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Might 19 | Enterprise Necessities: Your Covid-19 Enterprise Restoration Roadmap

Guest Speaker: Tom Nehrenz Small Business Coach-sultant

Tom Nehrenz is a small business and salesperson success coach who specializes in effectively blending business consulting and personal development coaching to help motivated business owners and salespeople transform and rejuvenate their businesses, reduce costs, cultivate more customers, and increase their sales and profits.

Employed by Intel Corporation for over 3 decades specializing in strategic planning, sales operations, and executive coaching, he also honed his small business management and consulting skills by personally funding and managing the finances of three successful family businesses. Starting his private practice in 2008 his services include 1:1 coaching, group mastermind coaching programs, webinars, workshops, speaking, and client retreat programs.

Tom’s clients report that the major benefits of using him are how they have successfully evolved into better businesspeople and how they focus and reach their financial goals so much faster than they would on their own.

Short Overview of Presentation:

 Many business owners are either closed or their business has dramatically slowed. They need a clear path, like a map, to navigate through the sudden surprise and shock the Shelter-In-Place has caused. They might be feeling more like Surviving than Thriving! Tom provides guidance on how to be strong, resilient and better prepared so they Thrive!!!

 How do they go from survive to thrive? The Recovery Roadmap contains Tom’s “4R’s” to recovery: Regroup, Retool, Rebound, Recover. Learn essential tips to regroup and retool so you can rebound and recover.


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