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Suggestions To Enhance Lead Stream And Income With Zero Advertising Spend, From Bil Hatch, Creator, Enterprise And Management Coach – Press Launch

SANTA ANA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 15, 2020 / Bil Hatch is setting out to transform the way businesses acquire leads to double sales and increase revenue.

He has more than a dozen years of experience in coaching, consulting, sales, and marketing and has dedicated the last decade of his life specifically to help small business owners employ a crucial set of strategies aimed at achieving success. Although Bil is originally from and presently resides in sunny Southern California, he spent his adolescent years traveling across the United States and internationally as a military brat, an experience that has served to broaden his perspective and expand his world view; this, coupled with an extensive and diverse education, continues to benefit his clients to this day. Hatch’s training program and e-book, “Go From Zero to Business Hero in 45 Minutes by Finding $10,000,” has helped business owners all over the world. From candy shops to landscapers, Bil Hatch is adamant that any business can benefit from the strategic principles he teaches.

He shares three of the principles from his e-book that readers can implement in their own business today.

1. 20% of what you do makes up 80% of your profits. Achieving an understanding of this principle is a vital step in his process with clients. By taking a careful look at four areas: leads, transactions, pricing, and profits, business owners can quickly identify the areas where they are overspending and uncover the areas they may need to bolster their strategy. Bil utilizes the analogy of a landscaping business. “95% of people who are considering purchasing a product or service will not be ready right away,” says Hatch. Instead, individuals who are considering a new yard may require a few days or even weeks to ruminate on the idea and conduct research. Armed with this knowledge, a successful landscaping business should decide to spend more time and resources educating and communicating with existing leads than they do on acquiring cold impressions.

2. Develop an Information Product. Bil Hatch urges business owners to spend time developing their information product, i.e. the resources or materials they can physically place in a potential client’s hands or inbox. The process of establishing trust and qualification with potential leads is invaluable and is often the critical element in taking someone from a cold lead to a paying client.

3. Consider a Joint Venture. Joint ventures for mutual benefits are an easy and effective way to bring in more clients without allocating additional marketing funds. Bil provides an example of a landscaper once more. A landscaper may consider partnering with a house painter in a joint venture. Whenever a landscaper or house painter has an appropriate project, they may refer their counterpart to homeowners who may be interested in a full revamp of their property; this is an effective and affordable business strategy while also providing tangible value to clients.

Hatch remains set apart from his competitors in various ways in a world full of business coaches and consultants. For one, Bil Hatch truly cares about each of the clients he has the opportunity to work with. He consistently goes above and beyond what is asked of him because he genuinely cares about his business partners’ success. However, you can find the biggest differentiator in his technique is his approach to leadership. While attending grad school, Hatch stumbled upon the Agapao style of leadership.

According to Bil, “Agapao promotes a leadership style that is a night and day difference compared to other leadership styles or programs.”

Whereas other leadership styles may promote the leader being autonomous and detached from their employees and possessing certain dominant personality traits, Agapao encourages humility in knowledge.

“By being an empty cup, leaders are capable of absorbing more knowledge and becoming better at what they do,” says Hatch.

Agapao leadership follows eight foundational principles, including humility, controlled discipline, morally based decision making, and more. This leadership style has transformed his own life, and he is dedicated to bringing the same principles to others’ lives.

Bil Hatch is thrilled to announce the January 2021 launch of his Agapao leadership program, which will consist of 1-to-1 coaching, classroom experiences, mastermind sessions, and e-learning materials. To download Bil Hatch’s training materials and pre-register for this program, visit


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