continue with your classes even if the Gym is closed. Add your clients on zoom and if they require one-on-one, create a time slot for each and visit them at their homes. Otherwise, you can be able to carry on your instruction by guiding them online.

Institutions like the Africa Yoga Project have been able to carry on with their donation-based community classes on Instagram and zoom at exactly the same times they have always run their offline classes.


YouTube and now, Instagram are willing to pay you for content. Find your niche and create interesting clips. Set up your own channel where your audience can subscribe and you can monetize. Invest in a good camera, find a good editor and be consistent with your work. With time, you can amass a huge following with very good returns.

Irrespective of your business model, you can find a way to create your online presence. There has never been a better time to do so.

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