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Right here’s what you’ll want to know to earn six figures as a consultant

Learn how to start your own consulting company with advice from Forbes business coach Kate Bogoy.

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As businesses transition to online marketing, those who know how to market using SEO and social media tactics can consult business owners on how to grow their audience and develop their brand. The market for business consultants is growing—and business consulting can be done from the comfort of your own home. What’s even better is that there’s a lot of money to be made in consulting—entrepreneurs can make six figures by counseling businesses and helping them grow.

Equipped with the proper education and tools, you could start your own consultancy firm from your laptop—that is, if you talk to Kate Bogoy first. The Forbes business coach has condensed all of her consulting expertise into the $100k Consultants Lifetime Deal by Kate Bogoy, a $65 course bundle that could change your life and your business. Dan, a startup consultant, said Kate’s course did exactly that: “Not only did I finally start my company, but within 90 days, I’ve already connected with 80 companies and have 10 proposals out valued at $700,000.”

Here are a few free tips before buying the course for just $65:

Pinpoint your area of expertise

Despite your consulting dreams, chances are, you’re an expert at something outside of the marketing world. Whether you know your way around classic cars or you’re a closer at your pharmaceutical company, you could fill a void for a service in an industry that needs someone with your distinct blend of skills. If you have a unique perspective, extensive experience, and client demand, you may have found a new way to make a living doing something you already love. Being a consultant means that you have to be organized, motivated, and know when to say no—all of this is crucial when building your own company from scratch and asking clients to invest in you. With Kate’s course, you’ll be able to start a small business as a freelancer, consultant, coach, agency owner, or a B2B service provider, depending on your niche of expertise.

Create your own visibility

Websites are necessary in the digital marketing world: a Local Search Association report found that 63 per cent of consumers use websites to interact with businesses, and 30 per cent of those consumers won’t even consider a business that doesn’t have one. Another plus to having a site is that it can increase your authority in local Google rankings. Since everything is virtual, web presence is everything, allowing you to sell yourself and your services to potential clients. After all, how can you ask clients to trust your consulting skills if you fail to sell your own services online? This course bundle teaches you how to promote your brand so that clients won’t have any trouble seeing what you have to offer online.

Understand your new economic situation

With an entrepreneurial job comes less traditional ways of getting paid: there won’t be any biweekly paycheques getting deposited into your bank account anymore. Instead, consultants must work harder at managing their finances and making sure they have enough payment flowing down the pipeline. There’s no guaranteed cheque, so while there’s a massive potential for growth, there’s also the potential for failure without proper money management. The $100k Consultants Lifetime Deal teaches you how to set your pricing and have sales conversations so you can land those big clients and keep the revenue stream flowing.

Wear multiple hats, from negotiation to administration

Being an entrepreneur means you are the business—and you’ll need to do things for yourself that coworkers or employees have done for you in the past. If you’re the creative brains behind the new business plan, you’ll also have to be the one to negotiate a fair price and administrate important tasks. While you can hire others to do this for you, you can acquire the skills to do it yourself through this extensive course bundle. Once you learn how to create your business plan, you’ll be able to follow through as a master negotiator and administrator.

It might seem strange that The $100k Consultants Lifetime Deal by Kate Bagoy could revolutionize your life and career, but the five-star reviews speak for themselves. If you’re waiting to make your own moves and open a five-star consulting firm, this bundle can turn $65 into six figures.

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