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Main Atlanta Monetary Consulting firm ‘Karaya Consulting/Finance With Phil’ providing Monetary Literacy Suggestions for Free – Press Launch

Karaya Consulting/Finance With Phil is extending free financial literacy tips by seasoned financial consultant on both personal and business finance management.

Atlanta, GA – October 20, 2020 – Those struggling with finance management but can’t afford a professional financial consultant can finally heave a breath of relief. Leading Atlanta-based financial consulting firm, Karaya Consulting/Finance With Phil, has announced to offer financial literacy tips for free. The free training program covers everything from both personal financing to business financing.

“We are glad to announce we are currently offering financial literacy tips for all for free. Finances are essential to life and it has a lot more to do with what you do than how much you make. Unfortunately, not many people, especially young adults, do not hold a comprehensive understanding on financial literacy which often lands them in serious trouble when it comes to financial management. All of us have certain dreams or goals in life and oftentimes adequate provision of finance is a vital quotient in fulfillment of the goals and dreams. But no matter how much you earn, if you don’t have proper know-how on financial literacy, it could be challenging to channelize your finance to turn your dreams to reality”, stated Phillip Karaya, leading financial consultant and founder of Karaya Consulting/Finance With Phil. 

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Mr. Karaya initially started consulting around 3 years back with his own YouTube channel and Instagram page on financial literacy to help spread expert financial advice for free. The leading financial consultant is often invited for public speaking at high schools and colleges to impart lessons on financial literacy and management. He also conducts workshops on budgeting, building credit, and legally setting up new businesses.

Per his statements, Karaya Consulting/Finance With Phil’s free financial literacy tips cover a wide range of subjects, ranging from personal finance management to business creation to best practices for trading and investment and so on.  

“Financial Literacy isn’t a secret anymore but can be difficult to learn when there are a lot of multilevel marketing companies looking to sell dreams. We know a lot of people find it tad challenging to afford a professional financial consultant. This is where our free financial literacy tips will come to help. We are hopeful our free expert advice will help them to look beyond such challenges and empower them with a solid understanding on smart financial management.” 

While asked about the inspiration behind the free financial literacy project, Mr. Karaya mentioned his own struggles as an immigrant in the USA and his mission to give back to the community. 

“I come from a family of immigrants who came from nothing and taught me how to save and invest in my education. This was amplified as I met amazing people who gave me more opportunities to learn about investing, education and effective financial management. They also taught me the importance of giving back. And, it’s these learnings that I have received from my family and all these generous souls that have inspired me to come up with my free financial literacy project today. It’s my humble attempt to give back to the community.” 

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