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The 10 Enterprise Strategists to Watch in 2021

New York, New York, Dec. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — It’s no secret that starting and running a business requires strategy. Whether you’re just starting out, or have years of experience, if you’re looking to grow your business and don’t have a strategy for doing so, then your competitors end up leaving you in their dust. However, strategy is certainly not every entrepreneur’s zone of genius, which can oftentimes leave us feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Fortunately, that is where the role of an amazing business strategist comes in. According to Boost Media Agency,  if you’re looking to grow your business, working with a world-class business strategist is a must. Each with their own unique skill-sets and areas of expertise, here we present the 10 business strategists to watch in 2021. 

Sashka Regina (@sashkareginaofficial)

A university lecturer, Edu-tainer, international speaker and author, Sashka Regina’s breadth of experience in business makes her one of the most highly sought-after business and brand strategists today. Working with innovative game changers in the lifestyle market, Sashka’s mission is to hack business growth, by providing customised, focused and purpose-led marketing and communication strategies that are beyond the obvious. 

Her signature approach is to Brand Your Soul® using Soul Brand Marketing®, which is her own enigmatic intellectual property for helping her clients achieve ample growth. Sashka brings a unique perspective to her line of work, as she has been trained in a variety of professions, ranging from entertainment, consumer and social psychology, through to luxury brands,  fitness and nutrition, which gives her an in-depth understanding of what and how to market and advertise to niche-audiences. “I use all the traditional marketing and advertising tools, with the twist that I’ve re-invented how you implement them. Challenging the norms to stand out as a leader in an overcrowded market” Sashka explains.

With a focus on building brands, businesses and communities through the Art of Communication, Sashka continuously challenges the markets’ status quo and raises the bar for what is thought possible when it comes to building a brand and business. Having been featured in Forbes, Buzzfeed, a number of podcasts and online summits, Sashka is a true professional who has the knowledge and experience to deliver real and customised results – time after time. 

Adam Flores (@adamimobflores)

For many influencers, course creators and Entrepreneurs, they call Adam Flores to help them scale through paid Advertising and marketing funnels. Adam is the founder of a Company called that specializes in building and scaling end-to-end funnels and paid advertising campaigns. 

Since Adam and the Dream Factory Co have been strategizing and running campaigns for many of the top influencers online, they have the data on what works and are able to share the data with their existing clients to give them the most probable chance of creating working campaigns that bring in new clients. 

If you are looking for a marketing agency that will give you individual attention, and provide a reliable team and strategy to grow your business, then Adam and his incredible team will show you how you can turn a cold audience into a bustling and predictable flow of clients. Due to his client results and fast growing company, we have selected Adam to be one the top business strategists to look out for in 2021. 

Heather Crabtree- (@heather_crabtree)

Heather is an established Business Strategist with 16 years experience in the entrepreneurial sphere. Heather’s journey took her from practicing law to growing and selling her first business, then using her own personal brand to assist the many driven service-based business owners . She offers multiple services catered to helping you build, grow and scale their digital businesses, providing the framework and guidance for business owners to identify their goals with and adapt to their needs.

The Your Savvy Business brand is Heather’s platform for supporting the development of entrepreneurs. In addition to her more traditional coaching services, Heather is also launching a community arm – to provide both education and the ability for online service providers to connect and build their networks, by exchanging resources, opportunities and support with others in their field.

Heather understands that success looks different to each individual, and so she caters her services to work towards goals that fit her client’s models of success; whether that be pushing 6 figure sales weeks or scaling and developing an effective team unit that frees up time in her client’s lives. Heather has helped thousands of entrepreneurs find their niche and achieve success in it.

Continuing in her mission to help motivated individuals find their place in the digital service world, Heather also runs a free podcast called the Your Savvy Business + Life podcast, providing business tips, insider info on strategies for growth and sustainability, and inspiration to business owners all over the world.

Sara Wiles – (@sara_wiles)

Driven businesswoman, wife, mama, mentor. These are but a few of the caps that Sara Wiles wears at any given moment. Being tired of operating on other people’s times and missing out on her own, Sara developed her own business offering a range of programs, courses and services for “Done For You” services, inspiring and empowering Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers and digital business owners across the world to achieve the sustainable work-life balance they’ve been dreaming of.

This creative powerhouse has services for motivated women at all stages of their business development; from an idea to a scalable online business in weeks rather than months; for businesswomen trying to transition to working from home and discovering their marketable skills; or for established Virtual Support Providers that want to take their services to the next level. Sara Wiles has become the one stop shop for women looking to take advantage of the shift to digital business and take back control over their development.

Committed to helping women live their best lives, Sara has created an extensive network of Virtual Support Providers that fosters the social and communal aspects of a workplace environment that may be missing for remote workers, creating a feedback loop of support, education, and work opportunities for members. Sara also co-hosts a podcast called the Happy Thoughts Show, a pod that creates a space for women to be honest and be inspired.

Corey Phelps (@coreyphelps_)

Corey Phelps is a lifelong athlete with a great passion for fitness and health. When she became a mother, she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism shortly after, and she experienced a severe case of burnout. At that moment, she realized she despised her career and decided she was meant for a lot more than a job that made her feel miserable. Corey is no stranger to the lows in life, but what she learned from her experience is invaluable. 

She learned not to accept unhappiness, weight gain, and lack of energy as a given in life. She wanted the exact opposite, so she decided to do something about it. Soon, she learned new techniques and remedies for healing and improving physical vibrancy. Corey has been on an educational journey for the last 10 years and she has learned so much about building businesses, community, empowerment, and self-love, she decided to help others find their power as well. 

Her mission is to help people discover their inner strength and unlock their ability to create abundance, happiness, and freedom. She has helped many health and wellness based  businesses reach their 6 figures and beyond with simple strategies that work. Corey made a million-dollar business out of her services in only 18 months, proving that focus on mindset and confidence can lead people to great success. 

