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The Finnish Enterprise Council in Singapore updates on total 2020

The Finnish Business Council Singapore announced on 3 December 2020 Year that the year 2020 of FBC had been as usual… almost.

“We all have faced a challenging year in many ways due to COVID-19 restrictions and have changed our ways to operate and work. Also, FBC events went online in spring,” the FBC writes.

“FBC has organized in total 18 events, 16 of them online in 2020. Just before COVID-19 restrictions we welcomed year 2020 in January at Bar 1927, it seems to be an era ago. We were lucky to have our AGM in mid-March before circuit breaker and elected a new board to face new challenges. Two virtual events we co-organized together with the Embassy of Finland in Singapore and Finnish Association in Singapore (SiSu). In June just at the same day the circuit breaker was discontinued we had Finnish Midsummer Party and in autumn we had our traditional newcomers’ evening, both online, of course, both events were successful. It was thanks to you who joined!”

“It has been delightful to see that our members have supported the new way to meet and attend the events. We are truly grateful you have joined FBC online events and supported our way to navigate through this year. We have planned for spring 2021 stronger networking opportunities which have been our core in the past.”

“We have been lucky to have fascinating and brilliant speakers on our online events. Our warm thanks go to all speakers shared their insights this year.”

“We organized four webinars on economics and finance. In April Managing Partner Yeo Teck Keng from FBC corporate member YTK Management Consultants Ltd shared highlights of Singapore Budget 2020. We heard both personal and corporate insurance tips from Executive Vice President of Summit Planners, Nethan Chew in May. And together with FBC Gold Partner Summit Planners.”

“We had a very insightful investment evening with Isabelle Tan, who is High Networth Consultant at Summit Planners. Her advice was to invest on equities. We got also updated on the US-China Trade War and APAC economic outlook by Mr Jack Ilmonen and Ms Tuuli McCully in October. Let’s see how accurate the presented scenarios will be.”

“Singapore has learned new ways both to work and to socialize, especially to work remotely. It is a huge change of work landscape and mindset. It is crucial to keep yourself fit physically but also mentally. When the whole life including work and school happens at home 24/7 it can be burdensome for some of us. We were happy to have speakers to share their insights on how to keep ourselves on track. Passionate Ms Saara Sihvonen challenged us to think and act through positive psychology in July, and in June we heard about the fascinating world of probitics and how they can support the human immune system by BSc Lotta Johansson. In November it was interesting to have cold therapy experts tell us its benefits for both body and mind.”

“Thank you Ms Viivi Avellan interviewing Sales Director Mare Oravainen, Aleksi “Giant” Toivonen, Physiotherapist Riku Torkkeli and PhD Miina Öhman. Ms Sari Marsden led a conversation that highlighted the critical role the body can play in leadership and performance in August webinar.”

“Many of us concentrated on coping with new ways, new normal last spring but gladly some of us also headed toward post-COVID-19 era and thought of the potentials to leverage. In October FBC was pleased to co-organize The Change Mindset webinar together with our sister chamber BLCC (Belgian Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce). Mr Cyriel Kortleven kept his promise to enable interactive virtual event. How to empower your team and organization – we heard wise advice from Anna Kiukas-Pedersen (FBC corporate member Kiukas Consulting) and Ms Marjo Hellman in May.”

“Is there post-COVID-19 era? Yes, Group Managing Director (FBC Corporate member Aalto University Executive Education) Pekka Mattila ensured us in June with the speakers Mr Matti Junila (FBC Board member), HR Director Minna Rouru (FBC Corporate member KONE) and CEO Ian Wu (FBC Corporate member HUONE, FBC secretary) who shared their insights the transfer going on. Surely, there will be plenty of lessons learned and new efficient ways compared to the pre-COVID-19 era.”

“Social media branding is probably even more important than ever. We got practical and excellent hints for both corporate and personal branding in September on the Social Media Branding webinar by Evangeline Leong and Miguel Bernas.”

“Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to organize popular company visits and excursions this year but fortunately two of FBC Corporate members were able to share their projects and operations virtually to us. KONE shared their newest strategies and focus areas on sustainable partnerships. Passionate Jukka Salmikuukka and Satu Virkkunen told us how sustainability is the base at KONE through the whole corporation. Energetic Nina Jalo (also an FBC board member) interviewed her colleagues. FBC Corporate member Neste Singapore took us on a virtual tour to their new refinery project site in Singapore. Warm thanks to Eero Ståhlberg and Petri Jokinen for providing the facts and visuals! The expansion project is an amazing at size and in dollars (14.4 Billion Eur).”

“Even though we have faced restrictions to organize the events, we have had a very eventful year. It has been different from past years but we want to thank you all, our members, supporting us this year! It makes us happy to see your support to enable FBC operations to continue.”

“The FBC board continues to plan interesting events, hopefully soon it is possible to meet face to face. Let us know what kinds of topics interest you. Drop us an email, We can have a cup of coffee and have a chat!”

“See you in January,” FBC says.

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