Tara-Jay Rimmer (@resting_boss_face)

Tara-Jay Rimmer is an entrepreneur, business mentor to fellow female entrepreneurs, digital course creator, and keynote speaker on female entrepreneurship. For women who are trying to succeed as entrepreneurs, it’s not easy to find female mentors who can truly understand their struggles. Tara-Jay is here to fill in that gap and share her knowledge so women entrepreneurs can feel supported and reach their goals. 

Like many other female entrepreneurs, Tara-Jay didn’t grow up wealthy and she didn’t always have the confidence she has today. She felt trapped in a corporate job and had a scarcity mindset that made her feel poor and suffocated no matter what she did. But one day she realized that she was imposing those limits on herself and she decided to make a change. 

Once she shed her self-imposed limitations, she was able to rise. She quit her soul-sucking job and founded Resting Boss Face, an 8-figure business with the mission of helping female entrepreneurs bring their visions to life. Her online course, Business From Scratch, is also very successful and it arms people with the knowledge they need to start a profitable business. Tara-Jay uses her 10 years of hands-on, real-life experience, and what she learned from working in a top-tier accounting firm to assist clients from both perspectives and help them elevate their business.

Serwaa Adjei-Pellé (@serwaa_ap)

Serwaa Adjei-Pellé has built a successful career as a Business Strategist. As a Partner Consultant with PELLÉ + CO, she is passionate about working with SMBs to help them grow through strategic planning and content strategy. Additionally, she founded the She’s Off Script podcast and membership community, which has reached audiences in over 60 countries. Through the podcast, she’s able to share the stories and business lessons of businesswomen who have created unique blueprints for success. 

Serwaa has a BA in International Economics and International Affairs from the University of Colorado-Boulder and an MBA from Cornell University. Before she found her passion, she was a vice president at Goldman Sachs and she managed commercial real estate investment operations. Now, she helps fast-growing SMBs that don’t have enough revenue to hire a full-time strategy officer or chief marketing. 

Her company, PELLÉ + CO, offers fractional CMO services that provide SMBs with the strategy they need to grow. They oversee all aspects of the marketing process, including strategy creation, execution, sourcing new vendors, managing employees, and more. This allows CEOs to focus on more vital aspects of their business, while PELLÉ + CO takes care of strategy. Only 1.7% of companies owned by women break the $1 million revenue threshold and it’s PELLÉ + CO’s mission to help close the gap by supporting growing SMBs. 

Laura O’Hagan (@laurajohagan)

Laura O’Hagan’s success story is impressive because she has created a 6-figure business in only 18 months while being a mother to two beautiful children. Her full-on dedication to her work and the individual focus she provides for her clients has set her apart from other Mindset Coaches and Business Strategists out there. More than that, she has developed her own framework of Mindset, Marketing, and Money Mastery, which allows beginner coaches and business owners pivoting into coaching to build their own successful business. 

Laura’s arsenal is well-stocked. She’s a certified coach and accountant with experience not only operating her own business but also working for top-tier management consulting firms and she has a 10-year career in business advisory, strategic business development, and performance improvement. Her trajectory has provided her with the tools and the knowledge that many people dream of, which is why she’s more than happy to share her expertise. 

More than anyone, Laura understands what it’s like to build a business from the ground up while having a busy life and limited time. Her experience allows her to walk people out of their struggles with productivity, time management, and strategy, so they can find the balance they need to have a successful business without half of the stress. 

Aimee Browne (@iamaimeebrowne)

Aimee Browne has become the lifesaver of female entrepreneurs when it comes to creating and executing intentional growth strategies. She is a successful time strategist that makes use of savvy systems and structure to help her clients optimize their business operations to make a greater impact and generate more income by leveraging their time, which is the most valuable asset. 

She offers one-on-one mentorships, group programs, and masterclasses through which she helps women understand how to avoid burnout, work smarter, not harder, and pave their way into becoming CEOs. Aimee knows what it’s like to fall victim to burnout. After all, her career began as an Executive Assistant to directors and CEOs of some of the largest high-street retailers in the UK. Her job was demanding, to say the least, and she pushed herself to the limit because she demanded nothing but perfection from herself. 

Her severe burnout led to one of the darkest times in her life, leading to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and OCD. However, it was at rock bottom that she gained the perspective she needed to start prioritizing her own fulfilment and freedom. Today, she helps other women do the same with over 15 years of experience in time management, performance habits, and business operations. 

Sophie Thorne (@mrssophiethorne)

Sophie Thorne is a serial entrepreneur and business strategist whose mission is to help women go from “solopreneur” to CEO. Sophie recognizes that scaling a business is no easy feat, which is why she has made it her business to work with female entrepreneurs who want to streamline their strategy, create more scalable systems, and develop the mindset of a CEO. 

Sophie worked in corporate for 8 years and she gained a ton of perspective, knowledge, and experience during that time. When it was time to break out on her own, she set up, scaled, and subsequently left a successful e-commerce business. In the process, she learned what works, but most importantly, what doesn’t work when it comes to launching and scaling a business. Armed with this newfound knowledge, she went on to build her current business as a business strategist supporting other women to do the same. 

This multiple 6-figure, service-based business has led Sophie to support other 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs and help them scale their business without having to be chained to their laptops. Her training as a strategy consultant and her own personal experience in business enables her to teach and support other women on their journey to CEO. It’s Sophie’s strong belief that women don’t have to sacrifice their lives to have a successful business and achieve their goals; she’s here to help them find balance because it is indeed possible. 

Make sure to follow each of these amazing business strategists, as they continue to thrive and help their clients grow their business through strategy. Each of their Instagram’s have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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